Moses and the prophets

reincarnated from the hereafter

Moses and the prophets reincarnated in order to bring the faith in the almighty God who reigned over the human being on earth and in the hereafter.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
Detail from a painting received by Jozef Rulof in a mediumistic state.

From the prehistoric age

The masters of the University of Christ were faced with a tremendous task when they began in the prehistoric age in order to bring mankind to a higher consciousness.
At that time, the human being on earth experienced a pre-animal-like grade of feeling.
He only knew eating, drinking, hunting, sleeping and reproduction.
There was still no human thinking, there was only an instinctive feeling that was aimed at survival.
As spiritual personalities, the masters were invisible to a prehistoric being.
In feeling, they could connect themselves with him and give him other feelings, but as soon as they stopped with that, those other feelings were also gone again.
The prehistoric being could only hold on to feelings that had to do with his material reality and survival.

Material development

This is why the masters first concentrated on increasing the material prosperity, so that the human being on earth could start to think of something else than just food and survival.
The masters let them rub stones together so a flame was produced and the control of fire was born.
By means of inspiration from the masters, the human being on earth realised agriculture, a barter trade and a society.
People began to think, and many languages emerged.
The word ‘death’ already received meaning, but was there also a life after death?

Life after death

The masters inspired the most sensitive people on earth and developed the first mediums.
The masters made themselves known as people, who had left the earth forever and lived on in the life after death.
But were they believed?
The human being with an animal-like grade of feeling killed the sensitive fellow human being and robbed the masters of their mediums!
The world was not ready to listen to this spiritual reality and harshly condemned the speakers to silence.

The Supreme Power

In order to bring the spiritual knowledge of the University of Christ to earth, a different approach was therefore necessary.
For this purpose, the masters in the spheres of light received help from the highest masters from the seventh cosmic grade of life.
They communicated that the human being on earth would only curb his violence if he were to feel a stronger power above him.
It was only for a supreme power that the human being would be able to gain respect, a power which dominated his own physical strength and life.
On earth, the right of the strongest still applied mutually.
Since people only knew strength and power of themselves and other people, that new supreme power would also have to receive a human appearance.
And thus ‘the Lord’ was born!
The masters from the spheres of light understood that they would have to pose as God, as a ruler with unlimited power.
The earthly human being needed faith in God, in order to become responsive to the idea that he himself did not have control of all the power in order to decide the life and death of another.

Land of Twilight

But how could that God be brought to earth?
For this purpose, people were necessary, who firmly started to believe in that God.
And the people on earth did not known any omnipotent God, so the faith could not germinate amongst those people.
This is why the masters connected themselves with someone in life after death who already understood more than when he still lived on earth.
The masters went to the Land of Twilight, a spiritual world in the hereafter which borders on the spheres of light.
As the article ‘Land of Twilight’ explains, there are already people living there too who are aware that they died on earth.
The masters searched there for a man who passionately wanted to let the earthly human being know that there is life after death.
They did not show themselves to this man, but one of them spoke like the Lord who started to help him to be able to carry out his mission on earth.
The Lord would help him on earth to give the people there a faith, so that they would begin with their spiritual development.

Abraham and the prophets

This man reincarnated on earth and was given the name Abraham there.
On earth a circle was created around this man of people who believed him when he spoke about the Lord.
Because the Lord had created everything and protected this circle.
One person after another joined this circle around Abraham.
Isaac and Jacob were born and several prophets in a row expanded the faith and the group.
This group began to think more and more in the direction of the Lord, and they handed over their own will to the faith.


The masters saw that the group was growing, but these people needed a strong leadership, a man who would turn them into warriors, because otherwise they would be massacred by the disbelievers.
That man was still in the Land of Twilight, and wondered how he could shake the people on earth awake and if necessary could harshly open their eyes to the spiritual side of life.
Like Abraham, he had a great longing to be born again.
This is why he descended into a mother, precisely at the time that the conception took place.
However, he had to experience that he was locked outside this cell by another soul.
Thereafter, he begged the Supreme Power to give him a new body.
That Supreme Power spoke to him and made himself known as God.
It was a master from the seventh sphere who knew how the faith in God had to be strengthened on earth.
He explained that the word of God comprised everything: life, the universe, love, light and darkness, everything that is visible and invisible.
He called himself God but also spoke as a human being, and he would do that again on earth too.
The master let this human being believe that God also had the power to give him a new life on earth.
As a result of this, the man concentrated completely on his mission, his reincarnation.
When he was completely absorbed in that feeling, the miracle happened, and he could connect himself as soul with a father and mother on earth in order to be born.


On earth, this life was called Moses, and he was born in the group who believed in the Lord.
He remained clairvoyant and clairaudient, he heard God speaking.
The masters increased his mediumship and through him realized materialisations and dematerialisations.
His followers considered those as miracles which strengthened their faith.
Thanks to Moses, the group grew in number and it was not destroyed by the disbelievers.
The masters attuned themselves to the leaders of his attackers in order to find out their plans, and communicated these to Moses so that he was always a step ahead of his attackers.
Moses made his followers into warriors, and one battle after another had to be fought in order to survive and to be able to spread the faith in God.
The masters gave this group of believers inventions, and inspired more prophets to be a support to Moses in his difficult battle.
More and more people joined this core.
The masters guided this group through the darkness to the light.
This caused a battle and much blood loss, but the masters could not go another path, the human being himself did not allow it!
Many people gave their lives for the sacred matter.
Would they enter a heaven in the hereafter, did the reward for their battle await them there?
Finally, Moses also passed over to life after death.


Moses woke up in the Land of Twilight.
He wondered why he was not in the light, and where God was who had always guided him.
A master joined him and made himself known as Abraham.
Moses was told that this master had spoken to him as God, in order to strengthen the faith in the only omnipotent God on earth.
Moses had difficulty accepting that, because he had seen the burning bush and received the ten commandments from God.
The master showed how these phenomena came about, and why.
The ten commandments were attuned to the inner life of Moses, so that he could receive them and pass them on.
However, Moses did not apply those ten commandments himself, because his followers had still killed during the battle.
They had blood on their hands, and therefore none of them could enter the spheres of light.
Moses now understood why he still did not see any light, and he realised that it were his own longings which made him into a leader of the warriors.
He wanted to bring the human being on earth to God himself, if necessary in a heavy-handed way, and his life unfolded according to his own feeling, no one had forced him into this.
The masters made it clear to him that there was no other way to bring the human being on earth further.
They had to tolerate the violence, because the human being wanted violence.
The believers too, because they did not want to lose their earthly lives and fought for their lives.
Yet gains were made as a result of this, because the group of believers and the faith in God had grown considerably.

The coming of the Messiah

Moses asked whether he was allowed to see the heavens.
The master took him to the first sphere of light and explained how the inhabitants feel there.
As a result, Moses understood that these people could not have completed his task on earth.
These people are not open to violence, they no longer take up a sword to slay an opponent.
The masters let Moses look far ahead, so that it became clear that the battle on earth was still not over.
The people who want to live together in peace must first be stronger and more numerous than those who still fight for increasing their power and material possession.
It was only then that the peace-loving people could call a final halt to them.
However, before it was to reach that stage, a great deal of blood would flow.
Moses decided to continue his task.
Henceforth, he also spoke as God to the following prophets.
They now heard that great things would happen.
They already spoke of a time that peace would reign on earth.
The Messiah would come to the earth, it was said.
Moses now understood that he and all the other prophets were preparing for the coming of Christ.

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