Universal truth

experience of the reality

The universal truth can be made known by experiencing the reality without distortion by the human personality.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
‘The world view that is offered by upbringing and education has also built on the own glasses through which we look at the reality.’

11,000 pages of truth?

Is it true what Jozef Rulof says about life and death, about reincarnation and about all the other laws of life?
Can we find that out with certainty?
And if that is not the case, what is the purpose then of the 11,000 pages from his 27 books with a universal truth about ‘all that is’?
In the article ‘what we know for sure’ the role of our own experience is emphasized.
We can only be absolutely sure of the truth of what we experienced ourselves.
But which of us has already been dead?
Millions of people have experienced a near-death experience.
Many of them speak about an out-of-body experience from their material body, whereby they could feel, think and perceive outside their body.
Jozef Rulof also reports that he himself has experienced the spiritual existence outside the body by means of his many out-of-body experiences.
His books describe how he leaves his material body with his spiritual body and makes spiritual journeys in the hereafter.
It would be even more interesting if the human being who has left behind his earthly body permanently could tell us about his new spiritual life.
Jozef says that the ‘dead’ came to him as living spiritual personalities who wish to explain their reality to us.
According to Jozef, they are the writers of the 27 books that are in his name and he as a medium passed on their knowledge.
Is that all truth?
For anyone who has not experienced an out-of-body experience himself, has not experienced a near-death experience and has not spoken to any spiritual personalities, all these descriptions are stories by another in the first instance after all, the full truth of which people do not know for sure.
See the article ‘thoughts from another person’.
Jozef Rulof is also aware of this.
But he advises us to already begin now in order to expand our truth, because otherwise after this life we will still not be able to see whether he is right.
What does he mean by this?

That is not possible

According to Jozef little changes as a result of dying and our personality remains the same.
The only thing that we have lost is our material body, but we continue to feel and think as before.
As a result, according to him after their death many people do not believe that they have died, because they did not believe on earth that there was a life after death.
They can still feel and think, so for their understanding they are not yet dead, are they?
You can read more about this in the sources for the article ‘death’.
A large problem for them is that their spiritual world forms itself according to their feeling and thinking.
They still think that they live on earth, and as a result they unconsciously create their earthly environment in the spirit.
It can even go that far that they see their earthly loved ones walking round in their spiritual environment, without knowing that they have created those spiritual shapes themselves by means of their feeling and thinking, just like in a dream.
If that is all true, then little has indeed changed with regard to their earthly life: they still unconsciously create their own truth.
Also on earth, we see that many people who have accepted particular teachings as truth still have difficulty being able to think outside those teachings.
For instance, Jozef gives the example of Elise van Calcar (1822-1904).
This woman devoted herself to spreading knowledge about life after death.
In the spiritualist world she was seen by many people as an authority.
And what was her idea about reincarnation?
According to her, no reincarnation existed and the soul only lived once as a human being on earth to then go to the hereafter.
However, Jozef Rulof brings forward reincarnation as the ideal possibility for all the life in order to evolve.
But when he came with his findings, the supporters of Elise van Calcar did not want to know anything about this, because their ‘president’ had rejected this.
Her supporters accepted her thoughts as truth, as a result of which they were closed off for what Jozef had to say about it.
This attitude of Elise van Calcar was all the more striking if we consider that she put forward her opinion as truth without any experience of the reality in question.
This is like a scientist who says that there is no life after death, because his technical measuring instruments cannot perceive that life.
As if the not perceiving of something would prove that something does not exist.
Indeed what Jozef says about reincarnation is also a ‘truth of another person’ for us in the first instance.
But is there a possibility of checking that truth?

Checking by means of our feeling

Jozef says that our inner life is the result of all our experiences in this life and in our past lives.
As a result, he explains not only the ‘’, but also aptitude, phobia and fear, child prodigies, preferences and rejections, subconscious and our complete inner life.
He advises us to look carefully at our feelings, motives, thoughts and actions, as a result of which we can check his findings about the reincarnating inner life within ourselves.
Why do a number of readers immediately sense the books by Jozef Rulof as truth?
According to Jozef, this is because they have experienced themselves the reality of what he describes in their previous lives, and as a result on the basis of their feeling they recognize the laws of life which are described in his books.
This only applies to a part of the content of these books.
The greatest part is new, which means that the checking by means of the feeling results in nothing.
However, by means of the recognition of what is felt, people can be open to what they have not yet experienced.
And precisely by means of that openness, people can expand their own truth by examining the new.
For instance, the article ‘what we know for sure’ describes how, by means of the own experience Jozef himself examined the thought ‘love your enemy’, before he accepted that thought as truth.


Even if we are open to a maximum in feeling in order to get to know the truth, our perception of the spiritual reality is limited by our personality.
If we think that something does not exist, we will not perceive the spiritual reality of it.
If we think that something exists, this gives the risk that we will create this ourselves spiritually without us being aware of it.
For our perception everything that we have learned, accepted, experienced, felt and thought up until now plays a role.
The world image that was offered by means of the upbringing and education has also built on the own glasses through which we look at the reality.
And usually we see the coloured glasses of another better than those of ourselves.
In order to perceive purely, we would have to be free of those distorted glasses.
However, when we are adult, those glasses are already so coloured that we will have to make a great deal of effort to remove the colour from the lenses.
We can start to examine everything that we think and try to separate what we know for sure, and what we do not know for sure because we accepted it somewhere along the way without having experienced it ourselves.
But how can we still separate that and how empty can we still become?
The biography of Jozef Rulof describes how it was taken care of that he did not absorb any scholarly knowledge.
Otherwise his personality would also be fully loaded with social world views which could distort the experience of spiritual realities.
Then he could not have brought so many new insights to earth.

