The first priest-magician

metaphysics bud

The first priest-magician who arrived at the metaphysical research of life under inspiration of the University of Christ lived in China.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
‘That life is a sort of inner hand which inspires the physical hand.’ (photo: Kirlian photography)

Metaphysics budded in China

The masters of the University of Christ not only spoke to Moses and the prophets, they also inspired the human being on earth to arrive at metaphysical research of his own life.
The first human being who could be reached for this purpose lived in China.
There a priest began to wonder: ‘What is life?
What is sleep?
Is that not wasting time?’

The inner life of his hand

He wonders whether he can also put a part of his body to sleep while he himself remains awake.
He concentrates and succeeds in getting his hand to sleep by removing the feeling from it.
He continues in this way until he is able to pierce his body without feeling any pain.
As a result, the priest realises that it is he himself who provides his hand with life and feeling, and that he can also withdraw that feeling.
This is so remarkable for him that it awakens the longing in him to disengage his whole body.
That would namely mean that he was something else than his body and that he would probably be more than that which dies.
The priest is first engaged for weeks with his hand and follows the life that this body part brings into working.
That life is a sort of inner hand which inspires the physical hand.
When he withdraws his inner hand from his physical hand, he feels that that inner hand does not dissolve but goes somewhere else.
He feels that he can place it in his shoulder for instance.
When he lets his inner hand descend back into his physical hand, it relaxes because it gets the own life back.
He manages to withdraw his inner hand even more strongly, until his physical hand even begins to die off.
As a result, he realises that he must at least leave behind a bit of feeling in a material body part, so that it does not die permanently.

Moving to where?

Since the daylight impedes him in his concentration, the priest locks himself in a dark room.
After all, he wishes to research whether he can go further than his hand and can also make his arms and legs completely insensitive.
He comes that far that he can pierce his arms and legs, without him feeling pain and without blood flowing.
Then he wonders whether he can also dominate his inner organs such as his stomach and kidneys.
He is surprised that he can think so well and that he keeps on getting new thoughts.
For hours, he asks himself questions and he also gives himself answers.
Sometimes, he suddenly knows a solution, as if another has given him those thoughts.
When he takes the life out of his legs, he becomes extremely hungry.
He concentrates on his stomach and feels that he has moved his inner legs to there.
His stomach cannot process the double life force and as a result he feels that tremendous hunger.
However, where must he leave his inner legs?
He tries it in his head, but he becomes dizzy there and gets a splitting headache and a nose bleed.

Outside the body

In order to be able to think better, the priest takes a short walk in thought.
Suddenly, he feels the solution: his inner legs must also go for a walk and be brought outside his body.
He manages this and can even steer those inner legs outside the body using his will.
He lets them walk and dance outside his material body.
Until they are seized and pulled.
He clearly feels that other hands are being put on his inner legs as if someone wants to take away his legs.
He feels a tremendous pain and withdraws his inner legs into his body.
What kind of remarkable phenomenon is he now getting to know?
Only a human being can seize and pull something.
Are there people in the universe outside his body?
Would people in that world then know about his inner legs?
He tries it again and his inner legs are now also seized and dragged away again.
He has to fight to reclaim them and to tear them out of those other hands.

Other people

In order to research this phenomenon, he lets his inner legs dance outside his body again.
When they are seized again, he quickly withdraws them, but this time he looks astrally at the being which leers at his legs.
As a result, he sees not one, but dozens of people.
Have they been there earlier than he and is he not the first one to research this universe?
For weeks, he reflects on this phenomenon.
If there are people, there must also be a world within which those people live.
His inner legs belong to that world, otherwise they could not be seized there.
So his inner life belongs to another world than the material one!
How can he further research that world?

