Temple of the soul

in connection with the own depth

In the temple of the soul in the hereafter, Jozef Rulof is shown the origin of the universe and the cosmic evolution of the soul.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
‘Then the masters show different images from his past, so that Jozef feels that he is connected to his own inner self.’

Beyond the earthly thinking

In the book ‘The Origin of the Universe’, the spiritual leader of Jozef Rulof, master Alcar, also describes the origin of the soul.
In order to show this to Jozef Rulof, during an out-of-body experience, he takes Jozef along to the temple of the soul in the hereafter.
This temple is located in the fourth sphere of light, a spiritual world which lies far above the earthly feeling and thinking.
In order to fathom the depth of the soul, the earthly feeling and thinking must be discarded completely.

Symbolic design

The first thing that strikes Jozef are the hundreds of towers of this spiritual temple.
He cannot see where the highest towers end, it appears as if they dissolve in the universe.
Alcar explains to him that this symbolizes the going higher of all the life, the passing on to a next grade of consciousness.
Another symbolic feature of the design of the temple is that people can look at all the directions, the building is completely open.
That openness is symbolic for all the life in this sphere, everyone is open here, here nothing needs to be hidden.
Here people can see into the depth of the soul, to the extent that people can understand themselves.
In the temple Jozef also sees many flowers and birds, nature has been represented in its spiritual splendour.
Here the human being feels how inwardly people are connected with all the life, and learns to understand every life form by means of the connection of feeling.

Inner buildings

In the temple Jozef sees hundreds of smaller temples which outwardly have the same architecture as the large temple.
However, the inside of every small temple is different.
For instance, every sphere of the hereafter is represented by an own smaller temple.
When Jozef wants to attune himself to a particular sphere, then he can enter the smaller temple which corresponds with that sphere.
For instance, in our soul all the grades of feeling are also present which we have already experienced in our evolution.
As a result, we can descend again temporarily to a lower sphere which we have generally already risen above.
However, fortunately, the higher spheres are also present in our soul as uncreated worlds under construction.

Finding every soul again

In this temple, people can not only be connected with all the spheres, but also with every soul with which they were ever involved.
It does not matter where that soul now lives, on earth or in the hereafter, or in the world of the unconscious in order to reincarnate on earth.
This connection is realized by the masters of the seventh sphere who lead this temple.
They oversee all the life of the earth and the hereafter.
Here, people can also follow connections of feeling from past lives.
Although the paths have separated for hundreds of years, here people find their loved ones again.
When the masters follow the life film, people see where and in what state the loved one now finds himself.
In this temple, people can be connected with their twin souls.
If he still lives on earth, people can see what they still have to do before the spheres of light can be entered.
As a result, people can decide to help their twin souls or another loved one on earth in order to drive them during their earthly life to spiritual becoming conscious.

The own depth

The higher masters can not only connect the visitors with other souls, but also with the depth of their own soul.
They make this clear to Jozef by showing in a smaller temple the colour that he is thinking of at that moment.
In this way, Jozef learns what is in him can be shown to him.
Then the masters show various images from his past, so that Jozef feels that he is connected with his own inner being.
Now he understands why above the entrance of the temple of the soul, the sign can be read: Human being, know yourself.
The masters then connect Jozef with his mother, when she was expecting him.
The connection of feeling between his mother and him was then already so strong that they could feel each other.
Such a connection of feeling is also applied in the temple of the soul.
The masters enter into a connection of feeling with the visitors, and allow the visitors to feel and see what they themselves perceive, as a result of which the visitors are temporarily drawn up into the feeling and the consciousness of the masters.
The masters then show Jozef an image from his youth, when as a child he played with children from the hereafter.
He now sees that his leader Alcar brought these children to him, and that Alcar has led him all his life in order to reach this point that he can get to know the origin of the soul for mankind.
Jozef also sees numerous other events that he has experienced, and he feels that people can descend into his past to the very first beginning of his soul.
The masters explain to him that they have also followed and led him during his past lives, so that he can now receive the cosmic wisdom for everyone on earth who does not possess these gifts.
With the following of the origin of the universe and the cosmic evolution of the soul, the masters want to achieve that the searching human being on earth can understand the depth of his own soul.

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