the lowest being in the cosmos

Hitler caused greater suffering than whomsoever in history, this is why he is the lowest being of all the souls in the universe.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
The books by Jozef Rulof go deep into the being of Adolf Hitler.
They explain how he could come to power and how the masters of the light ensured that he lost World War II.

Land of Hatred and Power

Hitler was driven by hatred and lust for power.
He hated what people had done to his people by means of the Treaty of Versailles, which imposed a heavy yoke on Germany at the end of World War I.
He wished to shed that burden and give his land a large role again in world affairs.
He considered it his task to lead the German people to that large role.
He came to power by manipulating the feelings of his people, which corresponded to his own inner self.
The masters determined that after World War I, twenty-five percent of the German people had the same attunement of feeling as Hitler.
They call that the animal-like grade of feeling, because in this sphere the strongest imposes his will on the weaker one.
They call the sphere in the hereafter which corresponds to that and is built up by means of these feelings the ‘Land of Hatred and Lust and Violence’.
Together with this group of people, Hitler got control of the impressionable masses, who then represented forty percent of the German people.
Hitler promised these masses their own car and house, a trip round the world, decoration and boundless fame if they elected him chancellor.
With the view aimed at those fine promises, they let Hitler come to power and diligently put their hands up when he spoke about the great German empire.
When he began about war, the other thirty-five percent of the German people understood that he was very dangerous.
This group represented the higher feeling, the will to live in peace with everyone.
However, their number was not high enough to stop the power of Hitler.

Not a genius

During the life of Hitler, there were people on earth who wondered whether he was a genius, because he achieved so much.
Many from his own people accepted him as a deity, who got Germany to arise from the rubble of World War I.
However, in the Netherlands too for example, there were people who believed in his greatness, as is explained in the article ‘NSB and national socialism’.
The masters in the book ‘The Peoples of the Earth seen from the Other Side’ say that Hitler is not a genius, if only because he could not predict his own downfall.
Or you would have to speak of ‘geniuses in evil’, who take life on earth to the abyss.
Those dictators sacrifice the blood of millions of people without thinking about the suffering of these people.
They are human hyenas, who suck the life out of millions of people from pure lust for power.
Like vampires, they drink the spilled blood in order to satisfy their own desires.
And they reveal their true nature in hypocrisy.
For instance, Hitler cherished children, in order to take away every criticism from the German people with his satanic ingenuity.

The lowest being in the universe

In the books by Jozef Rulof the opinion about Hitler is blatant:
Adolf Hitler causes deeper suffering than one ruler before him has ever done.
He is the only being for the universe, who does and can do the most evil.
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
This is why Adolf Hitler is the lowest being in the universe, Christ the Highest!
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
As a result of his actions, Hitler descended to the pre-animal-like grade of feeling.
In this way, the masters indicate that he came lower than the animal which can kill from hunger.
Hitler had millions of people tortured and destroyed out of lust for power, which is much lower in feeling than whatever animal.
This is why Jozef Rulof therefore called him a satan:
Can you hear this, Adolf?
I represent the spiritual grade of life for the human consciousness, you represent the pre-animal-like!
And because of that you are now a satan.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 2, 1944
The article ‘genocide’ includes a long quotation, which describes how Hitler could have sunk so low.
When he began as dictator, he became consumed by hatred and an ambition for power.
This was his own attunement of feeling, the animal-like grade of feeling.
However, by committing atrocities during his rule, he sunk deeper and deeper, until he dissolved completely in the evil that he himself had evoked.
In this way, he sunk back to the pre-animal-like grade of feeling, the lowest and darkest grade to which a human being can descend.

Caiaphas and the Jewish people

In order to understand how the lust for power was built up in the inner life of Hitler, the masters followed his past lives.
They saw that he had been Caiaphas, the high priest who had Christ crucified.
Two thousand years ago, he was already leader of a people, then too he already did everything to retain his power.
Since in his eyes Christ threatened that power, the Messiah had to be destroyed.
He later built up his personal hatred towards the Jewish people, in the lives that he experienced between the life of Caiaphas and that of Hitler.
This is described in the article ‘Caiaphas’.
When he reincarnated as Hitler, the life as Caiaphas was his strongest drive to regain and expand his power.
However, as a result of that power, his hatred towards the Jewish people was given free reign and the atrocious actions could assume a considerable volume.
Those dreadful atrocities attracted the lowest demons from the dark spheres, who could influence the inner life of Hitler even more strongly in this way.
Ultimately, he could no longer free himself from this, because the few normal or higher feelings that he had ever had dissolved in the dreadful pre-animal-like violence which he had applied to the Jewish people and many others.
Already at the time of Christ, Caiaphas represented the destructive inner life that wished to prevent and destroy the universal love of Christ in order to retain the own power.
During the last world war too, Caiaphas as Adolf Hitler represented the demonic, the destructive inner life that wanted to subject the world to its own power.

