Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life

our next universe

After the seventh sphere of light in the hereafter, the human soul reincarnates on the first planet of the fourth cosmic grade of life.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.

The conscious transition to the fourth grade

The article ‘cosmic grades of life’ explains that the earth is the last planet of the third cosmic grade of life for our soul.
After the earth, the soul goes to the hereafter in order to prepare itself as a personality for the harmony of the next cosmic grade.
In the hereafter, it releases all the earthly feeling and it masters a higher love and consciousness.
As a result, it starts to radiates its inner light as spiritual light and it builds on seven consecutive spheres of light.
It enters into harmony again with its twin soul and from that moment the twin souls go further hand in hand, together they will carry and interpret the higher consciousness.
When the twin souls have brought the seventh sphere of light in themselves completely into working, they will pass on to the mental regions.
Those regions differ from the world of the unconscious, because the souls now remain conscious.
As a personality, they have now sufficiently evolved in order to go consciously to the next phase in their cosmic evolution.

A more rarefied universe

The fourth cosmic grade of life is a new universe which cannot be perceived from the earth.
It is more rarefied than our universe where the first three cosmic grades of life lie.
The human soul can only experience the fourth cosmic grade when it has reached that rarefied state as grade of feeling and consciousness.
For the human being on earth, the new universe is just as invisible as the spheres of light.
Although the fourth cosmic grade of life contains material planets and suns again, the grade of condensing of that material matter is too rarefied in order to be perceived by our material senses or by earthly instruments.
The universe of the fourth grade possesses seven consecutive planets on which the human soul continues its cosmic evolution.
Those planets no longer lie distributed in the universe as with the second and the third cosmic grade of life.
In the fourth grade, together with the seven suns which illuminate them, the seven planets form one large system of cosmic harmony.
There is a central mother planet for the central sun, and around that lie the seven transition planets in order to evolve to the mother planet.

Material grades of life

Before the first souls passed on to the fourth cosmic grade of life, their spiritual radiance had already prepared the first planet of the fourth grade for their arrival.
As a result, the first souls could use the spiritual plasma of this planet in order to form their first cell body.
Just as with the previous planets, the first souls also had to begin their first life as a small cell, because a larger human body had still not been built up.
The difference with the previous cosmic grades of life was that they now consciously remained with all the transitions.
They could consciously reincarnate to the next stage in order to build up all the material grades of life in this new universe.
Here too, they experienced again the material construction of the body in the water and on the land.
However, they no longer needed to go through any prehistoric stages, because they could inspire the material evolution from a higher consciousness.
The first souls did indeed remember these prehistoric grades of life from their earthly evolution, because they had lived there in prehistoric times.
On earth, they did not know any cities and did not speak any language, because the material life had then still not progressed that far.
On the fourth cosmic grade, they no longer needed a language, because they spoke with each other from feeling to feeling.
As a result of their connection of feeling, they are in contact with all the life that belongs to their grade.

A spiritual-material world

When the first souls had brought their body on the fourth cosmic grade of life to the adult human form, that body was also dressed.
Their garment could be somewhat compared to the clothing of the Ancient Greeks and Romans and also with what Christ wore on earth.
However, the human being on the fourth cosmic grade no longer needs to wash this garment, because it never gets dirty.
He no longer even needs to put on his clothing, because the garment is formed by his spiritual radiance.
All the material on this planet is a condensed form of spiritual radiance, and the material continues to react immediately to that radiance.
In this way, every thought of the personality is immediately visible in the human garment.
The garment radiates light, just like in the spheres of light.
The soul as personality gives birth to and creates its garment every second as a colourful radiance.
And the hair style is also now radiated by all the colours of the universe.
The human body has become material light here, radiatingly conscious
The blood is no longer red here, but transparent pink.
All the material of this planet is transparent, people can see through the green of nature.
Although the water is thousands of metres deep, people can see the bottom, because all the material has reached that rarefied state.
The ground on which people walk is no longer clay or sandy soil, it is materialised life aura.

Harmonic life

In the seven spheres of light, the soul has discarded every material and earthly thought.
This is why a lie, deception or misery no longer exists on the fourth cosmic grade of life.
Here, every soul as personality is completely in harmony with all the other souls.
Everyone is clairvoyant and clairaudient, and is now conscious of all past lives.
There are no longer any kings or emperors, no earthly medals, no scandal or writing, because all twin souls experience their own ‘book of life’ here.
Everyone is now art, wisdom and science himself, at any moment the harmonic life can be created into a spiritual-material shape.
Here, people no longer need any artificial light, the human being himself is ‘light’ here.
Here, people can form temples by thinking about them, earthly construction work is no longer needed.
In this world, material illnesses no longer occur.
What people call dying on earth takes place here harmonically and never as a result of illness.
When people pass on to the next life, the previous body dissolves.
People no longer pass on prematurely due to an accident, never mind murder or suicide, people already left those feelings behind them thousands of years ago.
The natural lifetime is always lived out here completely.
The natural dying is experienced here together with the twin soul, hand in hand their appearance dissolves while they walk in nature.
During the transition, they remain conscious, and no one needs to wait long in order to reincarnate, in this world no karma has been built up.
Seven hours after their dissolving, they can already inspire the fertilized egg cell of the new life, here the reincarnation has reached harmony with the universe.

Universal love

In the mother’s womb too, the soul remains conscious here as a personality.
It knows with which other mother its twin soul will be born, and it can already announce that to its own mother.
Mother and child have a constant contact of feeling, they talk spiritually with each other.
The pregnancy lasts seven months here, these are seven ages of material growth and evolution.
After the birth, the human being grows very quickly towards an adult form, that has already been achieved in twenty days, here there are no longer any material disorders or inhibitions.
A life on the first planet of the fourth cosmic grade of life lasts hundreds of years, on the last planet already thousands of years.
The soul now experiences its spatial age which is in harmony with the grade of its consciousness.
The lifespan expands and will evolve in the higher cosmic grades of life to the eternal.
Every soul lives here together with its twin soul, as mother and father in each life they have two children, so that the life can always continue.
The soul as personality lives here for its love, the universal love for all the life.

Reflection in nature

And what does the soul as personality still have to do during its millions of reincarnations?
It lives, and brings its cosmic consciousness to the very highest awakening.
When it looks in nature, it sees that all its character traits are depicted in millions of flower species.
Every stage of evolution and becoming conscious of the soul, its personality and its physical grades of life is represented by a different species of flower.
For instance, every phase of the pregnancy has an own flower.
Every grade of life of the universe and the solar systems also receives an own life flower.
All the human character traits and thoughts are given shape to by flowers, millions of flowers reflect the life of feeling.
People only need to look at nature, and see themselves and all the life interpreted in colour and form.
The physical organs are also depicted by flowers.
In this way, the heart flower shows the living heart of the human being in a natural product.
The flower for motherhood already possesses the organs for the giving birth, like the earthly orchid already interprets the womb.
There are even flowers which can look at the human being, because they interpret the living eye of the All-Soul.
By means of nature, the soul as personality gets to know itself and it awakens for even higher worlds such as materialization of its life.
In this way, it goes to the fifth and sixth cosmic grade of life, to finally reach the All, the seventh cosmic grade of life.

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