Children spheres

if a child dies young

In the children spheres children who died young grow to the universal love.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.

Peace and happiness

The children spheres are spiritual worlds of peace and happiness for the children who pass on early on earth.
In the book ‘A View into the Hereafter’, Jozef Rulof is allowed a view into these wonderful spheres.
He sees how the children play in a heavenly nature with plentiful beautiful flowers.
They are guided by spiritual mothers in their growth to universal love.
These mothers explain to the children the spiritual state in which they live.
Some children are also sent to the earth in order to play with earthly children.
In this way, during his childhood Jozef Rulof played with spiritual children, as described in his biography ‘Jeus of Mother Crisje’.

Reunion by means of attunement

When the earthly parents die, they can see their deceased children again in the hereafter, if they learn to attune themselves to the pure love in which these spiritual children live.
Jozef Rulof was also faced with that task when during an out-of-body experience he was given the opportunity to see his stillborn little girl Gommel again in the children spheres.
In order to be able to approach Gommel, he had to let go of all earthly thoughts.
Earthly thoughts are material and would burden the spiritual rarefied state of the spiritual child.
At the time of their reunion, if he was to feel sadness that Gommel no longer lived with them on earth, that sadness would burden the spiritual child.
However, the children in the children spheres are kept far away from difficult feelings, so that they can grow up in undisturbed peace.
Since Jozef could feel the selfless love in which Gommel lived, the universal love for all life, he could put his spiritual arms around his child.
As a result, he could bring his wife the message that their daughter lives on in a heavenly happiness, and that his wife could see their child again if she too was able to attune herself in love.
She had to realize that Gommel is growing up faster in the children spheres than a child on earth.
In the spheres, the children are no longer impeded by earthly illnesses or inhibitions.
According to earthly time, Gommel had passed on a year ago, but Jozef saw that in the spirit she was already bigger than a child of that age.
His wife will therefore later have to attune herself to an adult spiritual personality, a ‘sister in the spirit’.

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