To the inner world

He feels that he himself has to go to that world, his legs alone are not enough.
He has to be able to look round and walk there.
When he tries that then he comes across a problem, because the more he lets his inner life pass on to that world, the more sleepy he becomes in the material world.
When his thinking capacity passes on to that other universe, he falls asleep on earth.
He cannot resist that, he cannot think in both universes at the same time.
He decides to leave behind enough life in his material body so that it does not die off, and to transfer the rest of his feeling to that other world.
As a result, he can perceive in that other world.
And look, not just his legs are now given form there.
His torso also appears on his legs, also his head, and as an inner being he is now standing outside his material body which is lying sleeping.
But then a tremendous shock goes through him.


His earthly body starts to move without him steering it himself.
He concentrates on his body and tries to get it under control again, but has to experience that another being has taken possession of it.
An intense fight occurs, but that other being is stronger and now dominates his material body.
While the priest spent time in the new world, that other person had descended into his material body and had made himself one with it.
The priest loses the fight and is now trapped in the deeper grades of sleep into which he had descended.
Those deeper grades can also be called the subconscious, distinguished from the day-consciousness by means of which people on earth are awake and experience the material life.
He can no longer reach the lightest three grades of sleep and the day-consciousness in his material body, because they are now occupied by the other person.
The other person has the body firmly under control, he wants to use it for food and drink and sexuality.
He eats for four people at the same time and lives it up in sexual pleasure.
The priest is now imprisoned in his own body.
By means of a few character traits, he has attunement to the dark personality which has possession of his body, and as a result he could become possessed.
He now experiences everything that the other being does with his body.

Thinking himself free of it

The priest now searches for a way to still be able to continue to think for himself, because his day-consciousness is filled with the thoughts of another.
He experiences that by being disgusted by those thoughts he becomes freer from them and realises that he must start to think in a more rarefied way, outside the passion.
After all, that other being does not feel his more rarefied thoughts.
The priest-magician learns to build up a counterforce, a second self, from the subconscious.
He learns to remain himself while experiencing the passionate behaviours of the other being.
He follows that other being and perceives everything, but waits for a favourable moment in order to escape.
His body becomes thirsty, the other being must provide water.
Gradually and cautiously, the other person goes down a slope on the way to drinking water.
The priest pretends that he has fallen asleep, so that he is not felt.
However, meanwhile, he feels that to the right of his body is the foaming water, which the other being is afraid of.
This is the chance!
The priest rushes to the day-consciousness, dominates this for only a few seconds, perceives what the surroundings are like and jumps.
The water absorbs them, the terrible roar of the other person also sinks under water, and death follows.
The auras rip apart, the fluid cord breaks and the priest is released.


The masters follow this soul, through this life they bring the occult laws to the earth, as a result of which finally the contact between the earth and the hereafter will be given form to.
In that one life, huge advances were achieved, but they knew beforehand that the priest would succumb, because he still has to master the knowledge of these phenomena.
He has to come that far under his own powers, so that this ultimately becomes his own possession.
However, he is inspired by the masters with constant new thoughts, so that he comes further in his thinking.
Step for step, the priest will thus conquer the astral worlds.
A new life is necessary for this, that he can begin again twenty years after his leap into the water.


The priest-magician is born again near the temple which was set up by his followers.
When he is six years old, the experiences gained from his past life manifest themselves in his day-consciousness and he is capable again of feeling and thinking from this past consciousness.
He pierces himself, and shows other people that no blood flows.
He lets himself be heard more and more, and soon the priests from his temple come to collect him.
At fifteen years old, he is already an accomplished priest, because by dying his soul did not discard the consciousness.
He then understands to where he has grown in his past life, and can now explain those phenomena to his fellow priests.
When his body has matured, he can continue his study.
He comes that far that he can call a bird in flight to himself and can allow it to obey his strong will completely.
Then the priest locks himself up again in darkness, and continues where he had left off.

