Cosmic splitting

necessary for evolution

After the seventh grade of condensing, the All-Soul divided its spiritual body in order to reach independent cosmic life forms.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.

Division into myriad particles

The All-Soul formed its spiritual body from light-emitting hazes in seven grades of growing and condensing.
In the seventh grade, these hazes reached their utmost power and density.
They were then like a tightly stretched garment.
This seventh grade was the final point of this evolution process, further growing and condensing was no longer possible, the utmost condensing in this form had been reached.
In order to let this cosmic spiritual body further evolve, the All-Soul now had to start another process.
After all, in this form it could not realize a universe with suns and planets, because everything was still connected to each other, it was still one whole of hazes, there were still no separate life forms created.
How did the All-Soul reach the formation of separate life forms?
By splitting itself!
The All-Soul divided itself into myriad particles, and gave each particle a part of its soul and its condensed spiritual body.
By dividing itself, all those countless particles were no longer attached together to one taut body in the universe, now each particle could take part separately in a next grade of evolution.
Like the discharge of earthly storm clouds is accompanied by thunder and lightening, and the clouds flow apart and split themselves into millions of raindrops, the All-Soul divided itself into billions of particles.

The becoming independent of basic powers

After the tearing apart of the thick light mass, darkness entered this spiritual universe again.
It was as if the light of a candle flame was divided into countless particles which were so small that the individual light could no longer be observed.
Yet this darkness in the universe was different to the nothingness of before the creation, because in this darkness much condensed spiritual energy was present after the splitting.
With this condensed energy, the All-Soul could start to create separate macrocosmic life forms.
For this purpose, it used the two basic powers that were present in it, growing and condensing.
The basic powers of the All-Soul could now each start to create their substantial power into an own form, independent of each other.
Before, there was just one spiritual body which both powers had worked together on, but now they reached independence separately.
This is why this cosmic splitting can also be seen as the becoming independent of the two basic powers.
As a result, the growing could now start to build up a macrocosmic body which gives form completely to the feeling in order to give birth and to grow.
The human being called this macrocosmic life form a ‘planet’, for the All-Soul it is a maternal body which can give birth.
In this way, much later Mother Earth also represents the motherhood by ensuring favourable circumstances by means of which the microcosmic life can be born on her body and can grow.
In addition, the condensing power could now also create a form which materializes the light-emitting basic power.
People call this life form a ‘sun’ or a ‘star’, at soul level it is a creating body which emits light and as a result ensures that the microcosmic life can condense itself on a mother planet into people, animals and plants.


The basic powers have now each built up a different macrocosmic body from the divided spiritual energy in the universe.
They did this by collecting this energy and sucking it into a central point so to speak, a process that can be compared with the working of a tornado on earth.
As a result, they contracted the spiritual energy and they condensed it into a compact life form.
As a result of this process, the masters saw the first mother planet and the first sun originate.
At the time of their origin, they were still spiritual, composed of spiritual condensed energy.
In this phase of the universe, just one planet originated, because there was just one motherhood needed in order to give birth to the microcosmic life and to let it grow.
Then one sun was also sufficient in order to heat this life with radiating energy.
Later, the All-Soul created more planets and suns, in order to enable a further evolution of the microcosmic life.
From the very beginning, the All-Soul was attuned in order to bring all the life to evolution, but for this purpose eras were needed as grades of growing and condensing.

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