her spatial motherhood

As first planet in the universe, in a faraway past the moon gave birth to countless life which left her before she began with her dying process.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.

Spiritual globe

The article ‘cosmic splitting’ describes how the very first planet was formed in the universe from the energy that was released after the cosmic splitting.
Countless eras later, that very first planet condensed itself into our moon.
In our present time the moon is a dead planet.
Science has however already discovered that there is still some form of water to be found on her surface, as a result of which in times past there could have been life on the moon.
Spiritually-scientifically, the masters of Jozef Rulof describe in their books the faraway past of the moon, when she was still a young planet with much water and life.
They also explain how the moon originated, in a time when the universe only consisted of spiritual energy.
That energy was still not condensed into matter; for material eyes at that time there was still nothing to be seen in the universe.
After the energy after the cosmic splitting had contracted into a compact mass, the moon originated in the form of a spiritual globe.

The first basic power

Rarefied hazes entered that spiritual globe, a similar process which the masters had already perceived before in the spiritual universe.
The article ‘our basic powers’ explains that these hazes were an expression of the first basic power of the life.
This power is called ‘giving birth’ or ‘growing’ as an expression of the capacity to give birth to new life and let it grow.
The moon as planet gave form to this basic power in a spatial body which could give birth, which could form new life.
That new life in the moon first took the form of hazes.
When those hazes were condensed sufficiently in the heart of the moon, they could split themselves into countless cells, a process that can be compared with the formation of raindrops from a cloud on earth.

Spatial motherhood

The first basic power is also called ‘motherhood’.
At soul level, the masters do not speak about ‘moon’, because that word does not interpret the essence of this spatial life form.
For the universe she is a mother, because she split her body into countless cells.
These cells are bodies for the life, which can also be called ‘soul’.
The article ‘All-Soul and All-Source’ describes the state of the life in the cosmos before it condensed and split itself.
Then all the life was still one, there were still no separate souls.
Because the moon as mother split her spiritual body, every separate soul received its first spiritual body in the form of a cell.
The article ‘our first lives as a cell’ describes in detail the first lives of these cells.
With the aid of the early light from the first sun, these cells could condense and materialize themselves.
That light was then still very weak, because the sun too had just began with its spatial life.
As a result of this sunlight, every soul could let its little body expand and grow.
We see that growth reflected in the formation of our current human body from a very small fertilized egg cell.
As a result of this growing, larger bodies, with more materialization, more matter, came on the moon.
When the soul withdrew itself from a body in order to pass on to a next incarnation, the discarded body proceeded with decomposition.
From the decomposition of all these bodies, a muddy mass was ultimately formed.
This would become the most condensed materialization which this planet reached as long as there was still life present on its surface.
People will therefore never find gold or diamonds on or in the moon, because at that time the sun had not yet sufficient power to realize such hard and colourful condensing.

The moon dissolves

When all the souls had experienced their many lives on this first planet, they left this spatial body in order to be able to evolve further on a next planet.
After all the life had disappeared on the moon, the outermost layer of her atmosphere dissolved, and she began with her dying process.
At that moment, the muddy mass hardened into the lunar crust which is still present.
When the moon experienced her last breathing, the craters originated.
The moon is now dying.
It will still take millions of years before her body has dissolved completely.
During this process, she withdraws all her feeling from this dead maternal body.
The gradual dissolving of the body is in harmony with the life according to the spatial laws of growing, which the masters also see reflected with the human body when it is buried after dying.
If the body does not receive the time required for the dissolving due to for instance cremation, the harmony from this natural process is broken.
As a result of the slow dissolving, the emptied space can be filled in a harmonic way with new energy, so that the future disappearing of the moon will not bring about a spatial shock in our solar system.
The masters predict that within millions of years people will still live on earth, who will see the moon become hazy and finally disappear completely.
However, then every human being will know his intimate bond with this mother planet.

Sources and deepening