The mediumship of Jozef Rulof

for mankind

Jozef Rulof was developed by the University of Christ to a fourth grade medium for mankind, as preparation for the technical medium.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.

Grades of mediumship

Jozef Rulof was a medium, a means of contact between the hereafter and the earth.
He was in contact with masters of the University of Christ.
The article ‘University of Christ’ explains that these masters bring their spiritual wisdom to earth by means of inspiration and mediums.
There are many people who call themselves a medium.
In order to gain a vision of the nature and the level of their mediumship, master Zelanus wrote the book ‘Spiritual Gifts’.
Here, he explains that there are grades of mediumship which correspond to the grades of feeling.
The article ‘grades of feeling’ explains that these are consecutive levels of feeling and love which we can master by experiencing many lives.
In each life, we gain experiences, as a result of which we develop feeling for something.
The article ‘aptitude and talent and gift’ explains that we develop our own talents that are innate in our following lives.
The more we work on a particular skill such as art painting for instance, the more feeling we have in the following life in order to expand this talent.
It therefore requires many reincarnations in order to become a Rubens or Van Dyck.
This also applies to mediumship.
Many lifetimes of study are needed in order to master feeling that can be deployed for mediumship.
People already knew that in the temples of ancient Egypt.
There, people only took on pupils who exhibited an exceptional talent in mastering the own body and the environment by means of concentration.
The high priests knew that only naturally gifted people could reach the depth of mediumship as a result of which new wisdom could be passed on to the temple.
However, the temple priests did not know that there was also another deciding factor, namely the grade of feeling.
Mediums of whom the grade of feeling is attuned to the first three grades of feeling cannot pass on any wisdom from the spheres of light.
The article ‘spheres of light’ explains that these are the spiritual worlds in the hereafter, in which the divine light reflects the universal love of the inhabitants.
The article ‘dark spheres’ is about the spiritual worlds to which the first three grades of feeling are attuned.
These spheres are given names such as the ‘Land of Hatred, Lust and Violence’ and the ‘Land of Twilight’.
The grades of feeling are called pre-animal-like, animal-like and coarse-material.
Generally speaking, it concerns self-love and wanting to experience the earthly material matter.
Most people on earth possess one of the first three grades of feeling.
When they open their feeling to the hereafter, they attract inhabitants from the dark spheres, because they themselves are still not free as a personality from material feelings.
When these people actually reach a spiritual contact with the hereafter, they are influenced and in the worst case even possessed by the inhabitants of the dark spheres.
The article ‘insanity’ explains that people do not need to be a medium for this, many people have lost their day-consciousness in this way and are called psychotic nowadays.
The masters of the light do not connect themselves with mediums who still have material feelings or self-love because they know that they will go down sooner or later.
After all, when a medium is open to influence, the inhabitants of the dark spheres can also manipulate this human being, because those dark characteristics of the medium cannot be protected by the masters.
Being open is then literally life-threatening, as a result of which many mediums permanently lost their day-consciousness and body.

Many people think that they possess spiritual gifts, but only experience the material clairvoyance and the telepathic sensing.
Now and again they ‘strike lucky’, but only when they gauge someone on earth who belongs to their own grade of feeling.
In fact, they experience the same sensitivity as a dog which senses when its owner is coming home.
When they think that they have contact with the hereafter, they give themselves an answer to the questions asked.
People who want to come into contact with the hereafter, already close themselves off to the contact with the spheres of light by means of their will.
The masters only connect themselves with mediums who do not seek contact of their own accord, but do want to serve mankind unconditionally and devote their own lives to this out of selfless love.
This self wanting also limits the people who are called magicians, fakirs, yogis and initiates.
They want to control something with their own personality and usually refuse help from masters.
However, even if they open themselves to this, the masters never serve an earthly personality.
No one on earth possesses spiritual gifts himself which are attuned to the spheres of light.
The masters control those gifts and let the medium see, hear and feel what they find necessary that the medium receives.
After all, only the masters can oversee and know with certainty what will help mankind to make progress.
A medium who is attuned to the spheres of light as a result of his fourth grade of feeling can serve for mankind.
The masters can preserve that medium from every material influence.
After all, for passing on a spiritual message it is necessary that the own feeling and thinking of the medium is disengaged at that moment, so that the message is not influenced by his personality.
In order to prevent the influence of personal knowledge on the message, the masters must also close off the subconscious of the fourth grade medium.
They then only use the mediumistic feeling that the medium has built up during many lives in order to reach spiritual sensitivity, but they prevent the concrete personal experiences from past lives.
Jozef Rulof lived in the fourth grade of feeling and as a result he could also master the wisdom passed on.
For him the spiritual departing from the body could be developed, so that he could make journeys and gain experiences with the masters in the hereafter.
By experiencing the spiritual gifts, he could expand his inner life and increase his grade of feeling.
As a result, he could rise to the border of the fifth grade of feeling that is attuned to the fourth sphere of light, in which master Zelanus lives.
And he could ultimately also receive the cosmology, which shows the explanations of the masters at soul level.
The article ‘explanation at soul level’ explains that the masters were capable at that time of describing the reality as they had determined that for themselves.
Up to that moment, they had had to limit themselves to the earthly thinking, because the medium first had to be developed in order to be able to receive the cosmology.