Astral awakening

He did not feel anything of the death, the death does not appear to be an obstruction for continuing his study.
It appears as if he has only slept for a while.
He now gets thoughts to do it differently.
This time, he attunes himself to the centre of his body, to the solar plexus, instead of to every organ separately.
The priest feels that this energy centre is feeding all the organs.
From there, he now elevates the life of all his physical organs into him, as a result of which the body falls asleep.
But he himself as personality remains conscious of his feeling and thinking, also in the deeper grades of sleep.
However, now he does not leave his body, because he knows that danger threatens.
From the depth of his sleep, he attunes himself to his vocal organs and succeeds in getting them to function.
In this way, he can tell his pupils what he experiences, while he still remains in a deep sleep.
In his new state, he concentrates on seeing, and he thus learns to see outside his material eyes.
He has now reached the astral perceiving and sees the surroundings without opening his material eyes.
As a result, he realises that it is he as a personality that sees, and not his material body.
At this moment, he sees from the deep sleep, and when he is awake in day-consciousness on earth, then he uses his material eyes.
When he uses his inner eyes, he sees his inner body as a rarefied form which has the same shape as his material form.
He realises that he steers the material body with his inner body when that has to act in the daily life.

The trance

The priest-magician now builds on the trance.
He learns to conquer the daylight, so that he no longer needs to remain in the darkness.
Now he continues his study amidst his pupils who sit around him.
From time to time, he inspires his vocal organs and communicates his new insights to them.
He attunes himself to the grades of sleep.
It is as if someone takes his hand and brings him further, a soft caressing feeling enters his life.
He now feels consciously that he is being helped.
If the priest-magician had had to acquire everything on his own, hundreds of lives would have been needed for this study.
By means of the help from a spiritual master, he can reach this depth in two lives.
He keeps getting new thoughts from the master, so that he knows in what direction he can continue to work.
He sinks deeper into sleep and feels that death is approaching.
Going further is not possible now, because the material body would die off.
He can now feed his material body astrally, so that it no longer needs material food or breath.
In order to prove that, he asks his pupils to bury him.
They make a coffin, place his sleeping body in it, and bury the coffin under the ground.
After four days, they excavate him again, and see from his facial colour that the body has not yet died.
Gradually, he brings his consciousness out of the deep sleep and he returns to the day-consciousness.
He has some fruit juice, to then continue his study.

Out-of-body experience

The priest has now conquered sleep and the material body, and concentrates on the astral world.
He wants to know what that inner body is that he has got to know, and in what universe this lives.
He learns to split his power of thought, so that he can depart from his body and at the same time continue to feed it.
He can now move freely in the astral world, but that remains dark.
His grade of feeling is still low, he has still not mastered any sphere of light.
He still only thinks for himself, is still not helpful to another human being and still does not know any higher love.
He is only studying for himself.

The astral danger

When he takes a walk in the astral darkness, he is suddenly faced with the astral danger.
There in front of him he perceives astral people, hundreds of them come towards him.
They surround him, attack him and squeeze his throat.
He calls for help, but that cannot come, because he is attuned to this dark world as a result of his grade of feeling.
On earth, his pupils experience his dying.
They hear him calling for help, but cannot reach out a hand.
Again, the priest-magician has lost his material body.
This time not as a result of possession, but because the feeding of his body was throttled by the astral violence against which he has still not learned to protect himself.
What should he have done?
If he had returned to his material body as fast as lightning, then he would have dissolved in their hands.
However, during the attack, he no longer thought for a second about his material body.
As a result, they could strangle him astrally and that broke the fluid cord.
As a result of these experiences, he learned that he will have to act differently between life and death in order to be able to keep the physical body.

Ancient Egypt

In next lives, he mastered a higher grade of feeling by serving and loving other people.
Then he came back to the earth in order to continue his study, and became the greatest medium of ancient Egypt.
In that life, he could fully complete this study.
He was accepted there and loved as a deity, the only one at that time who could depart from the body and still keep his physical body.
All the other priests succumbed, as he also had to accept in past lives.
He brought the physical knowledge of ancient Egypt to the highest level, as the article ‘ancient Egypt’ explains.

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