Connection of feeling

with all the life

By means of a connection of feeling, the reality and the truth of all the life can be experienced to the limit of the own grade of feeling.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
‘... our first connection of feeling in this new life, the connection with our mother.’


The article ‘universal truth’ discusses the connection of feeling as a result of which Jozef Rulof can receive the universal truth of everything.
What kind of a connection is that?
How does that work?
And why would he be able to find out the ultimate truth in this way?


The article ‘feelings’ follows the realization of our inner life.
According to Jozef Rulof, our feeling has been built up by all the experiences from this life and from our past lives.
By means of everything that we learned in our past lives, we could begin in this life with a great deal of feeling.
As a result, we have an inherent aptitude for everything that we already practised in our past lives.
Before we were born again, we went into a deep sleep in the world of the unconscious, where all the experiences from our past life sunk away to the depth of our inner life.
As a result, in this new life we have no conscious , and we are ready again to gain new experiences.

Mother and child

Our new life begins when we descend as soul into the fertilized egg cell.
Between the third and the fourth month in the mother’s womb, our new little body has developed far enough to be able to regulate our feeling via the brain.
Then we become ‘awake’.
From that time our mother can feel us.
Not only by means of the first physical movements that we make, but also by means of our first connection of feeling in this new life, the connection with our mother.
Because we already have a rich inner life as soul, as an unborn child we already bring feeling into the unity with our mother.
We sense each other, and are connected in feeling with each other.
We also get to deal with what our mother feels and experiences.
If she feels sad or angry, we must undergo that.
If she feels happy and excited, she can expect our little legs to be kicking.
Some mothers feel whether we are a boy or a girl.
They can also feel the character that we brought from our past lives, and as a result of which they will have a quiet or a difficult time.
Since her feeling is multiplied by our feeling, she can feel more expansive during the pregnancy, fuller and richer in feeling.
When we are born, the mother can have a difficult time dealing with this sudden lack of a more expansive feeling.
After our birth, the connection of feeling with our mother can continue in another way, and for many people this remains for the whole of their life.
What also plays a role is how much we already had to do with each other in past lives, which determines the strength of the connection of feeling.

Bonds of love

When we find our great love in the new life, we experience a new connection of feeling.
For this life it then appears new, but the connection is already old.
Usually we already know our current life partner from past lives, and the current life is a continuation of our past relationship.
When we feel a driving force to be with particular people, then there is already a connection from the past active in our inner life.
If the relationship has then become completely harmonic, it can become part of the universal love which we are developing.
If we experience a spiritual bond with someone, the connection of feeling is speaking.
This can go that far that people can receive telepathic feelings from each other, such as can take place with a mother and child.


‘Tele-pathos’ means feeling at a distance.
For this purpose, no material communication is necessary, the transfer of feeling and thoughts takes place directly between two inner lives.
Because the transfer takes place spiritually, the two people do not need to be located in the same physical space, and distance does not play a role.
Usually telepathy takes place spontaneously between people with a spiritual bond, between loved ones or between a mother and child.
But that can also take place between strangers.
There are also telepaths who consciously use it to earn money.
That telepath then selects the people in a hall from whom he feels something.
He does not know why he feels something from particular people, and cannot get contact with other people.
It was explained to Jozef Rulof that this has to do with the ‘grade of feeling’ of the people involved.
This grade of feeling is the extent of love which the soul has built up in all her lives.
A natural telepathy exists between people with the same grade of feeling, because they live in the same range of feelings.
This is why the telepath will only be able to use those people who belong to his own grade of feeling.

