from innate to conscious

One day every human being will know how he himself has encumbered and then restored the innate justice of his soul in many lives.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
‘It didn’t matter what a human being had done in the past, for Jozef people could begin with a clean slate.’


Why does one human being receive all the luck in his life in the form of health, wealth, caring parents and love, and does the other person receive a pile of misfortune such as illness, poverty, hunger and war?
Why can one person enjoy all his happiness for ninety long years, and does that other one-year old child die from leprosy?
Can these differences be consistent with any justice?
Or must we conclude from this that life is unjust?
Does a higher justice exist in the universe which is not affected by all the misery?

Human being or soul

If the human being originates at the time of conception and ends at the time of death and only lives once as a material being, then no higher justice is perceivable.
Then one person has fortune, another person has misfortune, and chance reigns over all people.
The writers of the books by Jozef Rulof, the masters, got to know a different reality, with a built-in cosmic justice.
They have established spiritually-scientifically that the human being is a soul who experiences many lives on earth.
In his many reincarnations, every soul receives what the human being calls fortune and misfortune, such as health, sickness, wealth, poverty, love and war.

Cause and effect

At soul level, the masters explain that we as personality can be the cause ourselves of what will cross our path in following lives.
When we receive misery, it could be that we ourselves brought misery to other people in past lives.
The articles ‘karma’ and ‘cause and effect’ explain how this is not a punishment from life or from God, but a corrective steering of our own soul.
The article ‘harmony’ explains that our soul possesses an innate harmony.
If we as a personality cause another person misery, our soul will become a driving force to restore the lost harmony with all the life in following lives.
For this purpose, our own soul brings us into life circumstances which we as a personality can find unjust, but in which we indeed have the possibility to end the ‘cause and effect’ by giving love instead of causing misery.
The justice of life consists of every soul having the possibility to dissolve all the karma and cause and effect, which was caused by the own personality.
For this purpose, every soul receives sufficient lives.
By means of the ability to reincarnate, every soul can free itself from this disharmony, as a result of which the path is free again in order to evolve further spiritually.
Then it experiences its further cosmic evolution in the justice that it now interprets itself as a conscious personality in every action.

How just are we already?

As a result of the experiences gained from millions of lives, we learn how it feels to undergo something that we caused another person in a different situation.
We also experience how it feels if we approach the life in love.
As a result, we experience an inner evolution, which will ultimately bring us to a universal love for all the life.
For this purpose, we need to become just in everything.
As with all the characteristics of life, we can ask ourselves the question: what have we already mastered of that?
Our soul has an innate justice, but as a personality we only become conscious after many lives of what we can do in order to also apply that justice in our daily life.
The masters give a number of examples for society.
Do we determine a purchase price honestly according to effort and costs, or do we calculate an exorbitant profit on top of that?
Do we live from the power and the costs of another instead of working for this ourselves if we can do that?
Do we spoil our children so that they become lazy instead of giving them the possibility to develop themselves by means of their own efforts?
For experiencing the justice, we still cannot mirror ourselves on society, because mankind has still not reached the spiritual justice.
For that matter, most people are still attuned to the material possession.
If we wish to reach a higher grade of feeling, then we can always ask ourselves the question: am I true and just in everything that I think and do?
Jozef Rulof treated everyone justly.
It did not matter to him what a human being had done in the past, with Jozef people could begin with a clean slate.
It was only when someone brought injustice, unwillingness or lies himself to Jozef that he took a step back and he allowed that human being to experience himself.

Divine justice

Many people wonder why God can approve that one person receives everything, and the other person nothing.
The articles ‘All-soul and All-source’ and ‘cosmic splitting’ explain that God as All-Soul divided himself into billions of particles, as a result of which every soul received the divine justice as an innate characteristic.
As a result, we all have the same possibility to master a cosmic consciousness through millions of lives, after we have converted all the injustice that we created ourselves into love and happiness for all the souls with which we become connected during our life path.
With that cosmic consciousness, we will build up and experience our lives on the next planets from the higher cosmic grades of life justly from the beginning.
The article ‘fourth cosmic grade of life’ explains how as a result of this a complete society is just, so that misery cannot occur ever again.
There every human being realizes how he received, squandered and restored his divine justice, and now interprets it for eternity in every feeling, in every thought and in all actions.

Sources and deepening