Know yourself by means of love

The books by Jozef Rulof offer a wealth of knowledge about the human being and his soul, and we get to know our own self by giving love.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.


We can get to know ourselves really well by attentively following what we feel, think and do.
The articles ‘aptitude and talent and gift’, ‘phobia and fear’, ‘feelings’ and ‘soul’ describe how our feelings are the result of all our experiences in this life and our past lives.
By looking at what feelings our soul has brought, we can see to what ‘grade of feeling’ we have come in this life.
The articles ‘from feeling to thought’ and ‘the brain’ describe the thinking from our feeling.
With each thought which we materialize we build on our own spiritual world, in which we will live on in our hereafter.
If we follow the thoughts and actions which are formed from our feeling, we can see what lives in our inner self.
This self-analysis is also dealt with in the articles ‘character’, ‘personality’, ‘sub-personalities’ and ‘will’.

By means of the books

The 27 books by Jozef Rulof contain a wealth of knowledge about our essence as a human being.
They describe the origin and the evolution of our body and our soul.
They analyze how the past lives of the human being give form to his present life, and how the human being and mankind evolve spiritually over thousands of years.
Now that these books are here, according to Jozef Rulof we have a much easier time than all the people who try to find out about all this knowledge under the own power.
After all, the knowledge from the books comes from a source which we as human beings on earth cannot reach.
The knowledge is passed on by masters of the light who, as spiritual personalities, have studied all the life for hundreds and thousands of years.
In the biography by Jozef Rulof we can read what Jozef had to do in order to be able to receive this knowledge for those who feel the yearning to get to know themselves as human beings.

Setting to work ourselves

We can absorb into us the knowledge from these books, but it is only then that the mastering of this knowledge begins and that applying in our own life by expanding our acting spiritually.
Jozef describes this with: ‘Do good and as a result you will continue, and love, what you can love and the spheres of light will be open to your life.’
According to him, his books give the wider explanation to the message from Christ, and we can master our spiritual feeling by giving love.
At a contact evening Jozef Rulof was given the question whether we can also grow spiritually and can reach self-knowledge by means of a daily ten-minute concentration and a breathing technique.
Jozef replied that it is more important to attune our concentration to spiritual expanding all day long.
And bringing our whole personality to the light requires much more than just a breathing technique.
Conquering a small character trait can already mean a fight for life and death.


The actual fight to expand ourselves spiritually only begins when we wish to commit ourselves to unconditionally loving all the life every second.
Then we get to know ourselves, because we come across all the feelings and character traits of ourselves which still do not want to take part in this universal love.
The key word to still make progress is, according to Jozef, ‘to bow’.
Bowing to everything that comes on our path without rebelling against it.
Accepting what life brings us, and making the most of that.
Jozef gives as examples bowing to physical diseases, fatal diseases, or the death of a loved one.
Jozef has known people who had read all his books, and used this book knowledge to overwhelm other people.
If another person was then confronted with the death of a loved one, these readers found that this other person should be able to deal with that easily, because by means of the books we know that the human being lives on anyway.
However, four months later, when these people had to prove themselves what they had mastered inwardly, they collapsed.
Their bragging had only been bluff and high-and-mighty airs.
They did not know themselves, they thought they were many grades further than what they got to know about themselves, when it came down to it.

Love for the life

The knowledge from these books will only become our owner inner possession if we learn to love our fellow human being.
When we put this knowledge into practice, we will unavoidably stumble, because we will come across character traits which still do not want to go along.
When we can then bow to that character trait of ourselves or of other people, can admit that it made us fall for a moment, but then set out again with even more courage and in particular a greater self-knowledge, then we are spiritually expanding ourselves.
When we really wish to understand and accept each other, then we will start to feel the harmony of the universal love.
For this purpose, it is necessary that we start to see our fellow human being as ‘life’, whereby we wisely leave his character with the other person, because he probably already has a hard enough time getting to know himself in that.
And before we completely know ourselves as soul, we will be an eternity further again.

Sources and deepening