Spirits on earth

what do they do here?

There are more spirits than people on earth. They inspire, protect, warn or burden us.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.

After death

Jozef Rulof sees clairvoyantly more spirits than people on the street.
All these spirits once lived as people on earth and have become ‘spirit’ as a result of dying.
They have a spiritual body which can appear very much like their discarded earthly body, but which is of a much more rarefied substance.
You will find more information about this in the article ‘Spirit and spiritual body’.
After dying on earth, they are attracted by the spiritual world which they have attunement to as a result of their life of feeling.
That can be a luminous world in which they can work as spirits of light on their spiritual development.
However, that can also be a dark world in which they do not yet realize that the aim of their spiritual life is to develop selfless love.
You will find an introduction to all these spiritual worlds in the article ‘Spheres in the hereafter’.

Why do they come to the earth?

Many spirits visit the earth again.
Their intention depends on the level of spiritual love that they have developed.
Spirits of light come to the earth in order to protect their earthly loved ones from dangers and to warn them of disaster.
On earth they are therefore also called ‘guardian angels’.
They alleviate pain in the case of illnesses and inspire doctors to fight illnesses.
They help the dying to become released from the earthly body, and then support them in their spiritual awakening.
Academics are inspired by them to alleviate the work with technical means and to bring all the people into contact with each other.
Every human being on earth who wants to devote himself to a more loving society is helped by them.
They form a powerful network for leading mankind to a higher spiritual development.
This network is called the ‘University of Christ’.
As well as spirits of light there are also dark spirits on earth.
They connect with people in order to experience their earthly pleasures.
They can only reach those people who still do not feel any love for all the life.
The people who are already attuned in feeling to a sphere of light are too rarefied for dark spirits, and as a result these people are protected from dark influences.
Many spirits are drawn back to the earth by the grieving of their loved ones. The spirits then try to let their loved ones feel that they live on and are happy, but most people on earth cannot receive this message.
These spirits can only leave the earth when the grieving of their loved ones has transformed into a mild longing for a spiritual reunion.
Reading about life in the hereafter can help with this.

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