Ancient Egypt

In the temples of Ancient Egypt, the connection of feeling was developed consciously and deployed in order to get to know the life better.
In this way, every priest learned to connect himself in feeling with for instance an animal, in order to feel what the animal experienced.
The more the priest could make himself one in feeling with the animal, the more he could sense and understand the animal from inside.
In order to be able to feel the animal directly, the priest had to empty himself first.
If people are full of their own human feelings and thoughts, it is not possible to experience the feeling of another being.
Emptying is an art in itself, the priest devoted his whole life to this study.
And then he still did not achieve much, unless he had already worked on this concentration in depth in his past lives.
When he had developed that concentration to full power, he could feel completely what a bird experienced.
The priest then felt himself becoming a bird, he got the feeling to want to fly.
He then felt just like the bird how to use the wings to raise himself from the ground.
Finally, he succeeded in making himself one with a bird in such a way that he could allow the bird to fly to the place which the priest held in his concentration.
When the priest tuned his developed concentration on people, he could not only feel what that person felt and thought, but he could also descend deeper into that inner life.
Since all the past lives are stored in the feeling, he could also follow the past lives of another person.
In this way, the priests went in search of young children whereby they felt developed spiritual powers in their past lives, in order to take them to the temple for training as a priest.
By means of lifelong concentration, Ancient Egypt built in this way on gifted priests, in the hope of further penetrating the unveiling of the spiritual worlds before and after death.
In their world view life after death was ruled by gods.
They hoped that these gods would inspire them to be able to penetrate deeper into the laws of life.
The gifted priests were not allowed to learn anything, so that the inspiration of the gods would come through purely, without distortion by the earthly personality.
Once a priest had come under divine inspiration, then he had to open himself in feeling for the being of a flower or a tree.
By means of the close connection of feeling, the priests started to interpret the life of tree and animal, of sun, moon, stars and planets.
They already felt that life speaking to them, and they already experienced those life forms as a personality.
As a result, bird, flower, stone, night, day, hour, sun, moon, stars and planets became gods in the Egyptian world view.
Egypt sunk away into this age of gods and remained there for centuries.
For the Egyptian a piece of stone received a divine meaning, everything could talk to the priests and was assigned the god status.
And the people started to worship all those gods, because the individual still had not developed a large degree of individual consciousness.
The priests who interpreted all these gods were also worshipped as a deity.
No one doubted that they interpreted a spiritual reality.
However, the Egyptian priest could not accept that he was helped by people who had died on earth and in the spiritual world had now extended their knowledge about life and death.
Otherwise, his own power over the phenomena could be at risk.
The priests wanted to experience everything themselves, and they did not accept any leadership from deceased people, even if they were ‘masters of the light’ who far exceeded them in spiritual consciousness.
The priests considered their god status too precious, and enjoyed the power which belonged with their command of the spiritual powers.
As a result, their grade of feeling meant the stop, they continued to place their own status above a spiritual expansion.
Finally, they lost themselves in their power, and the white magic became black.
Egypt lapsed into darkness, and the whole culture was destroyed by the dark powers to which the priests surrendered.
Violence and deception gained the upper hand, and one temple after the other perished.
Finally only the little that was drawn in hieroglyphics of this great civilization remained.
The Rosicrucians saved what could be saved, but they hid the true meaning of what the priest had received.
As a result, this spiritual wisdom became a great secret, a mystery of life and death.
The priests had taken their methods with them to their grave, what remained of them was not sufficient in order to understand what their connection of feeling with all the life had resulted in, in terms of wisdom.


Before and after Ancient Egypt, the masters of the light had also inspired many people who devoted themselves to the progress of mankind.
Via a connection of feeling with the human being on earth, the masters pass on that knowledge which can help the human being to move forward.
Scientists and artists can take considerable steps as a result, mankind has this inspiration to thank for the greatest developments.

