Illuminating future

prophecies for mankind

In the future, society will ensure the happiness and well-being of everyone, in direct contact with the inhabitants of the hereafter.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
In the books by Jozef Rulof, prophecies are recorded so that the world will later be able to accept that the masters from the hereafter have already spoken to mankind in the middle of the twentieth century.

The University of Christ

The University of Christ drives mankind towards an illuminating future.
The article ‘University of Christ’ explains that the masters of this University have already been guiding the development of mankind since the prehistoric age.
They stimulate technical and scientific developments, and inspire all people who work for the spiritual awakening.
They protect the people who focus on universal love, and ensure that the wars do not destroy all the progress.
As a result, mankind could experience the last world war in the twentieth century.
The world peace that will be established after this will no longer be disrupted by any world war.
Now the permanent construction of both material and spiritual well-being can be started.
Within a foreseeable time, technical instruments will come to earth, which will improve life for all people.
The article ‘ultimate healing instrument’ explains how all illnesses will disappear, and the article ‘direct voice instrument’ describes how the direct contact with the inhabitants of the hereafter will be realised.
We now live in the most wonderful age ever, as the article ‘the Age of Christ’ explains.
The grade of feeling of mankind evolves from the Land of Twilight to the first sphere of light.
In the books by Jozef Rulof, the masters describe in detail what the future will be like, as the universal love from the first sphere of light will be given shape to on earth.
The masters can look into that future, because they stand outside of the time that is connected to the earthly matter.


In Europe, the hatchet after World War II has been permanently buried.
As a result, the construction can be begun.
The book ‘The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side’, written during World War II and published soon afterwards, gives various prophecies of this construction.
For instance, the future of Germany was described exactly as we already saw that unfolding during the present time.
The book already describes during World War II how Germany will first be divided into pieces for the purpose of the countries which were attacked ruthlessly by the German army.
With regard to the reunification, it is said that it will take place after Germany has been monitored by them for a long time and has proven that it can be trusted sufficiently.
Then it will ensure peace, calm, well-being and construction.
In 1990, the prophecy already came true.
The wall fell, and Germany could start to work on the reunification and construction.
Since then, Germany has been a motor for peace, well-being and construction in Europe and in the world.
In 1951, the masters also pointed to the United Nations as an example how mankind is working towards collaboration and unity, as they predicted during the last world war.
Only local conflicts will still be fought out, until the majority of the people in all parts of the world feel and are convinced that war and violence can never lead to peace and well-being.

Technical wonders

We live in the age of technology.
The University of Christ stimulates the development of the technical means, so that we will become free of all earthly cares as a result.
In this way, all illnesses will be conquered in the future.
And then we will no longer need to do all the work that machines can take over from us.
Then the machines will no longer cost jobs, because those jobs will no longer be necessary, because material prosperity will then be divided and will be for the good of everyone on earth.
And we can spend our time and energy on a loving care for our fellow being and all the life around us.
Even now, technology already ensures a worldwide direct communication.
As a result, we can gain more knowledge in one week than previously in two thousand years.
We now already receive pictures from the whole world and technology will later also ensure that we receive pictures from the hereafter.
Then no human being will need to doubt masters any longer, that master materialises himself and stands in our midst and starts to talk.

Increase in the world population

As a result of TV and global communication means, since recently the human being has become conscious that many people live on earth and that this number is increasing fast.
People then speak of overpopulation, because people also sense that this large number of people represents a particular disharmony.
However, most people still do not know that the human being himself is responsible for that large number, because he himself began in past lives with that disharmony.
Murder, suicide, unhappiness, illness, euthanasia, war and other causes ensure that the soul is slung too soon from its physical life.
That lost lifetime must be caught up with in extra lives, because it is only by experiencing that lifetime in an earthly body that the soul gains awareness and feeling.
As a result, the number of extra required bodies has increased considerably on a worldwide scale.
On the other hand, as a result of celibacy and birth control, less bodies are available.
There are now billions of souls that are waiting in the world of the unconscious for a reincarnation.
That gives a pressure from that world, life asks for more births in order to reduce that pressure.
It is only by an increase in the number of people on earth that that pressure will decrease and there will gradually be more harmony between life and death.
The masters predict that a reduction in that pressure will become a top priority in the future.
Then it will become a considerable challenge to provide all those people with food and drink and accommodation.
For this purpose, all the means on earth will be drawn upon and especially, be fairly distributed.
The ‘Age of the Mother’ is arriving, because only motherhood can bring harmony in the world of reincarnation.
And society will start to help all mothers to a maximum by putting everything at the service for receiving the souls from the world of the unconscious.

