External resemblance to our parents

by means of past lives

When the face of a child looks like mother or father, the soul of this child has a connection with that parent from past lives.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.

Connection from past lives

The article ‘character’ describes the internal resemblances between parents and children.
However, the external resemblance is usually much more visible, especially in the face of the child.
Is it a genetic coincidence that a child receives the facial features of mother or father, or is this caused by a spiritual law?
In the books by Jozef Rulof the spiritual law in question is explained.
A child does not end up with these parents by coincidence, there is already a connection between the soul of the child and the parents as a result of which precisely this child comes to these parents.
That connection originated in the past lives in which the soul of the child met the soul of one of the present parents.
As a result of that connection, one of the parents attracts this child, so that in this new life both souls can take a step further to reach harmony with each other.
Because the soul of the child has already been connected with the mother or the father from a past life, this connection can also materialize in the face of the child during the forming of the little body in the mother’s womb.
The resemblance is not complete because the soul of the child creates his or her face in the first instance from the own inner life.
However, by means of the connection with the mother or the father, the feeling of that parent is also involved in the creation process of the body.

More than the face

The influence of the parent with whom the child reincarnates can be greater than the resemblance in the face.
If the child was connected with the mother by means of past lives, the child of that mother can also inherit the diseases of her body, such as tuberculosis.
When another child of the same parents has connected with the healthy father, the father can free that child from the disease in the mother’s body.
The sperm cell or the egg cell of the connected parent has a dominant influence on the body of the child.
That this cause has to do with reincarnation is still two steps too far for the present medical science, because that science is still attuned materially.

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