Jozef Rulof

The book ‘Between Life and Death’ describes the past lives of Jozef Rulof in Ancient Egypt.
There he developed into the gifted priest Dectar, who learned to build up a close connection of feeling with all the life.
During his last life in The Netherlands as Jozef Rulof, the connections of feeling were the guideline in his development.
He felt a very strong spiritual bond with his mother Crisje.
His biography ‘Jeus of Mother Crisje’ describes how his mother helped him in feeling in order to remain standing.
In addition, there was also another connection of feeling active, which was built up from the life after death.
His spiritual leader Alcar made sure that Jozef did not absorb any scholarly knowledge during his youth, so that his talent for spiritual connections of feeling would not be dominated in any way by worldly knowledge.
At school, when Jeus had to give an answer to the teacher, he got that answer telepathically from the teacher, so that the scholarly knowledge was not absorbed for a second in his inner life.
The connection of feeling with Alcar is centuries old, in the book ‘The Origin of the Universe’ the many lives are followed which Jozef and Alcar experienced together.
They were father and son, friends and rivals, and through all those centuries they built up a close bond of feeling.
As a result, Jozef trusts Alcar completely, and he can surrender himself to his spiritual leadership.
During the first thirty years of the life of Jozef Rulof, Alcar ensures that Jozef does not absorb any earthly learning, because that worldly knowledge has been based on the passing on of thoughts from another person, not on own experience.
Instead of this, Alcar teaches Jozef to love life in all its manifestations.
By means of this universal love, Jozef gets hold of the foundations for the connection of feeling with all the life.
When he relates to the life in love, that life can open itself to him.
When the body of Jozef is finally at full power in order to be able to absorb spiritual inspiration, master Alcar starts to strengthen the conscious connection of feeling between Jozef and all the life.
Alcar connects himself to a life form, and then strengthens this feeling in Jozef.
In this way, through Alcar Jozef starts to sense the life with an increased sensitivity.
During such a conscious connection of feeling, Jozef must discard his own thinking, otherwise he cannot sense the other life directly.
At the same time, he must continue to think of his own body to a certain extent, in order to continue to provide it with spiritual power, otherwise that body would lose consciousness.
When Alcar connects Jozef with Mother Water, Jozef gets the feeling to want to be water, to descend into the water.
If Alcar was not to stop him then, Jozef would just walk into the canal and drown, because at that moment Jozef forgets that his body cannot breathe under water.
In Ancient Egypt, many priests walked into the Nile and drowned, because they experienced the connection of feeling under the own power and that connection dominated the own consciousness.
When Alcar strengthens the connection of feeling with a bird, Jozef feels like a bird.
If Jozef was then to stand at a height and extend his wings in feeling, he would crash to the ground, because he then forgets that his earthly body cannot fly.
In Ancient Egypt, many priests perished in this way.
When Alcar connects Jozef with a few little flowers in a rose garden, Jozef feels those little flowers speaking to his feeling.
When Alcar increases the connection of feeling more, Jozef experiences this speaking even more closely, as if the little flowers also use words to express themselves.
Alcar makes sure that the feeling of the little flowers form themselves into spiritual words, so that Jozef can have a close talk with them.
Because Jozef dissolves in this way in this connection of feeling, he does not notice that a man and a woman have come to sit on the bench beside him.
Of course, these people do not see the connection of feeling and hear Jozef talking to himself, while he gazes at the little flowers.
When the man spoke to him Jozef realized for the first time how crazy it must appear to other people, and he broke off the connection of feeling in order to make it clear to people in normal consciousness that he could still act in a level-headed way.
When Alcar connects himself with a star, he makes sure that Jozef experiences that life as a human speaking.
If master Alcar did not regulate this connection, then the body of Jozef would not be able to cope with this.
In this connection of feeling the spatial consciousness of the heavenly body dominates and the will power and personality of a human being on earth dissolve completely.
Under the own power the nervous system of Jozef would not be able to absorb this feeling and he would go crazy instantly or collapse.
Because Alcar regulates the connection of feeling at exactly that strength that the body can bear, Jozef can sense the star and hear it talking.
Master Alcar dares to open this connection of feeling because he knows that he can then take care of Jozef.
If Jozef was not able to talk about his experiences, the pressure would still become too high for his nervous system.
However, because master Alcar and master Zelanus talk spiritually with Jozef and write books about his experiences, the experience of Jozef receives more space and he can deal with this wonderful inspiration.
