Origin of the astral world

the hereafter

The hereafter originated by means of the spiritual radiance of the human being from the time that the prehistoric beings experienced their last lives on earth.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.

Spheres in the hereafter

The writers of the books by Jozef Rulof, the masters, already give an overview in their first work ‘A View into the Hereafter’ of the astral or spiritual worlds where we go to after our lives on earth.
They call those worlds spheres, and make a distinction between dark spheres and spheres of light.
‘A View into the hereafter’ and the articles about our hereafter are situated in the present time, they describe what happens when a human being of the earth now passes on to the hereafter.
The masters describe the origin of the hereafter in their later books, when they could start to follow the evolution of the human soul.

The world of the unconscious

In their ‘cosmology’, the masters follow this evolution of the human being at ‘soul level’.
As a result, we get to know where, when and how the human soul created the hereafter.
Because the hereafter was not there from the beginning.
In the beginning, the soul did not have a conscious hereafter to go to.
In the article ‘our first lives as a cell’, the very first lives of the first human souls on the first planet in the universe are described.
After their first life as cell, these cells let go of their little cell body and thus experienced for the first time what the human being on earth calls ‘dying’.
The souls did not end up in a conscious hereafter, because that was still not formed.
They ended up in the ‘world of the unconscious’.
This is a state of the soul which can be compared with a very deep sleep, as explained in the article ‘world of the unconscious’.
Here, the experiences of the life settled, and the souls prepared themselves in order to reincarnate.
The masters call this world unconscious, because the soul as personality is asleep in this state.
On the first planet and the following planets, after each material life the souls kept going back to the world of the unconscious, in order to attune themselves to the small cell in which they started to reincarnate.
That attunement consisted of returning to the embryonic consciousness, in order to not impede the new tender cell in its growth with conscious memories of the past lives.

Material grades of life

The masters were able to follow the cosmic evolution of the first souls on the first, second and third cosmic grade of life.
They saw that the souls reincarnated billions of times, in order to evolve from a small cell to the human body on earth.
During all these lives, after the material life the souls always immediately went to the world of the unconscious.
Nowhere did the masters see a conscious hereafter, never did the soul go to an astral atmosphere in which it became and remained awake.
Always the soul as personality immediately fell asleep after dying.
The masters connected themselves in feeling with the first reincarnated souls and they felt that all those times they were only attuned to creating and experiencing the bodily life forms.
In the article ‘material grades of life’, it is explained how the first souls on earth built up their physical life form from cell to prehistoric man.
By experiencing body after body, the prehistoric beings received experiences and their personality began to grow.
Yet as soul all that time they were only attuned to experiencing the material grades of life until they had fully experienced the last grade.


During their last lives on earth, by means of all the experiences, the first souls reached a certain level of feeling that is called the pre-animal-like grade of feeling.
Their personality became conscious of the physical power and used that for instance to fight and to kill other prehistoric beings.
The article ‘karma’ explains what the consequences of these murders were.
As a result of this, the first souls lost their harmony with other souls, and they wanted to restore that harmony by giving back the lifetime taken away.
For this purpose, they needed new lives, and they thus began with their ‘karma lives’.
The masters saw that the first souls did not go to a conscious hereafter between two karma lives either, because the souls were only attuned to dissolving all the karma that they had built up.
Now too, after a material life they immediately went to the world of the unconscious.

Spiritual growing

However, the masters saw that already in prehistoric times another non-material world arose, in addition to the world of the unconscious.
They perceived that the first souls as prehistoric beings radiated their obtained consciousness.
This radiance was originally like a rarefied plasma which began to take shape after thousands of years.
In this way, the spiritual radiance of the prehistoric beings gradually built up an astral world.
The more the human being experienced his pre-animal-like life of feeling, the more clearly this astral world took shape.
After a long time, this world condensed into a dark mountainous landscape of astral substance: the human hereafter had taken shape!

Basic powers of the soul

In this formation process of the human hereafter, the masters saw a similarity with what they had perceived in the beginning of the creation.
The article ‘our basic powers’ explains how at the beginning of time the All-Soul, by means of the radiance of its feeling, had created a spiritual world which then still consisted of rarefied hazes.
After billions of eras of growing and condensing, these hazes had become so compact that via a cosmic splitting they gave birth to the first sun and the first planet in the universe.
The human soul originated from the All-Soul, and hereby kept its basic powers of ‘growing and condensing’.
As a result, the first souls built up their material grades of life.
When they experienced their highest life form on the first planet in the universe, they radiated the obtained consciousness into the universe.
The article ‘evolution on the land’ explains how this radiance created a new spiritual world.
A world which could condense itself to the following planet at the time that the first souls continue their cosmic evolution there.
Here too, the human soul itself had created its next step as a spiritual world by means of its spiritual radiance.

The first conscious astral world

As a result, the masters understood that the formation of a conscious hereafter was the following stage of development for the soul.
And they saw that the origin of the dark spheres thereby was unavoidable, because the spiritual radiance of the prehistoric beings stemmed from their pre-animal-like life of feeling.
For this purpose, an admittedly conscious, but still dark hereafter was formed.
The human being later started to call those dark spheres ‘hells’.
When the first souls had completed their last karma life on earth, they passed on to the astral world which they had unconsciously created themselves.
For the first time in countless billions of eras, the human soul entered a conscious spiritual world for itself, previously it had only experienced the world of the unconscious after a material life.
By entering their conscious hereafter, the first souls had materially conquered the earth as the last planet of the third cosmic grade of life.
After their last material life, they fell asleep and they woke up in their own spiritual reality.
That waking up is described in the article ‘creator of light’.

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