Land of Twilight

the awakening sphere

In the Land of Twilight the life of feeling of the human being who is on the way to the first sphere of light awakens.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.

Shadowy light

The human being with a cold life of feeling can pass on to the Land of Twilight upon death.
In this sphere a shadowy light reigns which reflects the inner self of the inhabitants.
The human being here no longer has any deep hatred, lust and violence in him.
However, he is still not in harmony either with all the life around him, as in the first sphere of light.
He can still snap at his fellow human being and treat him coarsely.
This is why this is also referred to as the coarse-material attunement.
Most people in the Land of Twilight do not yet know that they have died on earth.
They do not believe in the higher spirits of light who work here to tell them this.
They still think that they live on earth.
When a higher spirit of light does something for them, they still want to pay with money, their life of feeling is still that earthly.

Releasing dark feelings

In the Land of Twilight there are also inhabitants who have arrived from the Land of Hatred, which lies deeper in the dark spheres.
They have completed their long journey from the darkness and try to focus on a higher life.
If they do not devote all their efforts to releasing their dark feelings, they could fall back into their previous state.
They arrive in an arid, bare area with a brownish dark light.
There is still no greenery to be seen, no trees, nothing of a blooming life.
That natural life still has to awaken in their inner life.
They can stay here for hundreds of years without any perceivable progress.
Other people work hard on themselves and reach a higher state with a misty climate, in which the first blades of grass appear.
Here too, it is cold and bleak, but a greyish nature already reigns, like an autumn atmosphere on earth.
The inhabitants look like old people with bent backs, in which their experienced misery is expressed.

Awakening warmth

Some people devote all their inner strength and reach the first sphere of light within a few years.
They are determined to discard their petty lies, deceptions and hatreds.
They already feel the happiness of their inner strength, with which they attune themselves to the first happy sphere.
In the case of a wrong action, they admit that immediately, as a result of which warmth enters their life of feeling.
They conquer their laziness and unwillingness, their pride and the importance of the human being who feels important socially.
Since they are no longer concerned with their outer appearance, they discard their rich garments and they start to dress more simply.
When they approach the first sphere of light, their spiritual garment begins to radiate light.
When the light of the first sphere of light shines upon them, they weep like little children because they realize that they have conquered the darkness in themselves for good.
Since they have known the darkness, they are able to appreciate the light.
They are then ready to explain to their brothers and sisters left behind how their inner self can also awaken by feeling warmth for the other life.

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