Bible writers

limited by their own consciousness

The Bible was written by people who wanted to record a faith in God, but did not rise above their own time and consciousness.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
Jozef Rulof received this painting mediumistically in America with the message: Adam? Eve? Where are you?

The prophets

The article ‘Moses and the prophets’ outlines the time during which the prophets had to work.
The inner life of mankind then can be described with the word ‘wild’.
The only law that people respected was the law of the strongest.
Murder was committed for power and possessions, out of hatred and passion.
The prophets testified about the Lord, who was more powerful than all the earthly rulers.
The powerful God protected those who listened to his word and obeyed his commandments.
The others were damned and deformed by the Lord for their licentious lives.
And the Lord saw everything, no one escaped his judgement.
It was therefore extremely important to know what God had said exactly.

The Bible writers

This is why people started to write down the words of the prophets.
The first stories passed on about the experiences of the prophets were put in writing.
The Bible writers asked many people what they had heard, and in this way built up their stories.
However, the Bible writers went further than these stories because they wanted to show their fellow humans how great the Lord was.
For instance, they devised creation stories in order to show that the Omnipotent had taken care of everything.
In this way, God created lights for the night and the day, as if He did not know his own creation.
In reality, the Bible writers looked at the light for the night, the moon.
They still lived in a time in which people did not know that the moon only reflected the light from the sun.
At that time, people thought that the moon itself radiated light.
They let God apply a distinction between light and darkness, because people still did not know that the earth made night by rotating its axis.
The Bible writers felt inspired to describe the greatness of God, but they did not rise above the earthly knowledge of their own time.
They let God create everything in seven days, because they did not know that the universe was already millions of ages old and all of creation was formed by gradual development.
According to their feeling, they interpreted ‘the word of God’, but the current science already discovered long ago that their words contained many untruths.
They created Adam and Eve, because they did not know how all the life began as a cell in the water.
Their God blew into a pile of clay, and look, the man stood in adult form in the world.
The woman was apparently second rank, a male rib was needed for her.
And later their Lord regretted His creation, because due to eating the forbidden fruits Adam and Eve were thrown out of paradise.
That the human being himself has broken his harmony with life by murdering another human being, as the article ‘harmony’ explains, was not known to them.

Land of Twilight

Yet the Bible writers were born for their task, just like Moses and the prophets.
They all reincarnated on earth from the ‘Land of Twilight’, a spiritual world in the hereafter in which the consciousness of the inhabitants begins to awaken.
They had all experienced that dying was only a transition, and they wanted to bring that spiritual science to earth.
During that mission, they were inspired by the masters of the University of Christ, but communicating the spiritual knowledge was limited by the world view at that time.
The Bible writers were not clairvoyant or clairaudient, they could not see or hear their inspirers.
The masters could only work from feeling to feeling.
They had to adapt to the inner life of the writers.
They could not communicate the true reality as the masters had got to know that, because this could not be felt or understood by the writers at that time.

Fear was necessary for developing self-control

The masters knew this limitation, and they knew what they could achieve within this.
From the All where Christ lives, they had learned what they could do.
The human being on earth had to receive a faith in the powerful God, so that they would make their own will subordinate to the will of the Lord.
The only feeling within the earthly human being that could be used for this was fear.
It was only out of fear of being punished that they would turn around their deeds according to the ten commandments of God.
If they continued to rape and murder their fellow beings, they would be punished by the Lord.
And the punishment was considerable: they would be damned for centuries.
In the hereafter, they would feel inwardly tortured as a result of the fire of their own passion.
If they had not learned to control themselves on earth, after their death they could not enter a light kingdom of heaven of God.
Only the fear of being punished extremely and suffering for centuries was powerful enough to develop self-control on earth.
The masters wanted to reduce the suffering on earth, and only the image of a punitive omnipotent God could allow the human being on earth to take the necessary first step in order to control his own violence and to reduce the murdering.
With the interpreting of these feelings, the masters communicated a spiritual reality which could be understood by the then human being on earth.
After all, the masters had experienced themselves that they ended up in the Hereafter in a darkness as a result of the violence that they had caused other people during their lives on earth.
In that darkness, in their feeling for many centuries they had to experience the harmful consequences of their dark actions on earth, before they had acquired a sphere of light for themselves.

Adding to the writing is like gossiping

However, it did not stop at this spiritual reality.
The ‘burning in feeling’ was too rarefied for the earthly thinking, the Biblical writers wanted to make this clearer.
Because on earth, people only knew burning by fire, and in this way fire also ended up in the hereafter.
And centuries was a very long time for the human being who did not look further than one short earthly life, so that ultimately became ‘for centuries’ and ‘for eternity’.
The stories also became taller the more they were communicated.
One person added burning fire, the other made the duration longer, and as a result the story was given more earthly eloquence.
In this way, the image of eternal burning in the hellfire emerged, to which every sinful unbeliever was damned mercilessly by the omnipotent God.
The masters saw that the fear derailed and built unreal views of faith.
They could not stop this process, just as little as all the other gossip on earth which can make a small human offence into a horrendous crime.
Each time when the stories were communicated and copied, people exaggerated the reality.
Finally, it produced a Bible full of untruths.
As a result of the fear, more and more people on earth started to turn away from violence.
The image of the punitive God worked, more people tamed their harshness and began to work on peace amongst each other.
As a result, one day world peace would be within reach.

Bible writers now

The Bible writers wrote for the people from their time.
That their stories are now still believed by millions as ‘the truth’, testifies to the fear which has taken on grotesque forms over the centuries and the fact that many people have still not reached an independent opinion.
When the Bible writers passed on to the hereafter after their last life on earth, they did not end up in their promised paradise.
They still had to master the spiritual reality of the first sphere of light, because they still lived in the untruths which they had written and exaggerated.
Afterwards, they noticed that their development in the Hereafter was prevented by what they had brought to earth.
Because more and more people on earth started to believe in the untruths which had crept into the Bible, this tethered the Bible writers to the earth.
They could work themselves up to the third and fourth sphere of light, but they could not evolve higher, as long as on earth or in the hereafter there were still people who believe and live in unreality as a result of the Bible.

Direct voice instrument

The article ‘God’ explains that the eternal damnation in a burning hell and the god of hatred from the Old Testament are part of the worst untruths in the Bible.
The article ‘ecclesiastical stories’ also explains other fabrications.
All the untruths from the Bible will only disappear from the face of the earth when the masters are accepted by all the people who now still cling to the Bible as the only truth.
However, that will only happen when the word of the masters is no longer distorted.
Most people on earth will only be able to accept the message of the masters when it is communicated by a technical apparatus, and not by a human medium.
This is why the Bible writers will only be able to be freed from their perilous situation when the master can speak directly to the earthly being by means of the direct voice instrument.
As the article ‘direct voice instrument’ explains, this technical instrument will take away every doubt of distortion, as a result of which everyone on earth can convert the faith into the actual knowledge.

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