The caring society

The University of Christ is working on a world within which all suffering has disappeared and everyone on earth enjoys happiness, prosperity and spiritual awareness.
And that with an increasing world population in order to reduce the pressure in the world of reincarnation.
How must society become organised so that these aims are within reach?`
At the moment, the majority of the people are still attuned to having and increasing material possessions.
This leads to an unfair division of prosperity.
The masters therefore see a future in which the earthly goods will be divided fairly because society is in control of the division.
This is why personal possessions will be terminated and all means will go to society.
Like a large family, society will take care of the needs of all its children.
Everyone will get what he or she needs in order to participate in this new society.
First of all, society as a whole will ensure that every mother is supported in everything in order to give souls the chance to be reincarnated.
The man will be given the main task of supporting this motherhood.
Anyone who has the feeling to improve the technology to enable all of this will be given the necessary means and space for this.
In order to give all people happiness, society will ensure that man and wife can get married to a like-minded person.
The soul will now receive a new body more quickly and no one will go to the world of reincarnation too soon.
Everyone will now become really equal, there will not be a single position that is considered higher than another.
Most professions will no longer be necessary, because the machines will take over the work.
There will be no more unemployed, everyone who wants to work can make himself subservient to society.
Police officers will become superfluous, because everyone will have themselves under control.
When life on earth receives the regard of the first sphere of light, then the prisons will disappear because everyone is working on increasing their grade of feeling.
Many people will travel the world, because that will also be free.
Money will disappear because it will no longer be necessary.
Gold will have lost its material meaning.
There will be no more exorbitant profits, trade will be regulated by society.

The end of mankind on earth

After reaching the first sphere of light on earth, mankind will walk further towards the higher spheres of light.
The harmony in the world of reincarnation will have been restored, the soul will be reincarnated immediately after a life.
Life after life can be experienced according to the cosmic harmony and lifetime.
The macrocosmos and the microcosmos will change.
The moon will dissolve, its glimmer will weaken, it will pass over completely to the fourth cosmic grade of life.
The animals in the water will disappear, their life will pass over to the land consciousness.
The wild animals from the jungle will die out, the inner life of them will reincarnate in peaceful species.
The exploitation of cattle will be stopped, mankind will live as vegetarians.
The dark spheres will dissolve, their inhabitants will long since be no longer able to experience anything on earth, because the attunement of feeling of the earthly and astral mankind will not be connected to each other.
When mankind on earth reaches the third sphere of light, the Land of Hatred, Lust and Violence will also dissolve.
Afterwards, the Land of Twilight will dissolve, and the number of souls that are born on earth will decrease.
Century after century will pass by, mankind will stand before the fourth sphere of light, the Summerland.
Then the first, second and third sphere of light will also dissolve and mankind will have reached the highest stage.
When the last souls live on earth, the sun will die out.
Billions of souls will make their way to the earth in order to collect the last people there.
The phase of the human history on earth will be over, Mother Earth will now leave by means of her last children.
The highest masters will now be on earth and will address the last people.
The soul as astral personality will now leave behind all the human possessions, as a result of which thousands of wars were fought.
Material will return to material, but the human soul and that of the highest animal species will continue.
The end of mankind on earth will have arrived.
The last sunlight will reach the earth.
Along with Mother Earth, all the planets and stars will dissolve and a new void will originate, like the void from before creation.
Mother Earth will remove itself of its protective atmosphere.
Now darkness will fall and she will die.
The earth and the sun will now have completed their cosmic task, the human soul will have ended its earthly lives and will prepare itself for the fourth cosmic grade of life.
This will be our following universe, where we as soul will reincarnate after the seventh sphere of light in the hereafter in order to continue our illuminating future.

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