Near-death experience

out-of-body experience by millions of people

During their near-death experience, millions of people experienced an out-of-body experience.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.

Outside the body

On the basis of research, it is estimated that 2% of the population has experienced a near-death experience (NDE) or similar experience.
During these experiences, many people see their body from a different perspective.
Jozef Rulof can also perceive outside of his physical body during an out-of-body experience.
His body is not lying dead, but it is in a deep sleep.

Light or dark hereafter

During their near-death experience, some people see a world of incredible beauty.
They speak of beautiful landscapes, flowers and stunning colours.
They hear celestial music, more beautiful than they have ever heard on earth.
In the trilogy ‘A View into the Hereafter' by Jozef Rulof, the seven dark and the seven light spheres of the hereafter are described in detail.
When people see a spiritual world during a near-death experience, that can be a reflection of their own inner life.
Some people see a world full of light, and others see a dark hereafter.
You will find more information about the division of the hereafter in the article 'spheres in the hereafter'.

Meeting with deceased loved ones

Some people see a deceased loved one during their near-death experience.
Others feel the presence of a loving personality in a clear light.
According to Jozef Rulof, everyone is welcomed in the hereafter by a loving personality to help them say goodbye to the earthly life and to get to know the new spiritual world.

Connection with the body

During the near-death experience, some people feel a subtle connection with their earthly body.
During an out-of-body experience, Jozef Rulof feels what is happening to his earthly body as a result of this connection.
The important but unknown role of this connection is dealt with for instance in the articles ‘out-of-body experience’, ‘dying as passing on’, ‘cremation or burial’ and ‘euthanasia and suicide’.

Life film and boundary

During their near-death experience, many people see their whole life in a flash.
Jozef says that every thought is recorded in our life film.
The near-death experience is often ended by a boundary that people cannot cross.
Most people feel that it is not yet their time, that they still have a task on earth.
Jozef indicates that they can also be given this feeling by a loving personality who will later welcome them when they 'really' die.

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