Stopping Hitler

By means of influence, the masters could strengthen particular feelings of Hitler, but they could not suddenly make him a reasonable person, nor in the case of Napoleon, as is explained in the article ‘evolution of mankind’.
However, by strengthening certain feelings, the masters could ensure that he would lose World War II.
When Hitler had crushed Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium and France, he could have immediately attacked and destroyed England.
After all, he already had his V-2 bombs ready for two years before they were deployed.
However, he hesitated in pushing through.
The masters strengthened his feeling that the waiting would give him the certainty of the ultimate victory.
He did not know that this waiting time was taking him from the frying pan into the fire.
As a result of this waiting period, England and America were able to arm themselves in order to build up a counterforce.
In addition, the masters enhanced the feeling of Hitler that Russia was dangerous.
The masters knew that the battle between both superpowers was necessary in order to exhaust the German army.
They also knew that Russia was prepared for this, because they themselves had enhanced the feeling with the Russian leaders that they would have to arm themselves against a potential attack.
The masters oversaw this process because they knew the grade of feeling of the peoples.
They knew the prevalence of the animal-like grade of feeling in Germany and Russia which still wanted to subject the world to their own rule.
If both rulers were to combine their forces, they could dominate the world for the long term.
In order to avoid this happening, during the critical moments of the warfare the masters enhanced particular feelings with the leaders of all the parties involved.
Churchill, Chamberlain, Roosevelt, Hitler, Stalin and the other leaders were influenced by the masters for the most important decisions which would determine the outcome of this world war.
The masters ensured that both Germany and Russian used up their strengths without getting hold of the world.
In 1941, if these two countries had not started to fight against each other but, on the contrary, had divided the conquered world amongst the two of them, then at the height of their power they would still have thrown themselves at each other in order to find out who was the ultimate world ruler.
One did not tolerate the other, with the result that they aimed at each other’s destruction in the long term.
This battle had to be fought during World War II, so that afterwards a stable time of peace could dawn, without the danger of a world war which would plunge the whole world into misery.
Without this conscious leadership by the masters, the suffering for mankind would have been much greater, and would have lasted immensely longer.

After the last world war

The articles ‘the Age of Christ’, ‘ultimate healing instrument’, ‘direct voice instrument’ and ‘illuminating future’ explain the time that dawned after World War II.
This is a new age because no new world war will occur which can destroy the material and spiritual building of mankind.
That building will only take place gradually, because as a result of the last world war mankind has only just acquired the consciousness of how it should not be done.
The article ‘Evolution of mankind’ discusses the influence of wars on realizing this consciousness.
In the whole of mankind as a personality, the constructive powers now finally have the upper hand, but smaller wars are still fought, because not all people have yet acquired this consciousness.
As soon as the majority of people are attuned to loving each other universally as Christ intended that, the smaller wars will also be part of the past.
The greatest masses have now reached that consciousness, and Hitler also played his role in that.
If he had not played that role, there would first still have been dozens of years of peace, but then the uprising of the German people would have come anyway, because the majority there still had to acquire this consciousness.
Once they had acquired this consciousness, the German people began to fulfil precisely a constructive role in world affairs.
World War II brought a tremendous amount of suffering, but at the same time prevented immeasurably more suffering, because the consciousness of mankind increased as a result.
For this purpose, the masters enhanced particular feelings of the world leaders.
They knew that the suffering was necessary for acquiring this consciousness, not only by mankind as a whole, but also for many individual souls.
For many souls, the events meant evolution, even if at that moment they lost their bodies.
As the article ‘explanation at soul level’ explains, the masters themselves view the events differently than most people on earth.
The masters know that much blood was shed, but not one soul perished.
What the souls involved learned from this, they can devote in their next reincarnation or in their further life in the hereafter.
At world level, the consciousness was increased so far as a result of the last world war that the masters can now bring technical instruments to earth, which will remove the physical suffering of all people.
The ultimate healing instrument will banish all diseases and make all the bodies on earth healthy.
The direct voice instrument will give mankind the definite certainty that the soul survives all misery and that all souls will ultimately pass on to the spheres of light.
The technology underlying these instruments can only now be brought to earth, because it will no longer be used for purposes of war.

The karma that Hitler brought upon himself

The article ‘karma’ explains what the consequences of a murder are.
When people destroy the body of a soul, the harmony of the own soul with all the life is disrupted.
That harmony is only regained when people give a body back to a soul, so that that soul can continue the interrupted evolution.
Hitler is responsible for destroying millions of bodies.
He will therefore have to give a new body to millions of souls, before his soul is in harmony again with all the life.
The article ‘Jewish people’ explains that as a result he will have to reincarnate to the end of the earth, he will have to remain until the last!
Before he can experience his first reincarnation, he will have to wait tens of thousands of years.
That is how far he has removed himself from the natural birth by means of his pre-animal like actions on earth.
His thoughts are murderous to an extreme degree, in that state he cannot inspire a fertilised egg cell, he will crush this tender tissue to death if he comes into contact with it.
When he has finally achieved sufficient peace to be able to be born again, only then will his conscious suffering begin.
As a result of his past, he will have the feeling that he has been put aside for something great, but in every life he will have to carry out the lowest task on earth which is still necessary at that time.
He will rebel against this.
The masters will make his past lives clear to him via the direct voice instrument, and show him what awaits him.
He will have to give birth as a mother millions of times.
When he realises the extent of his future, he will keep on succumbing again.
That giving birth is strange to him, because his dominant inner life is still in his way.
Yet he will have to conquer his lower self and from now on serve life instead of destroying it.
After all, he cannot escape the corrective working of his own soul and, just like all the others, he will have to reach universal love in order to be able to pass on to the spheres of light.

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