disadvantages for the deceased

The stronger the embalming, the longer the deceased remains attached to his body.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.

Shall we lightly embalm the body?

When your loved one dies, it is very likely that the funeral director will ask you the above-mentioned question.
When you yourself die, your loved ones will be confronted with this question.
Then it is good if you know what is being offered exactly, and that your loved ones know what your choice is.
With a light embalming the wish is met of most people of being able to say farewell to the body of the deceased as they remember the loved one in full life.
Most people do not want to see the signs of death, and this is why they are concealed by the light embalming.
If people knew the negative consequences for the deceased, embalming would no longer take place.

The stronger the embalming ...

In the past, people were only familiar with the complete embalming into a mummy.
Nowadays, lighter forms also exist, also referred to as thanatopraxy.
Light and heavy embalming differ mainly in the amount of conserving liquid that is sprayed into the body.
Essentially, it involves the same process: the decomposition process of the body is slowed down.
For a mummy, this process is even completely stopped.
The books by Jozef Rulof explain exactly what happens when we die.
During and after death, we start to withdraw our feeling from our physical life, in order to build up our next life with that feeling.
That could be in the hereafter, or on earth again.
When our body decomposes in a natural way, we are released of our own accord.
However, as a result of embalming, this release is impeded.
The stronger the body is embalmed, the longer we remain attached to our body.

Lifelong for mummies

As long as mummies exist, the people involved will still be attached to their mummified body by a certain percentage of their life of feeling.
If these people were to pass onto the hereafter, they would lack those percentages of consciousness in their new spiritual world.
Something keeps drawing them back to the earth, and that is their own body which cannot proceed with decomposing.
If these people get a new life on earth, they will lack a certain percentage of power of feeling in their new life.
Furthermore, that feeling will always be attracted again to the place on earth where their body from their previous life still lies embalmed.
If their body was mummified in several lives, then they could lack so much power of feeling that they blunder apathetically through life.

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