Aptitude and talent and gift

Where do we get this from?

We have built up an innate talent, gift or aptitude for an art or science by means of extensive practice in this in our past lives.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
Practice makes perfect.
However, if an exceptional talent for art already reveals itself early in the life, where did this human being already practise this?
When did people complete the thousands of sums which we later see again as innate talent for mathematics?
For instance, how can you explain why two children with the same amount of piano lessons from the same teacher and each with a thousand hours of practice, have still reached a considerably different level of control of piano playing?
When one child then tickles your ears with a delicate melody, and with the other child you wonder how quickly you can escape the groaning of the struck piano strings, you can hear a clear difference in practice.
A difference that does not lie in those thousand practice hours, but that was built up elsewhere.
If that cannot be found in this life, then it must have been built up before this life.
Then the musical child has added the thousand hours of practice of this life to the many thousands of musical hours in his past lives, so that from this greater practice a more beautiful art was born.
As soul we do not receive anything for free.
Every innate talent was built up by hard labour in past lives.
The more we practise an art, science or profession, the more aptitude we will be able to deploy in a next life in order to become more competent.
When we apply ourselves to the same discipline life after life, we ultimately achieve a great height.
How many musical lives would his soul need in order to be able to be born as Mozart?

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