Memories of previous lives

déjà vu

Some people have a memory from their previous life, such as an image, a feeling, a memory, a name or a place.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
Jozef Rulof calls this painting ‘the life or the reincarnation’, the girl in the middle sees her past and her future.

Déjà vu experiences

Some people say that they have seen an image from their previous life.
They saw themselves in an earlier time, during which they had a different body.
Yet they felt that it was they themselves, in that previous body, but they then answered to a different name.
They had different parents, loved ones and children, but their inner self did not differ that much from their present life of feeling.
There are people who can orientate themselves wonderfully in a different country that they visit for the first time.
They know their way there and recognize buildings and landscapes.
The ‘déjà vu experience’ can also be a more general feeling that we already know someone well, the first time that we meet him or her.
Or that we have already experienced a concrete situation, without knowing when that was exactly.


For some children the memories are clear, they still know their name from their previous life, or the name of their father or mother.
They describe in detail the house where they lived.
Tracing the actual names and places which were obtained in this way often led to remarkable similarities.


Yet these studies also raise many questions.
Because there are stories which appear more like fantasy than like an experienced reality.
And imagine that some events were accurate, did only those people have a previous life, or does that mean that all people once lived before?
But why do we not all remember our previous lives?
Does the memory of our lives still exist somewhere?
And if so, where?
These questions will be dealt with in the next article ‘World of the unconscious’.

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