Making amends

brings us back into harmony

By making amends to all the souls which we have done something to in this life or in our previous lives, we bring ourselves back into harmony.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
Anthony van Dyck, painted by Pieter Paul Rubens

Alcar’s past

According to the spiritual leader of Jozef Rulof, master Alcar, making amends can have deep roots.
In his book ‘The Origin of the Universe’, Alcar follows the making amends which was driven from his soul.
In the chapter ‘Alcar’s past’, he describes a number of his past lives on earth.
In all those lives, his soul did not know any peace until he had made amends to all the souls which he ever did something to.
When Alcar looked back at all his past lives, he saw that he had experienced both male and female lives.
He saw lives during which he had made amends as a man, and other lives during which he had served other people as a woman.
The first life that Alcar describes lies thousands of years ago in the past.
During that life, he experienced the mother’s body, and Alcar was therefore a ‘she’.
As a mother, she gave birth to two children.
However, these children did not bring her any happiness, because their lives were cut short.
Her daughter passed on due to an illness, and her son was mauled by a wild animal.
Her husband left her alone with this misery.
He was always off hunting, and loved another with whom he spent his time.
The hunter was never at home, as a result of which his wife had to deal with the loss of their children alone.
She hated her husband because he left her alone to face her grief.

Longing for wealth

Alcar follows the connection of these souls to the further past in order to investigate what caused this situation.
He saw that in the previous life he had already met the soul of this hunter, there that soul was his father.
In that life, his parents were rich and they possessed everything which a human being could wish for in his earthly life.
However, that wealth was also the downfall for Alcar.
During that time, he was still not very highly developed spiritually.
Thousands of years ago, he was still not a ‘master of the light’, his inner life was still dark then.
He still did not feel any love for his parents, he was still attuned to possession and violence in feeling.
He had still not acquired any high grade of feeling.
If he had passed on to the hereafter at that moment, he would have ended up in a dark sphere which is called the ‘Land of Hatred and Lust and Violence’.
As a son, he greedily looked at the wealth of his parents and wanted to possess that himself as quickly as possible.
He could not wait until he would inherit that possession.
In order to be able to enjoy that wealth more quickly, he killed his father and he robbed his mother.
He left her behind destitute and did not return again.
His mother died of grief.

Soul and personality

In that rich life, Alcar brought himself into disharmony with two souls.
He obstructed these souls in their development.
This brought about an inner working in his own soul which was aimed at bringing him back into harmony with them.
From his soul a driving force began in order to do everything that was necessary to remove the obstruction that he had imposed on these two souls.
As a personality, he was not aware of this driving force, his inner life was still not highly enough developed for this.
When he made amends to the hunter as a woman, that was still not with a happy feeling.
That woman hated her husband, because her inner life was still attuned to hatred and deception.
As a personality, she did not know either that her soul had brought her into this situation in order to free herself from what she had done to the soul of the hunter in a past life.
She made amends to the hunter by means of motherhood, by bearing his life.

Caring daughter

In the rich life Alcar had robbed and abandoned his mother, then his mother had died of grief.
She reincarnated and became a mother again.
Alcar was born again in that new life as a child of this mother.
If he could do the opposite in this new life and now give his mother love instead of misery, he could come back into harmony again.
Alcar was born as a daughter of this mother, so in this life Alcar was a ‘she’ again.
When she grew up in the womb of the mother, her mother fell into a deep pot-hole.
Seemingly there was nothing the matter, but a few months after the birth the misery began and her mother could no longer move a foot.
When the daughter was fourteen years old, her father passed on and she remained behind with her mother.
In this life there was no wealth, they had to work hard on the land in order to earn a living.
From that moment, she worked for her mother and took care of her, day and night, until her mother passed on.
The daughter was thirty years old then.
Thanks to her care, she gave back to her mother in that life what she had taken from her in the past wealthy life.
After her mother had passed on, the daughter had a relationship with a man and a child was born from this union.
A disease which called many lives from the earth severed this family and she remained behind alone.
Seen through earthly eyes, it appears a coincidence that precisely she remained behind alone, and not her husband or her child.
However, Alcar sees later that this also had a deeper meaning, and that his soul had attracted this situation in order to come further itself in the difficult feelings with which the life with the hunter had ended.


