inner world of past lives

Our subconscious contains experiences and feelings from this life and all our past lives.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
‘However, there is much more under water than above the water level.’

Nocturnal processing

In the evening, when we are tired from a day filled with lively impressions, we are ready for a good night’s sleep.
During the deep sleep, the experiences from during the day sink into our subconscious.
There, they are added to the tremendous reservoir of all our past experiences.
The sinking of the experiences takes away the pressure on our nervous system that occurred during the day due to the impressions gained.
As a result, our nervous system can process new impressions again the following day.
The division between the billions of experiences from our past and the experiences of the new day is necessary in order not to feel pressure during the day from all the things that we already experienced.
When we are awake, we cannot let go of any impressions and experiences, when we consciously think of them we hold onto our experiences.
The sinking of our experiences can only take place during sleep, because our personality is then asleep and can let go of these experiences.

Feeling and day-consciousness

Yet all these experiences are not completely gone, they help us to be better able to deal with the new challenges of the following day.
In the day-consciousness we still have at our disposal the experiences which have to do with the task that we are focusing on.
Then those feelings arise from our subconscious that have to do with the work that we want to carry out.
We then not only draw from the experiences of this life, but also from the experiences from all our past lives which have to do with this work.
If we were to consciously remember all these experiences, the multitude of impressions would overwhelm our consciousness.
Fortunately, we are only left with the ‘feeling’ for our life task.
That feeling can come from several lives at the same time.
If, for instance, we did art three lives in a row, we can commit our built-up feeling from all those lives to realizing something beautiful.
The more lives during which we built on a skill, the stronger we will stand out in our current profession or daily task.

The tip of the iceberg

We can see our consciousness as the surface of our subconscious.
In the huge ocean filled with all our past lives we are only conscious of what sticks out above the water surface.
However, there is much more under water than above the water level.
Under water are every thought from all our past lives, all the experiences, all the impressions, all the memories, all the feelings, all our love.
Our soul can draw from all these experiences in order to build up our current personality.
In our subconscious there are not only the feelings from our recent past lives, but also all the experiences from the very first life that we experienced as soul.

Sources and deepening