its spatial fatherhood

The light-emitting power of our sun shows every soul how it can give heat to all the life to which it connects itself.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.

Spatial fatherhood

Imagine that there was no sun.
Then our ‘solar system’ would not have originated.
Planets would indeed be able to exist, but not a ‘Mother Earth’.
The planets would not be able to experience a motherhood, because without sun power, no people, animals or plants can live.
When we speak about Mother Earth, then the sun can be considered as father.
After all, the life on Mother Earth reached evolution thanks to the heat and the light from the sun.
As the individual soul on earth can become a mother thanks to the procreating power of the man as father, the earth can experience her motherhood thanks to the procreating radiance from the sun.
The spatial fatherhood of the sun is realized by its radiating light.
As the man can bring a woman to motherhood by giving his sperm cells, by means of its light cells the sun gives to the earth the motherhood of everything that was born on our planet.
In addition, Mother Earth and Father Sun have regulated the strength of that sun power at the correct strength by determining their mutual distance in such a way that the sunlight heats us sufficiently but does not burn us.

The second basic power

According to the masters, this was not realized that harmonically by coincidence.
When they gauged the origin of our soul, they saw that the sun is the spatial personification of the second basic power of the All-Soul, as that was described in the article ‘our basic powers’.
The second basic power can be called condensing, creation or fatherhood.
That power works together with the first basic power which can be called growing, giving birth or motherhood.
Together, they bring the life of the All-Soul to evolution.
The article ‘cosmic splitting’ describes how these two basic powers in the universe reached independence by absorbing condensed spiritual energy.
Motherhood built itself up as the first planet and fatherhood contracted itself to our sun.
In the article ‘moon’, the birth, the blossom and the dying of the first planet are followed, so that the spatial body that we call moon can receive a maternal meaning at soul level.


The masters had already perceived these two basic powers before the cosmic splitting in the evolution of the first hazes in the universe.
When the All-Soul gave form to its driving feeling, that formation took place in two phases.
First, it gave birth to the hazes, which grew and took up space.
Then it condensed its hazes into a thick spiritual body.
That condensing working as second basic power later also emanated from the sun.
The sun gives the planets the possibility to condense rarefied hazes into cells, as this is described in the article ‘our first lives as a cell’.
By means of the continual influence of the sun’s heat, these cells can condense themselves into materialized bodies, as a result of which the individual souls can have material experiences.
By means of these experiences, the human personality of these souls will also be able to condense itself much later into characteristics.

Radiating light

The masters noticed that their spiritual body started to radiate light, when their personality had reached a particular grade of consciousness and love.
By means of the collective radiating light, the spheres of light of the hereafter were realized.
As a result, the masters saw that we as soul have the same spiritual light radiating basic power as our sun.
In addition, the sun condensed this radiance into visible sunlight, as a result of which our life could be materialized.
The masters see the sun as a spatial example for every individual soul.
One day, all the souls will heat all the life around them with their spiritual light, as the sun now already does continuously.
The sun also had to build up this radiance.
In the beginning its red-golden light was still weak.
In order to obtain its current golden-yellow radiance, it needed billions of eras.
And in this way for every soul it is a mirror that we only reach the spiritual radiance of the higher spheres of light when all our thoughts are light-radiating.


The masters compare the process, by means of which the sun reaches its luminous radiance, with the working of a volcano.
They see that the earth also has this creating working because the earth originated from the All-Soul and as a result of this has the two basic powers of the All-Soul in her.
The sun also has the giving birth aspect in its deepest core, before it brings that giving birth to light by means of its creating basic power.
The masters see the two basic powers reflected in every soul, as a result of which we become both woman and man many times.
Physically, one of both basic powers is constantly materialized, but our inner life of feeling was built up by means of the experiences of both genders.
By experiencing the two basic powers to the full, we grow towards a conscious love which harmonizes both aspects, and we feel how precisely the collaboration of these basic powers brought us to evolution.
We received motherhood and fatherhood from our All-Soul.
By experiencing motherhood and fatherhood consciously, our personality as our own sun starts to radiate spiritually and heat all the life with which we connect ourselves.

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