the anti-christ

Caiaphas murdered Christ and every danger for his own power and dogma of faith, from Jerusalem until during World War II.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
Illustration: painting with snake, thorns and Golgotha, received mediumistically by Jozef Rulof.

The high priest who let Christ be crucified

Pilate delivered Christ to Caiaphas and the other high priests who were at the head of the Jewish people.
Caiaphas did not accept that Christ was the Messiah and had him nailed to the cross as quickly as possible.
He was opposed to putting his powerful position at risk by a rabbi who supposedly performed miracles.
Caiaphas said: ‘Kill him, He deforms the Lord.’
In order to safeguard his authority as high priest of the ancient religion, he had to ensure that Christ would not receive any more followers.
Caiaphas defended his religion, his possessions, his prestige and his power over the believers.

Reincarnations of Caiaphas

The lust for power of Caiaphas did not end with his death.
In his following lives, his inner self changed little.
The masters of the University of Christ described the reincarnations of Caiaphas in order to later explain his behaviour as Hitler.
In his following lives, Caiaphas experienced the same phenomena as Judas and Pilate: the events in Jerusalem had a tremendous impact on his inner life.
He did not understand the feelings of remorse, doubt and hatred which lived in him.
He felt that he had something to do with Golgotha, but what?
In his next life, Caiaphas became a priest again.
He set off for Jerusalem, which exercised an irresistible power of attraction over him.
When he roamed through the streets of Jerusalem, he felt like a starved wolf which hated all life.
He was afraid of the images and thoughts which arose within his inner self and which concerned the events which had happened in this city.
In his next lives, he searched for everything which the scribe tells about the events on Golgotha.
Often, he went to Jerusalem and climbed Mount Calvary.
He was continually searching and asking, but he still did not learn anything new in these lives, because his inner life continued to dominate.
The centuries flew past, but he did not experience anything of the material and spiritual evolution of mankind.
Remorse burned within his inner self, and he heard a voice calling louder and louder: Christ was the Messiah!
He cursed those words, but could not free himself from them.
On a regular basis, he put an end to his earthly life violently, but that did not free him from his murderous feelings either.
Spoken in earthly terms, during these lives he usually belonged to the Jewish people, with whom his inner life remained connected.
Often, he was a rabbi or merchant.
He received an aversion to haggling, money-lending, lying and cheating.
Sometimes he raged fiercely against it, and then he had a remarkable experience.
The more he hated the destruction of the life gauge, the less he felt his own inner pain and remorse.
He examined these feelings, but did not finish thinking things through.

The corrective soul

Of course, he could not understand this phenomenon, because he as a personality did not know the working of his soul.
He did not know that in essence his soul is harmonious and drives him to correct his behaviour as Caiaphas in Jerusalem.
He had no understanding of the working of karma and ‘cause and effect’.
At the moment that he temporarily withdrew himself from lies and deception, he felt his remorse less intensely.
This gave him a bit of peace at that moment, and as a result he raged more and more against haggling and cheating.
However, he continued to hate all life, and his inner life also remained attuned to the ‘Land of Hatred and Lust and Violence’ in all his next lives.
More and more, he began to hate the behaviour of other people which he used to show himself, and for which he subconsciously felt remorse.
That behaviour connected him to the Jewish people to whom he counted himself as a personality.

Hitler and his type

The article ‘Hitler’ describes how the personality of Caiaphas lived it up in his reincarnation in the twentieth century.
As Hitler, he not only continued the lust for power of Caiaphas in Jerusalem, but also his built-up hatred against the Jewish people.
As Hitler, he did not give his soul a chance to correct the karma, but on the contrary created an immense amount of new karma.
During World War II, he again combined his strengths with a few other personalities who were also attuned to destruction.
In the twentieth century, his son in Jerusalem who helped him to crucify Christ was his demonic propagandist: Dr Goebbels.
And the man who raised his spear to Christ on the cross had also received a new name: Himmler.
Like seeks like.

The Caiaphas as character trait

The intellectual pride and the dogmatic faith made it become frighteningly dark on Golgotha.
Then it were the Caiaphas and his people, later it became Hitler and his like.
However, it are not just their dark thoughts which murdered Christ and nail universal love to the cross.
All the dark thoughts of all the people are responsible for this, because together they feed a dark sphere.
In his lectures, master Zelanus analyses the Caiaphas as character trait.
What do we still have as Caiaphas characteristics in ourselves?
Caiaphas stands here for the old which does not wish to admit the new.
This could be for instance a faith that has lapsed into rigid dogmas, and no longer receives any new inspiration in order to give us a higher awakening.
Or that could be a position in society which is defended for the sake of the related money or prestige, as a result of which someone prevents a new invention or awakening.
And it could take the form of wanting to be right when people feel that they are not right.
We are faced with that Caiaphas in all kinds of forms through the whole of society.
Master Zelanus emphasises the importance of not taking part in these actions, so that we do not feed the Caiaphas characteristics in our inner self.
We do not even need to provide a Caiaphas characteristic with dry bread.
It is more help to put this behind bars and let it die a quiet death.
If, instead of the Caiaphas consciousness, we drive ourselves to universal love, the Christ consciousness in us can awaken.

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