Reincarnated supreme priest Venry

and Father Taiti

How could the nineteen-year old Venry conquer the dark magical powers of the seven more experienced high priests in the temple of Isis?
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
Symbolic presentation of the entrance of the temple of Isis, drawn by Rie Reinderhoff

The youngest supreme priest

Four thousand years ago, in the temple of Isis in Ancient Egypt, at the age of nineteen, priest Venry was appointed as supreme priest of the temple by the pharaoh.
In the book ‘Between Life and Death’ he tells how, at this young age, he brings the highest wisdom from the spiritual world to this temple.
How does he manage this?
The other high priests can also all ‘leave their body’, and yet they cannot equal the spiritual gifts of Venry, despite their dozens of years of controlling the magical laws.
They know that such a height can only be reached when the soul has already studied the laws of life as a priest during many past lives.
This is why they search through the subconscious of Venry to these lives.
As a result of their clairvoyance, they see many past lives of Venry.
Yet they cannot find the lives that they seek.
There is something inhibiting them that they have never experienced before, normally every soul is open to them.
The high priests look at each other and are faced with a great mystery.
These lives were not found either during a previous research by his earthly teacher Dectar.
Priest Dectar is the past life of Jozef Rulof in this temple.
Dectar had already built up a connection of feeling with Venry in lives before this, but yet he could not find these lives in the subconscious of Venry.
He was also inhibited by someone, who transcends him in spiritual powers.
The high priests search through the soul of Venry again with all their magical powers, but in vain.
Venry knows why they do not succeed in their intent.
However, he does not dare to think about that, because then they would discover what is stopping them.
After all, the high priests can follow all the feelings that are formed into thoughts.
When the high priests have withdrawn themselves, Venry can talk again with his spiritual leader, a father of his from a past life.
During the research, this leader from the hereafter kept the most important past lives hidden from Venry.
He knows that otherwise the high priests would destroy Venry, because they are out to keep their power over the temple.
Venry learns that, together with his spiritual leader, he has the large task of purifying this temple from the dark powers by means of which the high priests keep all the well-meaning priests in their power.
They will accomplish this large task by bringing a higher wisdom from the hereafter to earth, a wisdom which outflanks the knowledge of the high priests.

New knowledge about the reincarnations of the soul

In order to pass on this new knowledge, Venry leaves his body and he opens himself to his spiritual leader in the life after death.
His leader first lets him experience various types of darknesses.
On earth Venry knows the darkness of the night.
Outside his body he gets to know the dark spheres which are built up by destructive feelings of hatred, lust and violence.
His leader tells that these worlds will dissolve one day, when everyone starts to lead a loving life.
That is new to Isis, because the high priests have never opened themselves to the leadership of a higher spirit of light.
However, under the own power they can perceive the dark spheres clairvoyantly, but they cannot feel that these worlds will dissolve one day.
Next, his leader takes him to the darkness of the soul which will be reincarnated.
In the ‘world of the unconscious’ darkness also reigns, because the soul lets go of all the experiences from the past life and sinks into a deep sleep.
And then the high priests are given totally new wisdom to deal with again: every soul incarnates in both male and female bodies.
Only in the mother organism the soul as mother experiences the growing and being born of the new life.
If the soul was only to inhabit male bodies, the soul would only be able to experience and master half of the creation.
Then the soul would never feel all the laws of life consciously within itself.
That knowledge contravenes the vain views of the high priests, who believe that they as men can see and feel all the laws of life, and that they do not need to incarnate as women for this purpose.
In addition, the leader of Venry points out to them that they as unmarried priests do not give a single soul the chance to reincarnate, and that they therefore walk on a dead-end path.
The leader of Venry realizes that he is thus antagonising the high priests, but he passes on his knowledge for the future in which people will be able to sense the spiritual height of these new laws.
This is why he also brings Venry into the very first darkness from where the soul and all the life in the universe was born.
He lets Venry experience how the soul originated, and how the soul built up the present human form in millions of lives.
And finally he also passes on that the priests would be better to focus on one God of love, instead of on the many gods which Ancient Egypt was meanwhile abundant with.
That world of gods originated by means of a wrong understanding of the connection of feeling which previous gifted priests experienced.

