Pyramid of Giza

an eternal testimony

The pyramid of Giza symbolises the material, spiritual and cosmic development of the soul, mankind, Christ and the universe.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
Photo: the large pyramid of Cheops in Giza

Who designed and built the pyramid?

The plan to build the pyramid of Giza was designed and carried out by the University of Christ.
Various masters reincarnated on earth and became the mathematicians, astronomers and architects who supervised the building on earth.
Other masters became the earthly priests who could receive the instructions for the building from the highest spheres of light.
Everything was supervised on earth by the high priest, who was reincarnated from the seventh sphere of light for this purpose.
The high priest was in direct contact with the pharaoh, because for the building a great deal of people were needed because no advanced machines or magical powers were used.
Everything was realised by means of human efforts, with the simplest means for rolling and hoisting the stones, and putting them in the correct position.
The whole of Egypt helped, everyone had a task in this great event.
It is the only time in the history of mankind that many masters from the highest spheres of light reincarnated on earth.
They did that especially and solely in order to build the pyramid, a stone temple for all times, an invitation to reach questioning.
Because how was it possible to design and realise such a monumental building at that time without advanced means and without the current science, whereby every awesomely heavy stone was positioned accurately down to a millimetre?
And where did all that knowledge go which was needed for that, and especially, where did that knowledge already come from at that time?

The far-reaching meaning

The masters illustrated the cosmic evolution of the soul in stone.
In the first place, the birth and the life of Christ were predicted.
In addition, the development of mankind and the cosmos was illustrated, and all the grades which the life experiences in its cosmic development.
Every stone has its own meaning.
For instance, the corridors in the pyramid refer to the inner life of the human being.
The king’s chamber symbolises the All where we as soul are on our way to.
The sphinx is also connected to the pyramid.
It symbolises motherhood, from the animal-like to the higher inner life.
She and the pyramid as condensed creation represent the basic powers of all the life.
In the books by Jozef Rulof the significance of the pyramid is only briefly touched upon in the book ‘The Origin of the Universe’.
At that moment, Jozef was not yet developed far enough as a medium to give an explanation at soul level.
Later, this could have been possible but this did not happen because the time for this was too short.
The interpretation of the meaning of the pyramid will only take place in the coming centuries.
Souls will continually be born which will reveal the tip of the veil, just what is attuned to the thinking of mankind at that moment.
For all the coming times, the building will stand there as a temple which testifies to the far-sightedness of the masters from the All, who inspire and support the human being on earth from the prehistoric age in order to dissolve the suffering and to realise eternal happiness by means of spiritual development and universal love.

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