Human being or soul

an essential difference

If we start to feel the cosmic depth of our soul, there are no longer any people living on earth, but eternal souls in a temporary body.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
‘The life space of our soul spans the entire cosmos.’

Who invented the word ‘human being’?

In the first books by Jozef Rulof the human image was expanded.
The writers of these books, the ‘masters’, explain in them not only the body of the human being, but especially also his eternal core: the soul.
Thanks to that soul, our life is not limited to this one earthly body.
Before these reincarnation, we experienced many past lives, and after this earthly life we continue our life in a next reincarnation or in the hereafter.
Yet the wording is that the human being has a soul, still not the actual thinking of the masters at ‘soul level’.
The article ‘explanation at soul level’ describes two different explanation levels, the earthly thinking on the one hand and the soul level on the other hand.
The human image whereby the human being has a soul and a body belongs to the earthly thinking.
Since the human being invented the word ‘human being’, he sees himself as a human being.
That human being has a body, and some people also believe that we have a soul.
However, this changes nothing in the earthly thinking about the fact that in the first instance we are all ‘human beings’.
It was only after the masters had described the cosmic origin and destination of the soul in their later books that they could completely clarify how they themselves see the life on earth.
When they look at this life at soul level, then they do not see any people walking on earth.
They see the earthly bodies that they perceive as a material form of the soul.
At the time that the soul reincarnates that inspires the fertilized egg cell to growth.
The whole earthly lifetime, the soul drives its body to working, and it has experiences by means of the life on earth.
Then the soul lets go of this body, and it continues its experiences in its next life.
In order to describe this whole process at soul level, the word ‘human being’ is not necessary, because we are soul.

The personality of the soul

In the earthly thinking, the human being has not only a body, but also a personality.
The formation of the human personality is especially attributed to the influence of earthly circumstances such as genes, upbringing, parents and society.
At soul level, the personality is built up by means of all the experiences that the soul has in its many lives.
Each life, it experiences other earthly circumstances, as a result of which its inner self expands.
Each reincarnation, it builds further on its inner life, and it becomes more conscious of the consequences of its actions.
The article ‘harmony’ explains that our soul is naturally harmonic, but is only conscious of that harmony as a result of many experiences.
When the masters follow the cosmic evolution of the soul, they describe the moment that the soul reached disharmonic actions.
They saw the first action taking place, which is called ‘manslaughter’ in human terms.
The soul which then carried out that action was, as a personality, still not conscious of the consequences, namely that as a result of this another soul had to let go of the earthly body.
The article ‘karma’ describes how the acting soul dealt with this incident.
This action went against its innate harmony, and in following lives it was driven to dissolve again the disharmony caused, for instance by giving a new body to the soul whose body was destroyed.
However, this correcting driving force by the soul did not immediately lead to a harmonic personality.
The masters saw that the personality of this soul even proceeded with conscious disharmonic actions in later lives, which people started to call ‘murder’.
Hereby, the personality then knew the earthly consequences of his deed for the victim.
Later, people on earth began to speak about a ‘murderer’.
However, at soul level, no murderer exists, because the cosmic soul is not pinned to that one disharmonic deed in that one life.
Once the karma has dissolved and the soul of whom the body was destroyed has received a new body, all the souls involved can continue in their evolution, because the term ‘murderer’ has never existed for the soul.
As a result of disharmonic actions, every soul ultimately learns how it should not be done.
The masters have described our cosmic evolution, whereby every soul builds up a conscious personality which remains in all actions in harmony with all the other life.
Every reincarnation on earth is one life out of the billions of lives which it experiences on this cosmic journey.
The article ‘cosmic grades of life’ explains that this journey began on another planet, and will soon bring us back to a next planet after the earthly phase.
The earth is the final point here of the third phase, but another four following universes await us with millions of lives in order to continue our evolution.
The life space of our soul spans the entire cosmos.
Identifying ourselves with this one body on earth or with our current character does not in any way give an accurate picture of the potential of our cosmic soul.
Our personality only shows how far we have developed inwardly at this moment.
However, that is only a snapshot.
Tying someone to that moment is the same thing as saying that a school child can never become a professor.
A moment in time says nothing about the true nature and the essence of a life form, and certainly not about a soul life that will still develop further for billions of years.

Not a single soul is an ‘eskimo’

Also calling groups of human beings by the name of a people belongs to the earthly thinking.
The article ‘explanation at soul level’ explains that these names in the books by Jozef Rulof were only used in order to connect at word level with the human thinking of the readers from that time.
For instance, in the book ‘The Origin of the Universe’ the masters wrote: ‘Yes, people call them eskimos.’
At that time, the masters followed the evolution of the soul on earth in that book.
Every soul experienced different types of bodies, which are called ‘material grades of life’ at soul level.
In the earthly thinking a group of people with a body from the fifth material grade of life is called ‘eskimos’ at a particular point.
However, as soon as an earthly name is applied, an imaging occurs which no longer corresponds with the reality of the soul.
After all, not a single soul is an eskimo.
Nor in a life during which this soul experiences a body from the fifth cosmic material grade of life.
The relation between the soul and a material grade of life is much more complex than the name of a nation could suggest.
The article ‘material grades of life’ explains that in the past every soul experienced the material grades of life in various ‘rounds’.
One soul experienced a body in order to gain the first experiences with that material grade of life, while another soul used the same type of body in order to bring itself back into harmony with the life.
As a result, the development of the personality of these souls could differ considerably, because the soul which came back for harmony had experienced many more lives than the soul which was still only attuned to the material grade of life.
In addition, this description is about the past when seven separate material grades still existed.
As a result of long and large-scale mixings, thousands of physical grades then originated, if people in the present time still wish to continue to speak of various material grades of life.
At soul level, no eskimos or other peoples exist.
Because the soul has no nationality or does not belong to a particular people.
The soul reincarnates in all parts of the earth and experiences millions of bodies in order to gain experience by means of this.
During this evolution, one life in one body does not say anything about the true nature of the soul.
When this soul is followed for a hundred years according to human time calculations and the name eskimo is applied to this, this does not do any justice to the billions of eras which these hundred years are only a minimal part of.

Our cosmic life

At soul level the term human being disappears and is replaced by the soul.
In their cosmology, the masters analyzed the essence of our soul.
For this purpose, they research spiritually-scientifically where our soul comes from.
Every soul appears to be a small part of the All-Soul.
The article ‘All-Soul and All-Source’ describes the moment that the All-Soul began to give form to itself.
In these first forms, it was already expressed what basic powers are individually active in the All-Soul and in all souls.
The article ‘our basic powers’ describes those basic characteristics of all the life.
When we call ourselves ‘life’ instead of human being, we can see better how the characteristics of our soul are also active in all the other life forms.
The life that we are creates a form for itself and by experiencing numerous grades of life, step by step, we become conscious of the basic characteristics which live in us.
In every life we experience a moment in time of our soul, a grade of evolution.
However, it is only in billions of lives that we will complete our cosmic journey and our ‘All’ will be aware of our cosmic life.

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