The mistake by Darwin

with his evolution theory

Because the human and animal evolution lines run separately, Darwin was mistaken with his view that the human being originates from the ape.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.

Origin of the human being

Darwin thought that the human being was an animal species, evolved from the ape.
The writers of the books by Jozef Rulof, the masters, have established spiritually-scientifically that this was a mistake.
When they looked back into the past of their soul, they saw that they had experienced their first life as a cell on the first planet in the universe.
At that time there was still not a question of an animal, let alone an ape.
The first lives of the human soul on the first planet are described in the article ‘our first lives as a cell’.
The article ‘evolution in the water’ explains how the soul raised its material life form in the water of the first planet from a cell to a sea-lion like organism.
The article ‘evolution on the land’ explains how the soul then drove its body on the land upwards to an ape-like organism.
The article ‘material grades of life’ describes how the soul on earth repeated this evolution process and built up its material body from a primal cell to our current human form.
The article ‘earth’ describes how the soul was able to survive the various eras of the earth during this material evolution.

Origin of the animal

But where did the animal originate, and does the animal also have a soul?
The masters also saw that animals also reincarnated, so animals also have a soul.
By means of a connection of feeling with the animal soul, the masters could also follow the past of the animal.
They saw that the evolution line of the animal has always run separately from the human evolution.
Only the very first beginning appeared to be not separated.
The masters established that the animal soul also experienced its very first life as a cell, and that those first animal cells were born from the first human cells.
The human cells had originated from the spiritual plasma from the first planet.
The article ‘our basic powers’ explains how this plasma was realized in seven eras of condensing.
As a result, these cells consisted of seven grades of condensing.
During their first life as a cell, the human souls experienced just one grade of this spiritual plasma.
When they withdrew, the other grades reached working.
As a result, the first animal cells originated.
This animal life experienced the same basic powers as the human soul, by means of ‘growing and condensing’ many animal species originated.
Unlike the human soul which followed one physical evolution line, and built up its body from a single cell to our current human form, the animal life split itself and branched out into a multitude of animal species, as can be seen on earth.

Ape, sea lion and bird

The first animal life that originated from the human cell formed itself on earth into what we call an ‘ape’.
This is why the ape shows physical similarities to the human being, and we also see human character traits reflected in the behaviour of the ape.
The ape is the shadow of the human being for the land.
For the life in the water, there are other animals which come the closest to the human, such as the sea lion and the seal.
There are various animal species which can be elevated by the human being to have human feelings, such as the dog and the horse.
But nevertheless they will always remain one grade under the human life of feeling, because they were given one grade less conscious life at their birth as soul.
Yet they have the same basic powers of life.
This is why they can also reproduce, they also got eyes and other senses, they possess the same organs as the human being, but then in the wide variety that we know in the animal kingdom.
However, the ape and the sea lion are not the end stage of the animal evolution line.
The sea lion represents the end stage for the life in the water, and the ape completes the evolution of the life on the land.
However, the animal kingdom also already developed wings in order to raise itself from the land, the birds already interpret the spatial consciousness.
In this way, the animal kingdom already gave form to the next stage of evolution on earth, which the human being can only experience inwardly as the spatial feeling that rises above the material matter.

Darwin in the hereafter

Darwin did indeed already lay foundations for the principle of evolution, but it was only after his death that he saw he had also been grossly mistaken.
When he awakened in the hereafter, he was greeted by the masters, because everyone who is connected with the evolution of the thinking of mankind is followed by them.
Then Darwin could be informed that we do not have apes as ancestors.
After Darwin had let go of his earthly thinking, he felt how wrongly he had influenced the human thinking on earth with his own fabrications.
When he got to know the universal truth in the hereafter, he really wanted to bring that to earth, in order to put right his mistake.
However, he lacked the earthly body for that, and the people on earth could now no longer listen to him.
It was only in the hereafter that he felt the danger of giving something to the other human being during the earthly life at a time which people are not absolutely certain about as a result of the limited earthly thinking.
Jozef Rulof promised to help him by bringing the ‘correct evolution teachings’ to earth.

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