as above so below

The cosmos comes about by means of the same basic powers as with which the cosmic soul builds up its body, life of feeling and personality.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
‘as above so below’

The university of our life

‘The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof’ is a series of five books in which the writers of these books, the masters, describe the spiritual journeys that they made with Jozef Rulof through the cosmos.
During those journeys, they follow the existence and the evolution of all the life in the cosmos.
The masters also call their cosmology the university of our life and in this they describe the life at soul level.
They research the building blocks of the life itself in order to get to know basic powers as a result of which this life has given form to itself.
They call these basic powers ‘growing and condensing’.
All the life grows and condenses into a concrete form.

Spatial psychology

The basic powers not only ensure the growth of a cell into the human body, the masters also see them reflected in our personality.
In this way, our feelings grow and condense into thoughts and actions.
This is why the masters also call their cosmology spatial psychology.
During their cosmic journeys, the masters often make comparisons of what they perceive with aspects of our personality, so that we can see the basic powers of the life reflected in our own inner self.
Their intention is that by means of these comparisons we can see what feelings and thoughts of our personality correspond to the natural harmony of the cosmos, so that we can let go of the unrealities which have crept into our character.

The highest knowledge

The masters indicate that their cosmology is the highest knowledge that people can acquire in the spheres of light in the hereafter.
From the fourth sphere of light people have let go of the earthly thinking sufficiently in order to start to feel and think cosmically under the own power.
Then people can not only have the cosmology explained, as we here on earth, but then by means of a connection of feeling people can experience the cosmic being one with all the life themselves.
However, the masters now already bring this knowledge to earth, under the assignment of their highest mentor Jesus Christ, so that we now already understand His message ‘Love thy neighbour’ at soul level.

Our cosmic soul

The article ‘our cosmic soul’ gives an overview of the 28 articles which explain a few core aspects of the cosmology.
These are only brief summaries, because the masters have indicated that they can write thousands of books in order to explain the complete cosmology.
After all, the cosmology is not about one particular subject, but explains at soul level all the life that was given form to in the cosmos.
Then it becomes crystal clear that we are connected with all this life in the deepest core in a way that we are still only just discovering.

Sources and deepening