building up and combining

If we wish to combine all our powers of feeling into one strong will, we will have to call a halt to weak wills.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
‘... a man who fought against the elements with his boat at sea.’

The construction of our will

The article ‘personality’ describes that we can see our will and personality as our conscious possibility to convert our feeling into thinking and actions.
With our will we can elevate feeling from our subconscious and focus that on one point.
The extent to which we can elevate our powers of feeling and deploy them in a concentrated way determines the strength of our will.
In this connection, Jozef gave the example of a man who fought against the elements with his boat at sea.
Due to the hard fight against the powers of the ocean, the man built up willpower.
Later, when he starts to deploy that willpower in order to bring himself to spiritual consciousness, then he can make grateful use of the will which he built up in past times.

The forging of one will

Yet most people experience that their will is not as strong as they themselves want it to be.
Many people want to stop with an unhealthy habit, but experience that this is not so self-evident.
As soon as we wish to deploy our will for something, we can feel which opposing powers in our inner life still do not want that specific goal, but prefer something else.
Just like the personality, the will is fragmented by numerous small wills which can oppose each other.
All the different character traits or sub-personalities of the human being, all the past lives which live in his subconsciousness can considerably break down the will.
If we really wish to progress in our life, then we must call a halt to all those weak wills which want to lead an own life.
For this purpose, we have to bring our inner life under control.
When our will is sufficiently strong and clear, we are also more resistant to the will of another person, if it is attuned to our life.
For instance, Jozef gives the example that he had to get the playfulness of his youthful personality ‘Jeus’ under control, in order to build up a city personality in a large city, where the people do not laugh about this.
If he was to let Jeus talk in his dialect, as a taxi driver he would not be taken seriously.
He has finally combined all his little wills into one will in order to be able to give his spiritual awakening a powerful prompt.
Jozef indicates that for this purpose he wanted nothing to do with tiredness.
He was faced with the task to provide every feeling within himself with light, in order to drive every thought to the spiritual expanding.
He has experienced that his will can move mountains, but which of us already started on such a strong will?

Sources and deepening