The masters themselves can take care of this connection of feeling with all the life more easily, because they no longer have a material body which can succumb.
This is why they have only been able to fully experience this connection of feeling in the hereafter.
When they wanted to experience this connection in Ancient Egypt as priests on earth, they also lost the earthly body.
The masters regulate the connection of feeling with all the life, so that Jozef can answer every question at a contact evening.
If Jozef was to do this under the own power, at that same moment he would lose the concentration on his body and fall unconscious.
The masters connect themselves with every life form, in order to be able to answer every question truthfully.
They do not talk outside the laws of life, at that moment they experience that law and that life form in order to explain the truth about it.
The masters place this connection of feeling at the level of the soul, so that the soul of a life form can talk to Jozef.
As a result, an animal can tell Jozef where it comes from, and what evolution it has followed in order to reach this physical form.
Jozef can therefore follow where the animal as soul originated, and how many lives it has experienced in order to get that far.
As soul every life form has experienced its complete evolution from its origin to its current stage, therefore Jozef can also follow, in a connection of feeling, this general evolution, and feel how the soul has experienced this evolution.
As a result of the connection, he experiences that evolution at that moment in feeling, so that it does not become any intellectual knowledge, but an experienced knowing.
In this way, master Alcar lets him experience how the masters master the knowledge of all life forms.
As a result, Jozef experiences how they build up their spiritual-scientific knowledge.
As a result of the connection of feeling, he also knows that this knowledge is truthful, because he experiences the spiritual reality of it himself at that moment.
Master Alcar makes it clear to him that this connection of feeling can only be experienced at full power by a master who has reached the fourth sphere of light of the hereafter.
In the first three spheres of light people must first discard all the earthly material feeling and thinking, because this stands in the way of experiencing a spiritual oneness with another life.
As an earthly human being, Jozef receives this awe-inspiring wisdom, because he serves for the ‘University of Christ’.
This order of masters brings the wisdom to earth, which mankind needs in order to awaken spiritually.
The books by Jozef Rulof explain the core of this wisdom, but they will only later be able to pass on their tremendous knowledge more extensively.
As a result, they serve their mentor Christ who, during his life on earth, experienced the complete connection of feeling with all the life.
If the human being had been able to understand Him then, then He would have brought all this knowledge to earth then.
However, mankind was still not that far then, therefore Christ translated His message to the understanding of that time.
He spoke in parables and thus brought the natural wisdom in love.
Christ spoke to the seven grades of the inner life, both to the human being who had little love available as well as to the human being who had a lot of love available.
And He spoke to the human being with little earthly knowledge as well as to the human being with much earthly knowledge.
He did not use the normal material language, because then the gospel would not have received any spiritual power.
However, He did not interpret the life at full power either, because then people would even have murdered Him earlier.

The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof

In the books ‘The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof’, the masters record the special conversations that Jozef has with all the life.
These textbooks presume the prior reading of all his other books.
The masters brought this wisdom to earth so that we as readers can follow and understand all the fundamental laws of life.
As a result, we can sense how wonderful our life is, and especially also what is still necessary within ourselves in order to reach that connection of feeling.
We can see how much material feeling and thinking we still have to discard, before we can experience that connection of feeling with all the life.
Master Zelanus strongly urges the member of the audience at his lectures to not want to already experience himself this connection of feeling with sun and moon on earth.
During our earthly life, on the contrary it is important to continue to think normally, in order to make sure that we remain with both feet on the earth.
Master Zelanus says that we do not need to imagine that we can hear a planet talking, that is not possible outside the highest mediumship.
However, by means of the books by Jozef Rulof, we can now already think where we are heading.
Because we can now already build up the spheres of light in our inner life by means of our feeling and thinking, by giving love we are already building on our universal connection of feeling with all the life.

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