Direct voice instrument

the technical medium

The direct voice instrument will enable direct spoken contact between the earth and the hereafter in a technical way.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.

The last human medium

The article ‘the mediumship of Jozef Rulof’ describes the last medium of the University of Christ.
However high-quality his mediumship was, for many people the question remains whether it can be proven that he actually had contact with the hereafter.
Jozef knew that he could not convince the world of that reality.
Too much deception had come to the world for this by people claiming to be mediums, but ultimately came a cropper and turned out to be fraudsters.
In addition, there were also many people who thought they were in contact, but in fact only got their own projected thoughts reflected back.
And finally there were also mediums with an actual contact who made the message received impure by mixing that unconsciously and consciously with their own longings and thoughts.
In order to distinguish all these situations, the book ‘Spiritual Gifts’ was written.
Jozef gave his readers the advice to compare his books with other knowledge on earth.
The amount and in-depth knowledge in his books can be a reason to believe his mediumship, certainly for anyone who senses a part of that knowledge as true.
However, for the world and science it will never be proof, because it cannot be ruled out scientifically that the medium produced at least a part of the message himself.

The precursor

Science and the world will only accept irrefutable proof of a technical instrument.
In the book ‘The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side’, such instruments are predicted.
It concerns the direct voice instrument and its precursor.
The precursor will be no bigger than a radio from 1941 and work on electricity.
It will touch on letters which form words and sentences.
The core of the instrument consists of a sensitive element that is capable of intercepting thoughts from inhabitants of the hereafter.
Those thoughts are much more rarefied than our thoughts on earth.
When we think on earth, those thoughts receive a material charge by means of the physical formation process.
Thoughts are formed by an inhabitant of the hereafter with his spiritual body are astrally rarefied and do not have that material condensing.
The precursor of the direct voice instrument will provide proof for many people of life after death.
However, not yet for the whole world, because science will not be able to determine who or what drives the sensitive element.
The message will be clear and come through undistorted, but the giver of that message is not perceivable for earthly eyes.
The government will not make a judgement about this instrument, but allow it to be marketed.
As a result, it will find its way to many interested people who receive spiritual messages through the instrument.
They know they are connected with the hereafter, without the message being distorted by a human medium.

The direct voice instrument

Science and the world will only be convinced by the evidential value of the direct voice instrument.
That will come much later to earth, because it is much more advanced technically.
This instrument will namely condense the voice of the inhabitants of the hereafter until it is audible to us like a voice via the telephone.
In the circles of mediums, the phenomenon of the direct voice is known.
The rarefied voice of the inhabitants of the hereafter will be condensed by making use of the aura of the human medium.
During various seances this was achieved, but then this was also mimicked by fraudsters, as a result of which it had no more evidential value for the world.
The phenomenon was described in detail in the book ‘Spiritual Gifts’.
The direct voice instrument will condense the required life aura in a technical way.
The aura itself comes from life, it is the protoplasm from which the entire cosmos was formed.
The articles ‘All-Soul and All-Source’, ‘our basic powers’ and ‘cosmic splitting’ describe how this protoplasm formed for instance the moon and the sun.
The article ‘our first lives as a cell’ describes how the human soul made use of this protoplasm in order to form its first cell body.
The direct voice instrument will not be marketed, it will become the possession of the whole of mankind.
As a technical instrument, it will convince all people, as well as those who could not believe the precursor.
Now every other influence is ruled out, the people present recognise immediately the voices of their deceased loved ones.
The voice has not changed in any way, it sounds exactly as it sounded on earth.

The ultimate moment

Apart from an explanation about the instrument, the moment is also described that it will be put into operation for the first time.
Firstly, the deceased father will speak of the inventor, so that his son can immediately recognise the voice.
Then the astral master of the inventor will make it clear to him that the inventor together with his female twin soul has been reincarnated on earth for this invention from the spheres of light.
The inventor therefore learns that they will soon begin with the materialisation instrument, as a result of which mankind can also see the masters.
For this purpose, only a few changes to the direct voice instrument have to be made.
Then the highest master from the spheres of light will give the message that he will speak again within two weeks, but then for the world leaders, scientists and church representatives.
He will then speak to the whole of mankind and all scientific faculties will be able to determine that the gap between life and death has been permanently bridged.

Death has finally been conquered!

As a result of the direct voice instrument, all questions will be answered and science will receive cosmic awakening.
The masters will speak to mankind every day, because this instrument can never be exhausted.
What mankind has doubted for thousands of centuries will then be a daily reality on earth.
The masters will then clarify for mankind what Christ meant, and how the University of Christ supported the evolution of mankind from the prehistoric age.
They explain how practising universal love takes every soul to the spheres of light.
There will be speaking in all languages, as a result of which the veil of death will be lifted.
They will describe the cosmic evolution of the soul, so that all people can begin with their spiritual awakening.

Thousands of books

Because the masters already knew that they would dictate the following thousands of books through the direct voice instrument, they did not bring even more books to earth via Jozef Rulof.
This is why they limited themselves through this human medium to the construction that was necessary in order to realize ‘The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof’.
All the books before were only an introduction to the actual message of the masters, which is explained in the article ‘explanation at soul level’.
In 1952, Jozef Rulof returned to the spheres of light in order to prepare himself for the ultimate moment that he can speak to mankind directly via the direct voice instrument.
Then he can give the technical proof that was not possible by means of his books.
Then all the doubts will dissolve in one day, and he will begin with his following thousands of books about our life.

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