The Age of Christ

brings cosmic knowledge and higher consciousness

The Age of Christ is the time period during which mankind goes to a higher consciousness by means of the driving force and the cosmic knowledge of Christ.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
A painting received mediumistically by Jozef Rulof in which Christ is illustrated.

Meaning of the Age of Christ

The Age of Christ is the time period during which the University of Christ is made known on earth.
The articles ‘University of Christ’ and ‘Jesus Christ’ explain that Christ could not convey anything of his cosmic consciousness to mankind more than two thousand years ago.
He was already murdered for the little that He was able to say.
This is why He had to limit his message to the core: Love each other.
It is only in the twentieth century that He was able to bring his cosmic knowledge to earth.
Then his pupils, the masters of his University, passed on the cosmology via Jozef Rulof.
There the complete cosmic evolution is followed which we experience as soul as a result of many reincarnations.
The article ‘our cosmic soul’ gives an overview of the articles which explain this cosmic evolution.
The article ‘explanation at soul level’ explains that the masters wrote the reality at soul level in the cosmology, that is how they experience and know this reality themselves.

God and the metaphysical path

The Age of Christ could only begin in the twentieth century because mankind had then reached the required level of consciousness and grade of feeling.
As a result, a medium like Jozef Rulof was no longer put on the church stake.
The power of the church was no longer so great that it could stop this expansion of the [[spiritual-scientific] knowledge.
In addition, enough foundations were laid then in order to understand the cosmology.
Science had already corrected the Bible on important points, and the ecclesiastical stories had less influence on free thinking.
Great thinkers such as Socrates, Plato, Aristoteles, Buddha, Ramakrishna, Annie Besant, Madame Blavatsky, Mary Baker-Eddy, Rudolf Steiner, Schopenhauer, Immanuel Kant, Galilei, Paul, Isaiah, Daniel and many others each had already given their best powers in their own time for the construction of the University of Christ on earth.
The masters had brought God via Moses and the prophets, and Christ had expanded the divine image towards a Father of Love.
The first priest-magician was inspired to research life and death, and via ancient Egypt and the initiates from the East, the masters were able to further develop that metaphysical line.
As a result of all those developments, people in the twentieth century could understand much more than the apostles of Christ during their time.

Evolution of mankind

The article ‘evolution of mankind’ explains that the Age of Christ could only begin when the period of the world wars came to an end.
While a few people can increase their grade of feeling by serving life and letting go of their lower characteristics, the masses learn especially through the misery of a war how it must not be done.
As a result of World War II, the majority of the people on earth had come that far that they no longer wanted to start a war, so world peace would no longer be threatened by a world war.
This meant that the books by Jozef Rulof can remain on earth, and the cosmology was not brought in vain.
The masters can now also permanently work towards higher technology which will no longer be used for war purposes.
In the Age of Christ, they will bring inventions to earth which will increase the consciousness and the happiness of all the people on earth, which is explained in the articles ‘ultimate healing instrument’ and ‘direct voice instrument’.

Christ in ‘The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof’

By means of the book series ‘The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof’, the masters placed the pillars for the University of Christ.
The cosmic journeys that the masters made with Jozef were followed and guided by Christ, who wanted them to begin these journeys.
This was the return of Christ, via the masters.
Christ spoke to mankind again and passed on his knowledge via the masters.
After Jozef and his masters had travelled all the cosmic grades of life, they arrived in the All where Christ lives.
He gave them the assignment there to bring his All-Wisdom to earth, so that we get to know his and our cosmic soul.
Christ showed them his lives and let them see that He had already lived on earth in the early prehistoric age.
During his life as Jesus, Christ had already predicted that after him people would come who would explain more than He.
In the Age of Christ, that time finally dawned, by means of Jozef Rulof as cosmic instrument of the University of Christ.
This is the first time in human history that The University could bring its knowledge to earth so purely.
In this way, Christ and the masters could now also bring the beginning of their learning, as guide for the expansion of our consciousness and our love.

