Out-of-body experience

the journeys of Jozef Rulof in the hereafter

As a result of thousands of out-of-body experiences, Jozef Rulof got to know all the light and dark worlds of the hereafter.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.

Reunion with deceased loved ones

Jozef Rulof is not the only one who has spoken about out-of-body experiences.
The existence of an out-of-body experience became well-known in particular due to the near-death experiences.
Millions of people have experienced a near-death experience, whereby many speak of an out-of-body experience.
They see their body lying from another viewpoint, often from above.
Some people meet a deceased loved one during this out-of-body experience.
Also without a ‘near-death’, human beings can experience an out-of-body experience, for instance when they are in a deep sleep.
The disembodied people are then given the opportunity to visit their deceased loved ones.
They see their loved ones live on in a luminous world in the hereafter.
As a result, they can cope better with their life on earth, even if they only remember this reunion as a vague dream.
These nocturnal out-of-body experiences are accompanied by a spirit of light, a human being who, after his life on earth, has passed on to the spheres of light in the hereafter.

The purpose of the out-of-body experience

As a result of his many conscious out-of-body experiences, Jozef Rulof gained a wealth of knowledge about the spiritual continued existence.
He is accompanied in this by a spirit of light who is called Alcar.
In this way, Jozef gets to know all the qualities of the spiritual body that temporarily leaves the earthly body during an out-of-body experience.
Some people try to disembody without the accompaniment of a spirit of light, but under their own strength they do not come any further than mind out-of-body experiences, whereby their spiritual body does not leave their earthly body.
The actual leaving the body for a medium is only developed by a master of the light, if in this way an important task can be fulfilled in order to convince many people of an eternal life after death.
This task was realized for Jozef Rulof by writing 27 books, as a result of which a university of spiritual knowledge has become available about for instance life in the hereafter.

How does a conscious out-of-body experience progress?

Master Alcar allows Jozef to experience all the phases of an out-of-body experience consciously, so that Jozef can tell from his own experience how the spiritual body leaves the material body.
While dying, the spiritual body leaves the material body for good, and master Alcar wishes to bring a great deal of knowledge to earth about this.
In order to disembody, Jozef lies on the bed, so that his body can relax.
Jozef must withdraw his feeling from his material body, in order to perceive with that feeling in the spiritual world.
By means of this withdrawing of his feeling, his material body falls asleep.
However, he himself remains conscious of everything that is happening.
In order to achieve this, for years on end he built up more concentration, step by step, in order to remain awake when his body goes to sleep.
Jozef could get that far because in many previous lives he had already built up this concentration.
In addition, he was helped in this by master Alcar.
When he has withdrawn more than half of his feeling from the earthly body and has transferred it to the spiritual level, he can start to perceive in the spiritual world.
With the help of his master, he finally manages to transfer the majority of his feeling to the spiritual world, so that he can see and hear clearly there.
A small part of his feeling still remains connected to his earthly body in order to provide it with life force.
As a result of that connection of feeling, he still feels what is happening to his earthly body during the out-of-body experience.
When for instance, during an out-of-body experience from his material body, someone was to shake him to wake him up, his disembodied feeling would rapidly return to his material body.
This feeling is necessary to make his earthly body move, to try to stop that shaking.
However, if his earthly body is left alone, he can continue to concentrate his feeling on the spiritual world, and make spiritual trips there with his leader Alcar.

New knowledge

The great advantage of leaving the body for Jozef Rulof is that he can behold the spiritual world with his own spiritual eyes.
In this way he can assess whether the knowledge that the spirits of light passed on in his books is also actually in tune with his own experience.
This makes his books different to those of writers who express their own thoughts about the hereafter.
And that also makes his knowledge different to mediums who in their view have received information, but could not check this themselves by means of disembodying.
For most people, the knowledge that Jozef brings to earth is completely new.
And in many ways it is completely contrary to what many people had thought.
Such as for instance what happens in the case of cremation.
Many people think that the deceased is not affected by the cremation of his or her body, but in a disembodied state Jozef saw with his own eyes that the opposite is true.
You will find more information about this in the article ‘cremation or burial’.

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