beyond the earthly science

After their earthly life, millions of researchers built up the ‘University of Christ’ by means of spiritual-scientific research.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
‘The name of this medium is Jozef Rulof’.

The University of Christ

In the books by Jozef Rulof the term ‘spiritual-scientific’ refers to the knowledge from the ‘University of Christ’.
This university is not located on earth.
When the first people from prehistoric times had completed their earthly lives, to their astonishment they woke up in the spiritual life after death after the earthly death.
They established that they still had a spiritual body which looked like their earthly body, but which consisted of a more rarefied spiritual substance.
They could think and feel, they could still see the earthly material, but they were no longer obstructed by the material walls which they could now walk through.
This enabled them to follow and research the life on earth in a way that the earthly human being could never do.
And especially, they were no longer connected to the earthly time.
They could continue their research for centuries, nothing stopped them, they lived in their eternity.
They could keep up their research just as long as until they had gained the ultimate knowledge about a research object.
In addition, they could share their spiritual knowledge with each other, and the more people from the earth entered the spiritual life after death, the more researchers joined them.
In this way, they could ultimately form a university of many millions of researchers, who all had an eternity of time to expand their spiritual knowledge.
After thousands of years of research, their knowledge began to form into a spiritual science.
After they had completely studied all the material and spiritual phenomena, they knew all the laws of life on earth and of their hereafter.
They saw that their understanding of these laws of life was many thousands of years ahead of the human being on earth, and they consulted with each other about how they could give their knowledge to the earthly human being in order to serve the evolution of mankind.

Pure to the earth

Since they could connect themselves with the feelings of the human being on earth, they started to inspire people to arts and sciences.
In addition to the development of the material science which focused on the materially perceivable phenomena, they also began to build up a metaphysical path.
For this purpose, they inspired sensitive people to research their inner life.
In the temples of Ancient Egypt, this metaphysical research truly blossomed.
Since the inspiration took place via the feeling of the human being on earth, the spiritual researchers were limited in what they could pass on.
The human being on earth received particular feelings in himself, but formed an own thinking with this and made an own interpretation of this.
As a result, a great deal of spiritual knowledge was distorted, and there were also metaphysical books with incorrect information.
In addition, people came who started to appropriate the spiritual knowledge, as a result of which the masses no longer believed in the truth of that knowledge passed on.
In order to get the spiritual science with less distortion on earth, spiritual researchers started to reincarnate themselves on earth.
When the evolution of mankind was so far advanced that people no longer burned the medium at the stake, a spiritual researcher who could bring much spiritual knowledge to earth could reincarnate.
People achieved this by making sure that this researcher would not absorb any earthly knowledge in the whole of his earthly life, so that he could remain a pure medium for receiving the spiritual knowledge.
The name of this medium is Jozef Rulof.
The University of Christ knows that also by means of the books by Jozef Rulof the world cannot be convinced of the reality of the spiritual knowledge brought.
Because that knowledge was still brought via a human medium, it will only reach those people who feel that this spiritual science is universal truth, because those people experienced a number of described laws of life themselves in past lives.
In addition, by means of comparison with other knowledge, people can also establish how far the size and depth of the spiritual knowledge from the books by Jozef Rulof reach.
This is why the spiritual researchers are busy inspiring the earthly science to developing a technical instrument which will lay a scientifically proven contact with their spiritual life after death.
When that technical instrument has been further developed, the spiritual science can be brought to earth in its full capacity and mankind will be able to see and accept the reality of the spiritual science.

Spiritual-scientific research

Spiritual researchers who have reached a particular grade in their spiritual science, are called masters in the books by Jozef Rulof.
They only reach that grade if their knowledge of the laws of life are no longer subject to a personal opinion.
Because a human being is not immediately a spiritual scientist by simply dying.
For instance, Zelanus, who wrote many books via Jozef Rulof, only became a master after many centuries.
His entering into his own spiritual life after death was anything but masterly.
Since he had committed suicide, immediately after his death he experienced a spiritual pain, which is described in the article ‘euthanasia and suicide’.
Zelanus was soon aware that he mastered a wisdom as a result of this, which people on earth did not know and would never be able to learn or experience, because that wisdom belonged to the spiritual life.
The earthly human being no longer saw Zelanus after his death, and therefore could never find out under the own power what he had had to experience.
This is why he later wrote his book ‘The Cycle of the Soul’ via the medium Jozef Rulof, in order to inform the human being on earth of the spiritual consequences of suicide.
In this way, he also wrote his book ‘Spiritual Gifts’ in order to give the human being on earth the distinction between a pure medium and a so-called medium who consciously or unconsciously deceives his fellow human being.
But he only started to write books after he had researched the material and spiritual life for nine centuries.
For instance, he followed thousands of deathbeds, in order to see what exactly happened to the human being after his death on earth.
He followed thousands of people to their hereafter, in order to see where they would end up, and how those sphere had to do with their inner life and their grade of feeling.
He saw many people not going to a conscious hereafter after dying, but to the world of the unconscious.
He followed these souls, in order to find out what would happen to them.
Sometimes, he saw that a soul was only born again on earth after three hundred years.
He followed the reincarnating soul during the descending into the fertilised egg cell, during the growth in the womb, during the growing up and experiencing of that new life, in order to see what the human being still felt from his past lives.
Zelanus was already a researcher of his inner self during his last life on earth, and after his entering into his spiritual life, he was given the opportunity to research everything spiritually-scientifically in depth, without a time limit.
In this way, he could write many books via Jozef Rulof from his own spiritual experience.
What he had not yet experienced himself was given to him by his fellow researchers who were already further advanced in the spiritual science.
Together with millions of other masters, he forms the University of Christ, which is represented on earth by the books by Jozef Rulof, until the whole world will get to know the spiritual science by means of a technical instrument.

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