Reincarnated from the spheres of light

Jozef Rulof was not only attuned to the spheres of light, he was also reincarnated from there.
Before his earthly life as Jozef Rulof, he had already made spatial journeys with his masters, as a result of which he was developed sufficiently in order to also bring this consciousness to earth.
Only a medium who reincarnates from the spheres of light can bring the astral consciousness to the earth and ultimately receive the cosmology.
Only a soul which is especially born for this can carry out this task on earth, because no more karmic restriction obstructs it.
The articles ‘reincarnated for a task’ and ‘karma’ explain this.
This also applies to many other souls which came back for the University of Christ, such as Moses and the prophets.
However, the prophets were born from the Land of Twilight and were still open to violence.
By inspiring the prophets, the masters carried out an earlier phase of the spiritual awakening of mankind, namely bringing a faith in God.
The prophets could not have accomplished the task of Jozef, because they could not be elevated to the spheres of light.
In this way, every time and task needs the people with a grade of feeling suitable to this.

Continuation of the first priest-magician

The article ‘the first priest-magician’ describes how the masters inspired the first human being on earth to develop spiritual gifts.
The masters then began to form the metaphysical path, on which people can work at building up mediumistic feeling during many lifetimes.
Finally, as a result, a medium such as Jozef Rulof could come, who had enjoyed such training in his past lives.
All those who follow the path of the first priest-magician must conquer the same obstacles.
They have to get through the possession, in order to get to know and conquer the grades of sleep.
In their lives as magician, they cannot reach any serving mediumship, because their feeling is then attuned to mastering these powers and not to universal love.

Continuation of ancient Egypt

The article ‘ancient Egypt’ describes the highlight of the metaphysical development line in the history of mankind.
In the temples there, the masters were able to elevate the contact between the earth and the hereafter.
The mediums of the fourth grade who worked in the temples brought a spiritual knowledge to earth which could not be given before then.
Yet this knowledge remained limited by the then world vision and the grade of feeling of mankind, which was still animal-like then.
The grade of feeling in order to keep these spiritual gifts pure was still not present either with the majority of the priests.
This is why in the course of time Egypt lapsed into black magic.
This period is for instance important because priests were trained who could serve the University of Christ even better in later lifetimes.
Jozef Rulof is one of them, who had already reached an occult height in ancient Egypt as priest Dectar.
In the book ‘Between Life and Death’, the past lives of Jozef Rulof in ancient Egypt were described in detail, so that it becomes clear how he built up his tremendous feeling for mediumship there.
The pupil of Dectar, Venry, was then already allowed to predict under the strength of the masters that Dectar would be able to continue his task for the University after thousands of years.
However, in many regards, the mediumship of Jozef Rulof is much more difficult.
In the twentieth century, he had to hold his own in a society which was not attuned to spiritual gifts.
In ancient Egypt everything was tailored towards this, the priests could devote their whole lives to the metaphysical study in the peace of their temples.
When they reached the highest, they were worshipped by a whole culture.
However, in the twentieth century in The Hague Jozef Rulof had to be on guard so that he did not fall under a tram when his mediumistic sensitivity pulled him away from the social consciousness.
In the twentieth century, the masters go much further than four thousand years ago in Egypt.
The Egyptians needed their ceremonies and moon nights in order to bring about the contact with the hereafter.
In the twentieth century, Rulof could be reached every second by the masters, also in the middle of a walk or a social task.
Ancient Egypt experienced the metaphysical laws between life and death, but in the twentieth century the masters could also explain these laws in detail through Jozef Rulof.