In both lives, Alcar came into a similar situation as a woman.
Each time the woman remained behind in great sorrow, after her children had died.
After she was left alone by the hunter and her children had died, in that life at that time she could no longer deal with the lonely sorrow.
She could not bear the loss of her children alone.
For this purpose, she had still not built up the required spiritual personality.
Alone and abandoned, she then brought her life on earth to an end.
Then she experienced the spiritual consequences of suicide, as described in the article ‘suicide’.
For fifteen years she roamed round in an empty world, until her natural lifetime had passed.
When the moment had dawned when she would normally have died without suicide, she was attracted by the world of the unconscious for a new incarnation.
However, in feeling she had still not conquered this suicide.
She could only come further in this if her soul brought her into a similar situation.
This took place in that life as a caring daughter, after her husband and child had died from a disease.
Again she remained behind as a mother with a great sorrow.
She wandered round, lonely, but each time she thought about suicide, a conflicting force arose in her.
That was the experienced misery after the suicide in the past life with the hunter.
Her inner life warned her not to end up in this appalling suffering again.
As a result of this resistance, she now managed to hold out and died a natural death at an old age.
When Alcar looks back on this life, he understands that his soul had attracted this situation because he was still connected to those feelings of suicide from that past life.
By indeed accepting his life situation in similar circumstances, he mastered this spiritual strength, which he could then further build on in his next lives.
As a result, he could bear such suffering in his next lives without destroying himself.


Alcar also describes an incarnation of himself in Egypt, during which he helped to build on the Pyramid of Giza.
In that life he was in love with a woman, but his love was taken from him by another man.
He had to work together with that man on building the pyramid.
He waited a long time for the right moment to rid himself of this man.
When the opportunity arose, during a fight he pushed the man from the pyramid, then the man died a few days later.
In a next life in Jerusalem, Alcar made amends to this man.
He sees him again as his own child.
Both of them were elevated in that life by the great love of his wife.
Upon seeing all his past lives, Alcar recognizes in her the mother whom he took care of as a caring daughter during the poor life on the land.
His mother from then has mastered a great inner possession during her thousands of lives, her soul is now ready to give a great deal of love.
As a result of her love, in the life in Jerusalem Alcar reaches inner peace.
Here, he passes on to a higher grade of feeling.
In past lives, he had been wild, but he had now made amends for that violence.
As a result of his many lives of making amends, he received higher feelings, so he could leave behind the inner world of hatred and violence.
In his next lives in Italy he applied himself to art.
He wanted to master visual arts.
Here he developed feelings to depict the life in art, instead of destroying the life.
He began to see the beauty of the life, and his love for all that lives grew.

The hunter also became an artist

By making amends to the hunter, the driving force from Alcar to this soul had dissolved.
However, the hunter was still not in harmony, because he had left his wife behind with the loss of their children.
His loveless attitude to his wife originated from the past wealthy life during which he was killed by his son.
However, sooner or later the soul will restore every loveless action, in order to reach harmony with all the life.
One day, the soul will even put right every wrong thought in order to be able to begin in peace and freedom with its spiritual becoming conscious.
Thousands of years later, the soul of the hunter has put right the abandonment of his wife, and he has become a support for Alcar instead of a burden.
In 17 A.D., he became the teacher of Alcar during the last life that Alcar experienced on earth as an artist.
Long ago, as a hunter he already had the lively nature to become an artist later.
In that life thousands of years ago he continued to hunt until his end and yet dozens of centuries later he became famous in art.
Between that life then and the life as an artist lay many lives during which he increased his grade of feeling.
However, thanks to the reincarnation he did not remain a hunter for eternity, and he reached complete harmony with the soul of Alcar, whom he once left behind alone.

The same souls

With the describing of his past lives, Alcar also wishes to make it clear that we meet precisely those people with whom we were involved from our past.
We only incarnate to the those souls to which we have to make amends.
We cannot miss out a single soul in this.
We come in all the countries and peoples, we are born in all the corners of the earth, but each time it is at least one soul from our past which we return to, in order to make amends.
When finally there is not a single soul living on the earth which still keeps us bound, our inner life is freed from the earth, and we pass on to the hereafter.

