Evolution in the water

from cell to sea lion

By means of the driving force of the soul, its body grew from a cell to a sea lion-like organism and as a result its personality originated.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.

Condensing to material matter

How did the first material matter originate?
The article ‘our first lives as a cell’ describes how the soul first only experienced a spiritual cell.
At the moment when the first souls split themselves from the first planet, that planet consisted of spiritual substance.
The first cell body of the individual souls was still purely spiritual, it consisted of the same rarefied plasma as the planet.
When the first cells began with their first reproduction as adult cells, they reached oneness as two spiritual cells.
They split off a small spiritual substance from their cell body, and gave that to each other.
Together they thus formed their first children, their first embryo.
At that moment, they gained their first experience of reproduction, of giving birth and creation.
A membrane appeared around their embryo.
That membrane was the first step for what can be called material matter.
By means of this experience and many following experiences, the soul was able to condense its spiritual substance to a material world.

From cell to sea lion

Every new life of the soul gave more experience, more condensing, more materialization.
By experiencing that material form, the embryonic consciousness and life of feeling also expanded.
As a result of cell division, growing and condensing, the soul thus built up its first materialized body into a spherical being with a tail in order to move.
It could build a bit further every life, by means of the experience it had gained in the previous life.
After many grades of life, its body looked like a fish which swam through the water.
In order to be able to breathe in that water, it formed gills.
The remaining phenomena of those gills can still be perceived in the current stage on earth during the growth of the embryo in the mother’s womb.
On earth, we grow from one cell into an adult human body in less than twenty years.
We repeat that very quickly, which we took millions of years to do during our material evolution.
In order to move more quickly in the water we developed flippers.
Organ after organ was formed by means of the driving force of our soul in order to evolve ourselves, in order to expand and to condense our life form in the water of the first planet.
We developed our senses in order to be able to feel the life outside of ourselves materially.
In order to be able to feel our food, we formed taste buds and a tongue.
And we created our hearing in order to interpret the vibrations which came to us.
But how did we get two eyes, because one was enough to view the world, wasn’t it?
Since with the first reproduction the embryo already consisted of two halves of two cell bodies, many characteristics were built up double, such as our two eyes.
This is why a ‘maternal’ left eye can finally be distinguished from a ‘paternal’ right eye.
Life after life, the soul formed both the internal organs and the external body parts by means of its driving force in order to let its material form grow.
In this way, it also developed the genitals in order to condense the working of motherhood and fatherhood.
On the first planet, in seven grades of evolution, it reached the highest material form which can be compared with the current sea lion on earth.
However, on that planet that body was still attuned to the water life, the soul had still not developed any respiratory organs for the land life.

The forming of our personality

The soul is driving in order to evolve itself.
By means of that driving force, its body expands and condenses itself.
By means of the experience of the material organism in each of its millions of lives, the personality of the soul will start to form itself.
As a result, we will finally become personally conscious of the basic powers by means of which our soul gives form to our material existence and keeps reincarnating us.
In the water we began to take in material food.
We were capable of this because the water had meanwhile filled itself with many animal organisms.
The perception of hunger developed in our body.
Search for food gave us awakening.
We gathered knowledge about where the food could be found and how we could ensure that our hunger was always stilled.
This was our first form of knowledge, the beginning of thinking.
However, as a result of this our first fear was also born.
In a later stage, the food was no longer always available when we became hungry.
And that food could also be taken away by other people.
The fear that we cannot find any food is very old and indescribably deep, if we look at this from the surface of our current life of feeling.
Now we call it fear, but at that moment it was working, feeling, perception, experience, evolution.
By means of experiencing millions of lives, we built up experiences, which started to form themselves into a life of feeling.
Consciously experiencing that life of feeling formed our beginning personality.
On the first planet our personality still consisted of the natural experiencing and accepting of what life brought us.
We experienced our body in particular, both the internal processes and the external body forms.
We felt what we could do with this body, and what space we could explore and experience.
And we accepted everything as it came to us.
Our personality was dominated by one feeling, and that was the enormous driving force of our soul to evolve.
By means of that driving force, we kept on incarnating and in millions of eras built up our body from one cell into a sea lion-like organism.
Then we crawled onto the land which began to form itself by means of the condensed sludge.
This meant the end of this material life, because our organism had still not been able to form any respiratory organs for the land on this first planet.
Yet we crawled onto this land, because our soul wanted to go further, to the life on the land.

When did our first life begin?

On the first planet we did not all begin at the same time as soul.
At the time when, as a result of their experiences, after millions of reincarnations, the first souls had formed their body into a sea lion-like organism, other souls also began with their first life as a cell.
And the first planet then also continued after this for millions of eras with giving birth, until all its spiritual energy was transformed into cell bodies for human souls.
The difference in time when various souls began their first life on the first planet ensures the difference in grade of evolution of these souls, when at a particular time these evolution stages would be compared to each other.
A soul that began earlier has experienced more lives at a particular moment, and as a result has reached a further evolution stage than a soul that began later.
The first souls left the first planet countless eras ago, in order to continue their material and spiritual growth on following planets.
In prehistoric times, they ended their earthly lives and they arrived ages ago on the seventh and highest cosmic grade of life, the All.
The people who now live on earth began much later on the first planet.
When our soul experienced its first life on the first planet, that whole planet was already filled with life in all grades of evolution.
After us, for millions of eras souls began with their first life.
This continued until the last spiritual energy of the first planet was used up.
The souls which began the last must also later start their first life on earth.
The first planet gave all its spiritual plasma to the human souls.
All the human souls which live in the cosmos began their cosmic evolution here.
After all these souls had left the first planet, it could begin its dying process.
The article ‘moon’ describes this dying process.
At that moment the first souls had already experienced all their lives on Mother Earth, and they had evolved to the highest sphere of light in the hereafter.
They were ready to incarnate to the following planet, which belongs to the fourth cosmic grade of life.

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