Free will

and cosmic will of our soul

With our personal free will, we move forwards when we attune that to the cosmic will of our harmonic soul.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
‘Does the human being have a free will?’

Our harmonic soul

Does the human being have a free will?
The philosophical concept of ‘free will’ is a concept from the earthly thinking.
The article ‘explanation at soul level’ distinguishes two explanation levels in the books by Jozef Rulof.
In addition to the earthly thinking, the writers of these books, the masters, use the soul level.
The soul has a will with a cosmic power, but that usually works very differently than the will of the human personality.
The masters have spiritually-scientifically established that the will of the soul is attuned to its own harmonic evolution.
The article ‘harmony’ explains that the soul is naturally in harmony with all the life.
The human being as personality is however only still conscious of this harmony to a limited extent.
As a result, he can disturb this harmony by the deployment of his free will.
At that moment, his soul will start to work to correct this, in order to restore the lost harmony with all the life.

Cause and effect

The article ‘karma’ explains that when a human being commits a murder, his soul wants to restore the lost harmony in a following life by giving back the lifetime to the soul from whom the material life was taken away.
At that moment, the cosmic will of the soul starts to dominate the personal will.
The soul becomes so strongly driving in order to restore the lost harmony, that the personality has little to argue against this.
If the personality does not respond to this strong driving force of the own soul, then the driving force of the soul will only be stronger in a following life.
That driving force will only withdraw when the harmony has been restored.
The article ‘cause and effect’ explains that this principle is active for all the actions with which the personality causes another human being suffering or obstructs him in his evolution.
The more the human being focuses on violence, possession, lust and destruction, the less his personal free will makes him evolve.

Our cosmic will

The masters only became ‘masters of the light’ after they had restored all their karma and cause and effect and, in the spheres of light in the hereafter, they had let go of every gram of the personal will which was aimed at the earthly possession and the material thinking.
When they attuned themselves completely to their spiritual evolution and the universal love for all the life, they felt that they consciously got hold of the cosmic will with which their soul had started their evolution.
When they attuned themselves to the beginning of their evolution, they saw that the cosmic will of their soul was so strong that from its first life as cell it had already conquered death.
That cosmic will brought about the first reincarnation itself and then drove independently to a higher evolution for billions of eras.
Then the masters understood that they had only just got to know the cosmic power of their will and that they were at the beginning of higher cosmic grades of life, which the human being with an earthly personality could not even imagine.

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