Foundations for the near future

Yet, Jozef Rulof knew that his cosmology would not convince the world.
The masses are not yet ready for explanations at soul level.
This wisdom is three centuries ahead of mankind.
Why was the cosmology already brought to earth now?
As a result of this, the masters laid foundations for their future.
When they soon bring the direct voice instrument to earth, they can refer to the books by Jozef Rulof.
Then the world will see that masters do not come from nowhere, but that their wisdom was already brought to earth previously, with a fixed purpose.
It will therefore open many eyes for the far-reaching view with which the highest masters of the University of Christ drive mankind to a higher awakening since the prehistoric age.
This is why we now live in the most awe-inspiring age which will ever be experienced on earth.
By means of the cosmology, the masters have laid foundations for soon, but also for the future human being in ten million years.
The spatial knowledge of our cosmic soul is a life guide for the human being of all future times.
Going higher than this knowledge is not possible because the cosmology is attuned to the cosmic consciousness of the fourth sphere of light.
However, what is now on earth is still just a small beginning.
The five books of ‘The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof’ are just crumbs in comparison to the cosmic knowledge of the masters.
But more was not necessary, as preparation for the near future.
As soon as they can dictate the following thousand books of the cosmology via the direct voice instrument, the world will get to see the continuation of the task of Jozef Rulof and his masters.
Then they will continue their mission for the University of Christ, without the limitation of a human medium.
The technical medium will be inexhaustible.

Path to the first sphere of light

The Age of Christ lasts more than a hundred years.
It is the whole time period within which mankind increases its grade of feeling to the first sphere of light.
The article ‘evolution of mankind’ indicates that as a result of World War II it had reached the level of feeling that corresponds to the Land of Twilight in the hereafter.
The article ‘Land of Twilight’ gives a picture of this sphere, in which the dusky light represents the awakening inner life.
The article ‘first sphere of light’ sketches a picture of what mankind is walking towards.
In the Land of Twilight, world peace remains intact, most people already want to live together in peace.
However, they still do not know their cosmic soul, many people do not even know that there is reincarnation.
The masses are still focused on the material life and on self-love.
The article ‘grades of love’ explains that universal love is higher than self-love.
In order to reach the universal love of the spheres of light, the focus on the material must be converted into interest in the spiritual life.
In order to achieve that, the masters inspire many people to increase the spiritual social consciousness.
The human being then becomes more conscious of society and how people in society respect the fellow being and help him if necessary.
It is only in a loving society that everyone can be happy.
The Age of Christ is also a time period of technical wonders.
The masters ensure that life becomes more pleasant, so that people receive time to work on spiritual awakening.
Science and technology go step for step in the direction of the technical wonders which will help mankind to make progress and will ensure the happiness of all people.
For the inhabitants of the hereafter, the distinction between the Land of Twilight and the first sphere of light can be seen clearly.
When they find themselves in the first sphere of light and start to think earthly materially there, then the sphere of light dissolves and a while later they find themselves back in the Land of Twilight or on the earth.
The earthly thinking draws them back to the material state.
Many people who experienced this for the first time thought that they were expelled from the paradise of the first sphere of light.
Until they realized that they had caused that themselves, by no longer being in harmony with the first sphere of light-filled and spiritual thinking.
Spiritual thinking is separate from the material matter.
In the first sphere of light, people feel the life that drives everything forward.
People love everything that lives and help where they can.
It requires remaining far away from everything that has to do with lies and deception, not to mention hatred and violence.
In order to achieve this, it is necessary to weigh up every thought before we interpret that.
If we interpret truth with every thought, we are in harmony with the spiritual reality in which we live.
Especially on earth the battle can be experienced in order to free oneself from every self-love.
It is now still an art to bring oneself further individually towards universal love and spiritual consciousness.
When the whole of mankind has later reached the first sphere of light, it will no longer be an art, because society will then fully support everyone in this.
That future is described in the article ‘illuminating future’.

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