Solar plexus

our centre of feeling

Via our solar plexus as nerve centre, we can let our feeling speak and also sense what the other person has to tell us.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
‘And when our stomach contracts due to fear or anger, we know exactly where our solar plexus is.’

Nerve centre beside our stomach

The article ‘[[feelings]’ describes how our life of feeling was built up by means of our experiences in this life and in all our past lives.
Our soul stores all our feelings, as a result of which in this life we have aptitude to build further on what we learned in our past lives.
But how does this take place physically?
Where are our feelings from our soul expressed in our body, so that we can feel this physically and can materialize this in words, thinking, actions?
At the height of our stomach is a brachial plexus which is spiritually connected to our soul.
Our soul pushes our feelings from this nerve centre further into our body.
This brachial plexus is also called the solar plexus.

Nervous system and brain

Our feeling is further guided from the nervous system beside the stomach through the nervous system into our body.
Via the central nervous system, our feelings reach our brain, which then sends out the correct nerve impulses in order to convert our feelings into spoken words, or into actions.
The soul has refined this conversion of feelings into words during many lives.
In prehistoric times, the human being still barked, just like a dog does now.
The human concentration in order to materialize the life of feeling into distinctive words with the right intonation could only be built up as the consciousness of the human being increased.
During the course of many centuries, the soul adapted the brain to her life of feeling, so that we can now produce nuanced and refined sounds in order to make ourselves understood in words.
In the article ‘the brain’, the materialization of feelings in the body are further elaborated.

Letting our core speak

When we bring our feeling from our solar plexus into spoken words, we can let our core speak.
Then we offer our fellow human being something that is really from ourselves, from our soul.
Then we live in our own reality, and we can give our truth to another.
However, often thoughts are repeated which we have learned from others, and which we have not checked for universal truth.
Then we enter the grey area that we no longer know for sure what we are saying, and that we no longer speak to each other from our core.
You can read more about this in the articles ‘thoughts from another person’ and ‘what we know for sure’.

Feeling consciousness

When our fellow human being replies to us, those sounds enter our body via our ears.
However, where do we convert those sounds into meaning, in what part of our body do we sense those sounds in order to know what the other person means?
Does that happen in the brain, as medical science thinks?
Does our brain feel?
According to master Zelanus, we feel those sounds in our centre of feeling, our solar plexus.
When those sounds have reached our solar plexus via ears, brain and nervous system, thanks to our rich life of feeling, we can determine what we can start with those words from our fellow human being, and what we want to send back in reply.
And when our stomach contracts due to fear or anger, we know exactly where our solar plexus is.
But fortunately we can also feel in our tummy the butterflies of falling in love and being in love.
In this way, we can feel in our solar plexus what another person is sending us.
The article ‘connection of feeling’ describes how this sensing can also take place telepathically, without a material transfer of sounds.

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