To the spheres

When Alcar had made amends for all the misery which he had ever caused to other souls, he passed on to the spheres in the hereafter to further evolve there as an astral personality.
As a result of all those lives on earth, he had reached the coarse-material grade of feeling, so that in the hereafter he awakened in the Land of Twilight.
There he soon felt that in the spiritual life he progressed especially by serving other souls.
He descended into the dark spheres and worked there for many years.
In his earthly lives, he had built up a great willpower, and he now deployed that in order to withstand the dark powers and to help the souls who wanted to free themselves from this darkness.
In this way in a relatively short time he reached the first sphere of light.
There he continued working on his art.
On earth he had already reached a great height, but he felt that he could go even further.
He studied the art that he had already brought to earth, and realized that he could now sense the life more deeply as a result of his greater love.
He got the yearning to refine his art, and to bring that higher art to the earth, in order to thus stimulate people to aim their feeling at the higher.

His last reincarnation

Alcar meditated for years in order to feel how, during his last life on earth, he could best interpret his art.
At a certain moment, he became very quiet and he felt the wonder of reincarnation being born in himself.
He passed on to the world of the unconscious in order to reincarnate to the earth.
In 17 A.D., Alcar could take part in the great plan of the ‘University of Christ’ to focus the inner life of people on earth on the higher, by means of art.
With this life he also showed his gratitude for all the bodies that he had received from Mother Earth in order to make amends and to evolve spiritually.
Many souls in the spheres of light feel that they want to return to the earth one more time in order to bring something of spiritual value there, which they can look back on with satisfaction during their further evolution.

Nothing is lost

When he entered the spheres again after this last life on earth, he knew that he had died, but he still did not know his past lives.
However, he worked constantly, and in twenty-five years he reached the third sphere of light.
There his past lives were shown to him.
Then he could descend into his own past and see that nothing had been lost, everything was recorded, he even saw the smallest things again.
Through all his past lives he saw a central thread running, the driving force of his soul in order to make amends and to evolve inwardly.
He got the feeling to bring this insight to earth.
He could begin with this when he had entered the fifth sphere of light, and could bring books to earth as spiritual leader of Jozef Rulof.
For instance, in ‘The Origin of the Universe’, as well as his own past lives, he describes how, along with Jozef, in an out-of-body state, he goes to the temple of the soul in order to descend even further into the past of the soul, so that he can also bring that knowledge to earth.
By describing his many lives, he also wanted to make it clear that it is possible for the masters of the light to look back far into the past of their own soul.
When they connect with even higher masters, they can even look back to the time that their soul originated.

You make amends to yourself

Master Alcar says about his book ‘The Origin of the Universe’ that it was written according to the human feeling and thinking, with the starting point of the already familiar use of language.
When he writes in that book about making amends, it is usually about the making amends to another person.
When we have caused someone misery in a past life, we make amends for that in a later life by placing something positive opposite it.
We then commit to helping that person progress, in order to ensure that the other person prospers.
In the later books that were received by Jozef Rulof, the making amends is often described from the viewpoint of the soul.
The driving force to make amends comes from our soul.
As a personality, we do indeed feel that driving force, and we act on the basis of that driving force, but usually we do not understand why we do that.
After all, as a human being, we do not know our past lives and we do not remember the circumstances in which we once brought that other person misery.
That past is safely hidden in our subconscious.
In the present life, we no longer see that misery from then, we only see the present human being for whom we wish to be good.
‘Making amends to another person’ is a human thinking that belongs to the personality.
During a contact evening, Jozef Rulof expanded this thinking from the perspective of the soul.
When Jozef received the question about making amends, he said that the human being who does wrong will make amends for that for himself one day.
People who now still do wrong still have to begin with their battle to discard that wrong.
And that is a battle, because then the own character must be changed, then the own personality must be dealt with in order to remove from it what is wrong.
This is why Jozef says: ‘And that sir and that madam who now still hit and kick and who hate and who destroy, well, they will have to begin with their own battle one day and then they will make amends for themselves.’
We can also call ‘for themselves’ ‘for the own soul’.
Because when we cause another person misery, we bring our own soul into disharmony.
We then temporarily stop the harmony that our soul naturally has with all the other life.
From that time, our soul will give the driving force in order to restore that harmony.
When we absorb and give form to that driving force as a personality, then we start ‘to serve’.
Jozef then says: ‘... because then the spark of serving lives under your heart. And then you have a little bit of love for what lives. Is that true? If that begins, well, then you have a different position in the world and then you are busy awakening.’
As a personality we are then busy awakening, because we become more and more aware of the characteristics of our soul, of its natural harmony with all the life.
Then we start to love all that life, because we consciously feel that in this way we create harmony for the other person and for ourselves.

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