is still not a science of the soul

In contrast to what the translation of the term psychology as science of the soul suggests, psychology still does not know the depth of the soul.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.

Material thinking

If people look at the Greek origin of the word, people can translate psychology as science of the soul.
For society, psychology is the science of the soul, but according to the books by Jozef Rulof psychology still cannot make a claim to this expertise, because it still does not know the soul.
The current psychology does not talk about soul and barely about spirit, and if it talks about spirit it means the feelings and thoughts of the human being.
However, it does speak of consciousness and subconscious, but it still does not know that our subconscious contains the experiences of all our past lives.
Psychology still does not know the spiritual reality behind these words, because it still thinks materially.
As a task of current science, it limits itself to the materially perceivable phenomena.
As a result, just like the other sciences, psychology reflects the thinking and feeling of the present-day mankind which is focused on the material.
However, psychology does look at the inner life of the human being, but in order to explain this it still limits itself to causes in the current life, such as the social environment, the upbringing, society, conditioning, heredity and brains.

Inspiration of the material

Psychology still does not know that the inner life has been built up by all our experiences in this life and in our past lives.
It still does not know that, upon the conception the soul connects with the fertilised egg cell, in order to continue her eternal evolution in this new life.
Psychology still does not know reincarnation as an explanation for the difference in personality between two people.
This is why the human being does not come further, when he turns to psychology in order to find out how his inner life was formed.
If he was to look at every character trait in the light of the construction of this characteristic in this life and in his past lives, his view would already reach further than the present-day science.
When in the future it will be scientifically proven that the soul survives and exceeds the material body, psychology can also expand its explanation of the inner life of the human being and help the masses to understand the working of the soul.
It is only then that the human being will rightly be able to call psychology a science of the soul.

Sources and deepening