Father Taiti

After he made Isis shake on his foundations, the leader of Venry takes him to the most important life that he kept hidden from the high priests during their research of the subconscious of Venry.
That is the life of the supreme priest Father Taiti in a temple in China.
Venry leaves his body and glides to China.
The closer the country approaches, the clearer the personality of that life arises in his subconscious.
He begins to feel and to think like then, he can even speak the language which he learned in that country.
Everything which belongs to this personality returns consciously in him.
In China he sees that as Taiti, by means of his extensive knowledge of the magical laws, he had built up a tremendous power in his temple.
However, then he still did not use that knowledge for spiritual evolution.
Then there was another high priest who was out to get his power and his loved one, and who tried to murder his loved one.
However, Taiti was stronger and had the high priest burned at the stake.
Taiti did not have any high grade of feeling then, he used his knowledge of the magical laws for power and lust at the expense of the life of other people.
Now Venry realizes that he has awakened precisely by the experiencing of those wrong deeds then, because he then felt it should not be done like that.
As a result of his murders, he felt that he had come into disharmony with many souls, and that he would have to make amends to these souls in order to get rid of this disharmony.
In this way, he learned that every wrong deed still has the higher feeling in itself and as a result takes the soul to the higher.
He now feels that he can only grow spiritually by means of the serving love.
In China, he lived together with his twin soul Lyra, but after that life he realized that as a result of their murders they would have to separate again, in order to make amends to those murdered people in following earthly lives.
He felt that as a result in those coming lives his twin soul would belong to other people to whom she had to make amends.

Purification of the temple of Isis

The higher consciousness that had entered Taiti as a result of remorse is in the life as Venry the driving force in order to purify the temple of Isis of the dark powers.
By means of his feeling to make amends, he conquers his hatred and in his life as Venry he serves the masters of the light, instead of his own lust and power.
In the life of Venry, he sees his twin soul Lyra again, she is priestess in the temple of Isis.
Both their lives there are aimed at the task of Venry, and for this purpose they live near to each other again, in order to be able to support each other.
It is only after this life and all the following lives of making amends that they will be able to stay together eternally as twin souls.
His extensive knowledge of the magical laws makes him suitable for purifying the temple of Isis.
Only as a result of this he can take on the high priests who, just like Taiti in the past, abuse their priesthood for the satisfaction of their own lust.
With the aid of his leader, he brings light into the darkness and gives the temple new laws that have been based on the spiritual love.
In this way, he begins to bring the spiritual scales into balance for his soul.
However, many following lives are still needed in order to bring more light and consciousness to earth, than the darkness and the destruction that he created in his past lives.
It is only then that he will be able to take leave of the earth with a pure feeling.

Making amends

Purifying the temple of Isis is still just the beginning of the making amends.
Venry now feels the driving force in order to make amends to every soul to whom he has brought misery.
That leads him to all the peoples on earth, to all the corners of the world.
He will be born again and again on earth, until there are no more souls on earth to which he has to make amends.
In all those lives, he searches for the true love, which lives deep in his soul as a memory of the being together with his twin soul Lyra.
He keeps yearning for understanding and love, but wherever he lives, he does not find that love anywhere.
The commitments in those lives are the result of what he caused in past lives.
In his personality the dissatisfying feeling lives that he is not finding what he is searching for, and he begins to wonder more and more ‘why and for what purpose’ everything in his life happens as it happens.
With these feelings he is reincarnated on earth for the last time as ... Alonzo.
The article ‘Alonzo asks why’ describes how his lives as Taiti and Venry moulded the circumstances which will give form to his last life on earth.

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