Thoughts from another person

feeling knowledge

Encyclopedic knowledge is thinking from another person. We can feel those thoughts in order to determine whether they fit with our own thinking.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
A painting about reincarnation, received by Jozef Rulof

Thoughts from ourselves

The article ‘Feelings’ describes how our life of feeling originated from all the experiences that we had experienced in our previous lives.
If people have for instance an innate sense of what plants and herbs can be used to heal wounds and sick people, then they have built up that knowledge during their previous lives.
This is why in our feeling we can ‘know something for sure’, when we have experienced the concrete experiences in our past which have given us that certainty by means of own experience.
The article ‘From feeling to thought’ is about thoughts that originate from our feeling.
These are thoughts from ourselves, they come from our ‘self’, our feeling, our soul.
When people with an innate knowledge of herbs express their feeling in thoughts, they can come up with which plants are medicinal.
These thoughts are from themselves, they are not learned in this life.
Since the life of feeling contains all the experiences from previous lives, every human being is infinitely deep in his feeling.
If all the knowledge from that feeling could be written down, a very thick life book would belong to every soul.

A new page in our life book

The painting above was received by Jozef Rulof, as a medium.
Jozef passed on the following thoughts about this illustration: This is now ‘death’!
But as a maternal apparition.
Death is evolution, is rebirth!
The rebirth as mother says to the old person: ‘You will leave.
Your page is open, but you will be born again, however as a girl, in order to experience motherhood and become as I am!’
The rebirth as mother points in this painting with her staff to the life book of the soul.
A new page will be written here, a new incarnation.
This new page will be filled with the experiences which the soul will experience in the new life, which will lead to new feelings with new own thoughts.

Thoughts from other books

Nowadays, in each new life the soul is also involved with many life books from other people.
Due to the increased means of communication, the human being in the twenty-first century has a great deal of knowledge from other people to deal with.
Via the internet, the collective knowledge of the whole of mankind is now available.
All that encyclopedic knowledge is in fact ‘the thinking of another person’.
In proportion to our own thinking from our inner life, we are offered a multitude of thoughts from other people.
What do we do with this?
Do we take over those thoughts, and do we then start to think with them ourselves?
Will they then become our own thoughts?
And how do we know whether those thoughts are ‘true’?

Using our feeling

For assessing encyclopedic knowledge too, we can consult our own feeling.
When we test incoming ‘thoughts from another person’ against our feeling, we can determine what is confirmed by our own experiences and what is not.
Our feeling goes much deeper than we think, because our soul has stored all the experiences from all our previous lives.
In this life or in a previous life, if we have had an experience which corresponds with what we now receive as a thought from another person, then we will sense that information as correct, because a recognition occurs in our inner life.
This is why, when reading for instance the article ‘Out-of-body experience’ some people will immediately accept the information offered.
Readers who have had a near-death experience, or readers who practised leaving the body in a previous life as priest in the temples of Ancient Egypt, can understand from their own feeling what is written about leaving the body.
For readers who have not had an experience of leaving the body in any life at all, the information can come across as strange.
What has never been experienced by oneself is strange for the inner life, and is usually assessed as incorrect or improbable.
This is why one reader will devour all the books by Jozef Rulof as confirmation of the own inner life, and the other reader will not believe any of it.
The word believing actually stands here for ‘feeling’.
Feeling cannot be transferred, you feel it or you do not feel it.
People who wish to convince another person of their truth, do not understand that every soul has built up a personal book of feeling which in the first instance determines what someone experiences as his own truth.

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