Ultimate healing instrument

dissolves all illnesses

In the Age of Christ, an ultimate healing instrument will be brought to earth which will permanently dissolve all physical illnesses.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
‘The X-ray machine for example was developed as preparation for the ultimate healing instrument and it will also be part of that.’

Suffering and happiness

The mission of the ‘University of Christ’ is to remove the suffering on earth and to bring mankind happiness, peace and spiritual awakening.
Happiness will only be complete when all the physical suffering is a thing of the past, and when all souls on earth can experience a healthy and strongly functioning body again.
This is why the masters of this university, under the guidance of Christ, elaborated a plan in order to permanently remove all illnesses from the world.
They have already been busy for centuries with the execution of this plan, and in the Age of Christ it will finally be realised.

The origin of illnesses

In order to dissolve the suffering, the masters have already been occupied for thousands of centuries with studying the illnesses of the human body.
In order to understand the essence of an illness, they went in search of the origin, the moment in human evolution when the illness originated.
The article ‘material grades of life’ elucidates the actual cause as a result of which illnesses could originate.
These are not the so-called pathogens such as bacteria and viruses.
The masters looked much deeper, and examined why these micro-organisms had been given the chance to conquer the defence system of the human body.
The masters saw that the cause of this lay in the weakening of the primal power of the body.
That weakening came about due to the mixing of the originally separated physical grades of life.
That process already began a long time ago.
And now that we are millions of mixtures further, every body on earth has weakened.

Fed by life aura

In order to be able to remedy that weakening, the masters first started to study how the working of the material body fits together.
They saw that the body is constantly fed by the life aura of the soul.
When that life aura has been used up, the body stops functioning and the process that people call ‘dying’ begins.
As long as the life aura is not used up, the soul continues to feed the body and to remain connected with it in feeling.
This ensures the phenomena which were discussed in the articles ‘dying as passing on’, ‘cremation or burial’, ‘embalming’, ‘organ donation and transplantation’ and’euthanasia and suicide’.
The masters started to understand that the solution for the illnesses could lie in the life aura which feeds the body.
After all, they had already seen that a sick person can heal by means of the loving aura of a fellow being, such as the own mother or an eminent magnetiser.
However, that treatment cannot be applied on a world scale, because there is still not that much love present in the world.

Inspiration and doctors

This is why the masters set to work in different ways, everywhere where they could they started to inspire people to fight illnesses.
They inspired the first medicine men, and brought knowledge of the use of herbs in order to support physical processes.
The doctors were inspired to expand medical science.
Technology was brought to earth in order to be able to make medical aids.
And the human being who could be reached for this purpose gained feeling for natural treatments, such as the priests in ancient Egypt.
However, for all these different treatments that the masters brought to earth, they knew that they could not give a permanent solution.
It was only an aid as good as possible for the suffering mankind during those times.

Extensive study

Meanwhile, the masters went further with their extensive study of all the illnesses on earth.
They took a part of the aura from a sick body and took that with them to the spheres of light in order to be able to study it there for a long period and extensively.
They made sure that that aura did not dissolve, so that they could study the illness for a longer time than the manifestation of it during an earthly life.
In the spheres, with the aid of the highest masters, an instrument was designed in order to study these auras.
When an illness-aura was connected with that instrument, people could follow the origin and evolution of that illness.
For this purpose, all the evolution phases of the human body and the soul were placed on a time scale, so that in the cosmic evolution it could be considered how the illness had developed and could affect the body.
The instrument could also condense all the development phases visually and astrally, so that every step could be examined in detail.
That condensing took place by condensing the rarefied energy of the All-Source, the protoplasm, up to that particular development phase.
That process was possible because the life in the cosmos had also travelled this path in order to reach that development phase.
The instrument could merely carry this out more quickly, and in a technical way.

X-ray and technology

The following step was to bring this instrument to earth.
This is why the masters inspired earthly scientists to develop technical means which paved the path to the instrument.
For instance, first electricity had to be brought to earth, so that the instrument could make use of this.
Later they brought the X-ray machine to earth, which will soon be part of the ultimate healing instrument.
However, the masters could not go further than the grade of feeling of mankind on earth allowed.
They always had to take account of the war disposition of the animal-like grade of feeling which would be able to use their technical means for warfare.
Every step was calculated, and even the abuse was anticipated.
For instance, they brought atomic energy to earth, as part of the technical development which was necessary for the ultimate healing instrument.
The masters knew that the warmongering being would use this step for his warfare, but they foresaw that the miserable consequence of the first atomic bombs started to give mankind sufficient awareness that a further use of them was a considerable risk to the whole world.
Yet the masters had to wait until mankind would fight the last world war, and as a result would reach the realization that at world level a collaboration had to be developed in order to prevent such a dreadful suffering from then on.
This is why it was only after World War II in the Age of Christ that the masters could begin to take definite steps on the path to the ultimate healing instrument on earth.
Now it is a matter of a few centuries and the money necessary in order to develop all the requirements.
When the money is no longer used for war purposes but for peace, collaboration, science and technology, it can go faster.

Diathermy of protoplasm

As with all great inventions, the further steps on the way to and the final realisation of the ultimate healing instrument will be brought about by means of both inspiration and reincarnation of the souls which are connected to the University of Christ.
The masters work as fast as mankind allows that.
On earth, the instrument will work a little like the diathermy, whereby electricity is conducted through the human body.
However, the instrument will generate a much more rarefied electricity.
When a human body is connected with the healing instrument, an energy will be conducted through it which has attunement to the second sphere of light.
The protoplasm of the All-Source will then be condensed in a technical way to an aura which is higher and more rarefied than the life aura of the human being on earth.
As a result, the sick organs will be fed with a purifying power which takes the tissues back to the harmonic working as that tissue functioned in the prehistoric age.
Such as Christ healed by giving his healing life aura to the sick person, the instrument will be able to cure all illnesses because the protoplasm of the All-Source is inexhaustible.
Already from childhood, the instrument will bring the body back to strength.
For generations, all bodies will be purified in this way.
Until they have their natural immunity and will never be sick again.
This will be the supreme gift from Christ to mankind, in addition to the direct voice instrument which will ensure the spiritual awakening.
In the Age of Christ, as a result mankind will be able to grow both physically and spiritually towards eternal happiness and universal love.

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