The All

our cosmic destination

In the All as seventh cosmic grade of life, after its cosmic evolution, every human soul will become All-Conscious of all the life that it is.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.


For the book series ‘The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof’, along with his masters Alcar and Zelanus, Jozef was in the All three times.
The All is the destination of every human soul, the evolution stage which everyone is on their way to.
It is the end of our cosmic evolution, and at the same time a beginning, because the soul is infinite working.
On the journeys for the cosmology, Jozef and his masters are always supported by a guide from the All, in order to pass on to the earthly human being a glimpse of the cosmic wisdom which the human being mastered in the All.
The human being in the All can still attune himself to the earthly consciousness, because he once also experienced millions of lives on earth.

On the way to the All

In the books by Jozef Rulof, the life on the fourth cosmic grade of life is described in detail, because this more rarefied universe already carries the feeling and thinking of the All within it, while it can still be described in earthly comparisons.
In order to understand the higher cosmic grades of life in words, earthly words fall short.
Just as on the fourth cosmic grade of life, in the following cosmic grades the oneness of suns and planets exists.
The light of the fifth cosmic grade possesses the attunement of the light of the fifth sphere of light in the hereafter.
The silvery light of the sixth cosmic grade is illuminated by a golden shine, just like in the sixth sphere of light.
Up to the sixth cosmic grade of life, the mother still gives birth to children.
The material body is still built up here by a spiritual substance.
The life of feeling no longer has any gravity here, every character trait is spiritually conscious and true.
In order to go from one life to the next evolution, there is only one thought necessary: I want, I am, I go.

The seventh cosmic grade of life

The All is also called the seventh cosmic grade of life.
The soul goes through a long journey of six cosmic grades of life before it reaches the All.
The seventh cosmic grade of life has the same basic laws as the previous cosmic grades of life.
Here too there is a mother planet in the centre of the universe, which represents the motherhood.
The life on this planet is soft, there is no more hardness to be seen.
There are flowers and plants here, and an awe-inspiring silence.
The human being and all the life radiate a golden light.
The universe is like luminous plasma.
The planet has an awe-inspiring body, which has absorbed all the universes into it.
The All-Consciousness is so awe-inspiring that it can only be carried by the inner love of twin souls.
The twin souls both have one feeling, one life, one thought, like two flowers of one colour.
When they arrive at the seventh cosmic grade of life, there are still seven transitions to be experienced, before they reach the final stage and can experience the depth of the All.
In the seventh transition, the soul comes back into the All-Source again, into the darkness of before creation.
However, now the individual soul is also conscious as a personality of all the life that it is.
It has got to know itself as an eternal source of giving birth and creating.
That consciousness has grown and been acquired by the long evolution in seven cosmic grades of life.
This is why it is also called the conscious All-Stage.


As consciousness stage, the All is far away for the human being on earth, but not as a universe.
Worlds lie inside each other, wherever the human being is to be found, the All-Consciousness also lives there.
We now also live in the All, but then as human being, we still have our earthly human consciousness.
Every soul will one day reach the All as consciousness stage, after the long journey through the seven cosmic grades of life.
All the souls which now have All-Conscious have already made that journey.
Those who were the first to begin on the first cosmic grade of life were the first to reach their All-Stage.
We were able to get to know one of them as Jesus Christ.

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