reincarnated for their task

The apostles were reincarnated for their task from the hereafter on earth, but their thinking was limited by their grade of feeling and the spirit of the times.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
Illustration: (from left to right) apostles Peter, Matthew, Thomas and Bartholomew, painted by Anthony van Dyck.

Born for their task

The apostles were not coincidental passers-by and contemporaries of Jesus Christ.
They were ‘reincarnated for their task’.
In the hereafter they had already prepared themselves for the apostleship, so that they would be able to carry the weight of that on earth.
Before they reincarnated they lived in the Land of Twilight’, the spiritual world which borders on the first sphere of light.
Just like Moses and the prophets, they were inspired to bring to the world the truth that there is life after death.
Once on earth, they felt that spiritual reality because they had already experienced that themselves.


The wives of the apostles were also prepared for their task.
When their husbands left their families to follow Christ, they took sole responsibility for the care of the children.
The apostles regularly sent a message to their wives, in which they described the universal love of their teacher.
Since the women felt the importance of the message of Christ for mankind, the apostleship of their husbands did not bring any disharmony in their families.
The inner life of the apostles was still not attuned to the spheres of light, therefore Christ still had to teach them that they could not experience any universal love with violence.
When Peter used his sword, Christ said: ‘Peter, Peter, what I have worked for all the years, you beat to pieces in one blow.’
When the apostles arrived with Christ in Jerusalem, they began to feel that thunder clouds were coming.
Peter was afraid that something would happen to their master.
John explained to the others that they should not interfere in the path of the Messiah, but that they should prepare themselves for their role in the great event.
They could only fulfil that role by means of their own powers of feeling and by what they understood of what their teacher said.
They belonged to the few people on earth who already dared to think about this, because they were born for that task.
However, they still did not know their cosmic soul, Christ could only explain to them what could be understood at that time.

Doubt and renouncement

Christ addressed various grades of thinking and feeling, because his universal message was intended for all times.
This is why He accepted all the apostles, each with their own character.
As the article ‘Judas’ describes, that apostle still had demanding character traits.
And Peter for instance renounced Christ, despite the years that he had been able to walk next to the Messiah.
He still did not have the inspiration then of the Christians who later went into the lion’s den for their faith.
Christ had nevertheless warned Peter that he would renounce his teacher three times before the cock would crow.
When people asked Peter whether he belonged with Christ, Peter claimed repeatedly that he had never known that man and had nothing to do with him.
But not only Peter was overcome by doubt.
All the apostles doubted when Christ hung on the cross.
At that moment, they could not believe that He was the Messiah.
They thought that He was just an ordinary rabbi, who had impersonated Christ and God, because when it came down to it, He let himself be crucified like a huge wretch without defending himself.
Later, Peter understood that he could not renounce Christ because the Messiah was untouchable.
Peter felt then that he had renounced the truth that Christ interpreted.
He was afraid of being tortured and murdered if he stood up for the truth.
The cock crowed only for that part in him that doubted and wanted to prevent the torture.
The cock did not crow for his whole personality, because Peter also had strong character traits.
After this renouncement, Peter flew in raging despair through Jerusalem.
He felt wretched in body and soul and started to feel how he could have prevented that renouncement.
Before, he should have banished all untrue thoughts and feelings from his personality.
If he had become truth such as his great example, then the lie could no longer have got to him at that critical moment.

Spiritual gifts

There they were after the crucifixion, the apostles.
For years, they had received wisdom from their teacher.
But now their rabbi had been killed in a scandalous way and they stood alone.
What had they themselves mastered of this wisdom?
What had their own inner possession become, from which they now had to act?
They sat together and waited for inspiration, they did not have the strength to realise the announcement of the joyful message out of themselves.
Christ knew their situation and came back from the hereafter in order to show himself to them, to their complete astonishment He walked with his spiritual body through a wall just like that.
And also after He had returned to the All, He continued to help them, He sent the Holy Spirit.
The apostles could still not understand that they were actually the masters of the University of Christ.
They thought that it was Christ who helped them with miracles.
The masters developed spiritual gifts in them, to the extent that the apostles could deal with this.
When the apostles were together and had to make decisions, they even heard physical voices.
The masters let the direct voice be heard whereby they condensed their spiritual voice half-materially so that this could be heard by the material ears of the apostles.
In the article ‘direct voice instrument’, this phenomenon is examined in more depth.
As a result, the apostles no longer needed to doubt, they heard their spiritual guidance.
As a result of this inspiring word, they could devote their lives to their master.
From that moment, Peter continued to retain his own truth.
Later, he let himself be slaughtered by his persecutors, and he was pleased that he had conquered his doubt.
The apostles now communicated the message of Christ in word and deed.
They hereby experienced clairvoyance and clairaudience.
However, they still could not give any ‘explanation at soul level, because they themselves and mankind still could not think that deeply at that time.

Back in the hereafter

Also when the apostles arrived in the Hereafter, they still had no understanding of the reincarnations of our cosmic soul.
Peter asked Christ whether He could give him a new body in order to be able to testify to the word of Christ this time immediately from the beginning without doubt and with more inspiration.
The masters made it clear to him and the other apostles that this was pointless, because mankind could still not be reached for more wisdom.
Christ showed them what He could have given the world, if it had been further developed and had allowed him to live.
Then He would have spoken about God as Mother, about All-Soul and All-Source, moon, sun and cosmic grades of life.
However, He knew that this would only be possible after two thousand years in the Age of Christ.
Then the apostles understood that they still had not got to know much about the cosmic consciousness of Christ on earth.
They began their own spiritual study by following the past of their cosmic soul and mankind.
The masters showed them age after age and it was only then that Peter said to John: ‘You see, John, when I lived on earth, I looked into the eyes of God, but did not understand him.
Sun and Moon represent these laws.
Come, we must continue and master the laws of God.’

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