In the centuries after the blossoming period of ancient Egypt, many people tried to match the magical powers of the temple priests in order to be able to allow their power to count.
However, because they were usually not prepared to devote many lifetimes to this, many people proceeded with deception.
The current age has many thousands of charlatans who try to drive other people mad talking about their so-called spiritual gifts.
These deceivers live in every city, as if many lifetimes are not needed in order to build up mediumistic feeling.
As a result, many people get a wrong image of mediumship, and they have also turned away from the wisdom which was passed on by the real mediums.
This is an obvious consequence, because without the book ‘Spiritual Gifts’, it is very difficult to make a distinction between a deceiver and a real medium.
Since true wisdom is also buried under the mass deception, Jozef Rulof knew that the world would not accept his mediumship.
For this purpose, the mass deception will have to be cleared with a strong hand by the coming technical medium, the direct voice instrument.

Writing mediumship

In his life as Jozef Rulof, all the mediumistic powers were aimed at developing and carrying out writing mediumship.
The masters wanted to pass on their wisdom in book form, so that this knowledge became independent of the lifetime of the medium and people could also absorb this wisdom after his earthly life.
At the same time, the masters also gave Jozef himself the possibility to master the cosmic consciousness by means of writing mediumship.
For this purpose, it was necessary that he could depart from the body, so that he could gain the required experiences.
For developing departing from the body, first the so-called physical gifts were necessary, so that every nerve of his body could become free from the personality.
For this purpose, he experienced materialisations and dematerialisations, apports and the direct voice.
In addition, the healing mediumship was also developed, so that he could earn a living as a clairvoyant magnetizer.
The painting mediumship also ensured that he could take control of the publication of the books by means of the sales of the paintings received mediumistically.
Finally, speaking mediumship was also developed, and he could hold lectures through master Zelanus in a deep trance in front of an audience.

Serving mankind

Every mediumship can be assessed on the basis of the spiritual wisdom that is passed on.
Through Jozef Rulof, the masters were able to pass on cosmic wisdom for the first time in human history.
A fourth grade medium serves the evolution of mankind, all spiritual gifts then serve the spiritual awakening.
For such a great task, a soul from the spheres of light is reincarnated and the masters calculate in advance what they can give to the earth through this medium.
The connection of feeling between master and medium is already brought to full power in advance in the hereafter, so that nothing can come between that on earth.
For that matter, the pure getting through of the spiritual message from the masters must be able to be guaranteed, if the masters want to be sure that mankind can evolve as a result of this.

The last human medium of the University

In a particular time, only one fourth grade medium is needed for the whole of mankind, because the masters can pass on their knowledge through this medium in an unfiltered way.
With Jozef Rulof, the masters knew that mankind as a whole could still not sense the depth of the knowledge passed on, but they passed on this wisdom for all future times.
Through Jozef Rulof, they brought the very last to earth: the description of the cosmic evolution of our soul through all times, from its origin to its destination, from the All-Source to the All.
Going higher on earth is no longer possible, this is the wisdom from the fourth sphere of light, the spiritual grade of feeling.
This is the explanation at soul level, the description of the reality as the masters experience that in the fourth sphere itself, in so far as it can be expressed in earthly words.
Jozef Rulof reincarnated in the twentieth century, because mankind was then advanced enough that a fourth grade medium no longer ended up at the stake.
Furthermore, the Age of Christ had started, during which the explanation of the message of Christ would come to earth, as Christ had once promised that.
For that matter, after the last world war, a time had dawned that the wisdom received could no longer be erased by a world war.
Now the masters could start to build in a straight line on the technical instruments which will permanently change the thinking and lives of all people on earth, such as the ultimate healing instrument and the direct voice instrument.
The articles ‘evolution of mankind’, ‘the Age of Christ’ and ‘ultimate healing instrument’ give a further explanation of this.
Jozef Rulof was the last human medium of the University of Christ.
After him no more fourth grade medium will come, because there is no more higher knowledge to be passed on.
His successor will not be another human medium, but a technical medium.
After all, the masters know that the wisdom passed on via a human medium will not convince the world of life after death and the cosmic evolution of our soul.
The deception of the charlatans is too widespread for that.
This is why they will soon bring the direct voice instrument, the technical medium which will confirm the contact between the earth and the hereafter in a scientifically verifiable way.
The article ‘direct voice instrument’ explains how this technical instrument will be able to convince mankind permanently, as a result of which all people can begin with their spiritual awakening.
Until that time, the cosmic knowledge in the books by Jozef Rulof is already there for the few people who sense the depth of this wisdom as the universal truth.

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