Ancient Egypt

The book ‘Between Life and Death’ describes how people tried to prevent this problem of distortion in the temples of Ancient Egypt.
Only young children were allowed into those temples for training as a priest.
And most of which had already been learned by even the young child outside the temple first had to be unlearned.
In addition, only the ‘naturally gifted’ were selected, children who already showed a special command of spiritual powers.
For instance, if a child could already impose its will on a wild animal from a young age, that was seen as the continuation of a past life as a priest.
After all, every priest was taught to connect himself in feeling with another life, in order to feel directly what that other life experiences.
By means of that connection of feeling, the priests wanted to experience directly the reality in which another life finds itself, so that the truth of this could not be distorted by means of a material transfer.
In the temples people had established that a priest could still not learn much about the spiritual reality during one life of dedicated study.
This is why people focused on developing spiritual powers over several lives.
Life after life, the priests went further in order to uncover the truth about life after death and about reincarnation.
Every priest learned to leave the body, but people established that even in an out-of-body state, the priest could perceive unrealities because he himself created those unrealities by means of his own thoughts and wishes.
After all, all the priests wished for these gifts, because the priest who increased the spiritual knowledge of Egypt to a considerable extent was worshipped as a deity.
Yet even the high priests of the temples remained fundamentally limited in their experience of the spiritual reality.
They did not understand where that limitation came from, because after all they had devoted dozens of lives to uncovering the truth.
It was explained to Jozef Rulof that their limitation was due to their ‘grade of feeling’.

Grade of feeling

In the article ‘grades of feeling’ people can read how the feeling of the soul is built up life after life, as a result of which every human being has reached a particular grade of feeling.
That grade of feeling is the most important hereditary pair of glasses which determines the experience of the reality.
For the same event, two people from a different grade of feeling can each experience for themselves a very different reality.
High priests who were attuned to power, and imposed their strongly developed will on other people in order to use them for satisfying their own lusts, could only experience a spiritual unreality which was formed by their dominant wanting and their low grade of feeling.
In life after death, they only took the spiritual worlds which corresponded to their lust for power.
In the books by Jozef Rulof, the ‘dark sphere’ to which their grade of feeling was attuned, was called the ‘Land of Hatred and Lust and Violence’.
The more rarefied spiritual worlds of the hereafter from which Jozef Rulof received his spiritual knowledge are called the spheres of light.
Those spiritual realities can only be experienced if people no longer wish to dominate the other life.
It is only when people have reached harmony with all the other life, when people attune themselves in love to the fellow human being that they can start to feel the spiritual reality of that human being.
Then it is a matter of also being true to every own thought, because every felt untruth gives unrest in the inner life.
The being true then becomes the basis for being able to experience the truth in the own grade of feeling.
The first three spheres of light serve to release all the feeling that we have attuned to the earthly material and the earthly body.
After all, that material thinking and feeling still work as a blurring pair of glasses which limit the experiencing of the pure spiritual reality.
As long as material feeling and thinking are still present in the personality, they will distort the pure perception of the spiritual reality.
As a result, even the people who stay in the first three spheres of light after their earthly life still cannot completely experience the overall spiritual reality.
It is only when they have reached the fourth sphere of light in the hereafter that they can sense the other life without any distortion by means of their own personality.
Then they have become complete ‘master’ of themselves, because they have discarded for good all the material and egocentric feeling and thinking.
Then they have become completely open in order to get to know all the other life as it is, without glasses.
It is only then that they know the real truth by experiencing the reality undistorted.
By means of an unfiltered connection of feeling, they can then experience the truth about ‘all that is’.
For more information about this, see the article ‘connection of feeling’.
The high spiritual grade of feeling of a master of the light cannot be achieved during the life on earth, because the material body limits that sensitivity.
This is why not a single human being on earth can gain the general universal truth about ‘all that is’ under the own power.
The human being on earth can only sense that truth as far as his own grade of feeling reaches.
This is why here on earth every human being has formed his own truth, by means of his own personality and grade of feeling.
This is why on earth so many truths about life after death and all the other spiritual realities exist alongside each other, because no one can perceive the pure spiritual truth and reality which exists outside the own pair of glasses of personality and grade of feeling.

To the earth

For the master in the hereafter who has finally got to know outside the material the universal spiritual truth about everything, it is very difficult to get his spiritual-scientific knowledge undistorted to earth.
In this connection, see also the article ‘spiritual-scientific’.
Up until now that has only been possible via a human medium, but the danger of a distortion due to the personality and the grade of feeling of the medium always lurks.
This is why the knowledge passed on via mediums has not become a generally accepted truth for the world, because too much unconscious and conscious deception occurred by means of the human medium.
The world will only be able to be sure of the truth of the knowledge passed on, if direct contact can be made with the masters without this having to be mediated via a human medium.
In the books by Jozef Rulof this next step is described.
Hereby the direct contact will be realized by a technical instrument, so that the influence by the human personality will be excluded.
Until that time people will rely on the own feeling in order to sense and to assess whether the books by Jozef Rulof and all the other knowledge sources contain truth.
In addition, we can also of course compare the books by Jozef Rulof with other knowledge sources, so that we can gauge the extent and depth of this spiritual-scientific knowledge.
The complete universal truth about ‘all that is’ will only be able to be brought to earth by the ‘University of Christ’ via the coming technical instrument.

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