Euthanasia and suicide

causes of unbearable suffering

Euthanasia and suicide cause a new suffering that is much worse than the pains that we know on earth.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.

What people assume

Euthanasia and suicide have in common that the physical life is terminated by means of an intervention by the human being himself.
In the case of suicide people kill themselves, in the case of euthanasia another person can carry out the action to end the life.
Euthanasia can be considered as a form of suicide ‘with the aid of another person’.
People assume that by means of euthanasia or suicide the physical and spiritual suffering is ended.
Death is then seen as the end of feeling pain.
What happens after death is not taken into account because people have no knowledge of this.
However, people assume that in any case it cannot be worse than suffering on earth.
This was also the assumption of Lantos Dumonché at the time that he committed suicide.
Lantos was a French sculptor who experienced the peak of his art in Rome in the eleventh century after Christ.
During a fight for his beloved he impulsively knocked down his rival who died from the injuries.
Lantos was sentenced to lifelong imprisonment for this.
After four and a half years of solitary confinement on death row he ended his earthly life in an attempt to escape his hopeless state.

Attached in feeling

Immediately after his suicide Lantos experienced that he had ended the working of his earthly body, but not his own feeling and thinking.
When he became spiritually awake after death, he noticed that his conscious perception continued, as if he just had a deep sleep.
He was still in his death cell, but of the physical world he could only still perceive his own body.
When he tried to remove himself from his body, his first disappointment awaited him.
However much effort he made, he could not free himself from his body.
He felt attached to it.
The main difference with his earthly life was that he could no longer make his body move now, it no longer listened to his will, it was ‘dead’.
However, he as a personality was livingly conscious of everything that happened to him and his body.
For instance, he felt that people were taking his body away to bury it.
He could not call out anything to his guardians, because they did not hear his spiritual voice.
The people who carried his body did not see that was still alive and conscious.
To them the spiritual world was invisible, just as that was for Lantos during his life on earth.
Lantos felt his body going down, from which he deduced that he had to lie in a coffin under the ground.
But that was not the worst of it.
He realized that something dreadful awaited him.
It had begun slowly, but it was getting worse and worse.
On earth, people call it the ‘dissolution’ of his body.
Since he was still connected to every fibre of his body, he had to undergo this process patiently in a feeling attachment.
This new suffering could not be compared to any pain on earth.
During this horrendous suffering the hope emerged that he would one day be able to tell this to mankind, in order to protect the people on earth from this dreadful process.
This knowledge was not yet on earth, at least during his life he had heard nothing about it.
And if he had did research into it all his life, he would still not have been able to gain this spiritual knowledge.
After all, the earthly human being did not see these spiritual consequences and science could not yet determine this spiritual world.

Finally freed

As the dissolution process unfolded, Lantos felt himself becoming more free.
Every physical cell which dissolved was no longer tethered to his body.
When his body had decayed for the main part, he could already remove himself by a few metres.
However, he continued to feel the dissolution of his body until only the bones remained.
When he was finally freed from his body, he looked forward to meeting other people in his new spiritual life.
After all, he had had to live with his ownmisery for too long.
Full of courage, he set out, but he saw no one.
For years, he wandered round in an empty world.
It was only at the time that he would have passed on if he had not committed suicide that this empty world dissolved and he passed on to the sphere in the hereafter to which he had attunement in feeling.

Suicide prevention and study

However, he soon returned to the earth, because he felt attracted to the people on earth who were also walking round with suicidal thoughts.
From his spiritual world he started to help those people to fight against these thoughts and to focus on constructive actions.
For hundreds of years, via inspiration he helped many people on earth and in the hereafter, and meanwhile he carried out in-depth research into everything to do with suicide.
For instance, he got to know the suicide ‘law’.
He saw that after their suicide almost all people ended up in an unbearable suffering.
However, he also followed a girl on earth who consciously walked into a ditch in order to drown, and after her death was not attached to her body and did not end up in that empty world.
She experienced a normal transition to the hereafter.
‘How was this possible?
Was there an invisible power at work here which people on earth called God and who randomly allowed one human being to collapse in misery and let the other human being go?’

Natural lifespan

In order to solve this problem, Lantos followed the human being on earth from the fertilization of the ovum.
Since he could perceive spiritually, he saw that from conception every human being had a specific amount of life energy, which was different for everyone.
Lantos called it the life aura.
He determined that the human who died because his life aura was used up could immediately pass on to the hereafter.
However, in the case of suicide and euthanasia, he saw that people ended the material life before the life aura had been used up.
As a result of that unused life aura, people remained connected to the material body because that life aura served to provide that body with a life force.
Even if that body had decayed down to the bones, a person would remain connected to it until all the life aura was used up.
This can be compared to the strength that we have gained from a good night’s sleep.
When we wake up and begin with the day we have enough strength to work a whole day.
If we lie down to sleep after just two hours, sleep will not come because our life force for that day has not been used up yet.
We will then remain awake and experience the hours consciously, whether we like it or not.
Lantos had experienced the years of his lifespan in the same way which had not yet been used up after his suicide.
The life aura can be physically translated as a natural lifespan, and that ends the second that the life aura is used up.
At that moment, an operation or other medical treatment no longer helps, then the human being will die.
It is then ‘his time’.
Lantos did not yet know whether there was a God who took care of all of this, but as a result of his study he could determine that the suicide law applied to everyone without distinction, and that that laws had to do with the natural lifespan of the human being.
As a result, he understood that one exception, that girl that did not end up in the empty world after her suicide.
Here life aura was completely used up at exactly that moment.
However, this was probably extremely rare.
From this Lantos concluded that the severe suffering that he had undergone was not a punishment imposed on him but a natural law which he had unwittingly broken.
Just like the physical natural laws on earth, he had got to know this spiritual law of suicide as impartial and always applicable.
After all, on earth people did not have to believe in gravity to be subjected to it, or in a burning stove to burn their hands from it.
In the same ‘just’ way, it did not matter whether or not people believed in a life after death, after a suicide he saw the human being ending up in the new suffering.
This spiritual law applied to everyone without distinction.
Every human being experienced his life aura down to the last gram, on earth or in his own empty spiritual world.

Pain control made impossible.

During his study, Lantos met many others in life after death who completely dedicate themselves to reducing the pains which are suffered on earth.
They have united in a spiritual order in order to collectively help the earthly human being as effectively as possible.
They call their order the ‘University of Christ’.
This order consists of millions of spirits of the light who complete their loving task everywhere on earth.
Unseen, they give their spiritual aura to sick people, in order to support and help them to heal.
They inspire earthly doctors to help sick people and to develop means which fight the physical pain, such as morphine.
When the end of life is dominated by pain, these painkillers can be used to help the human being to let go of his body in the greatest possible peace.
As long as the human being lives on earth, by alleviating the pain people can reduce the pain to bearable proportions.
However, when people proceed with euthanasia, the possibility of pain control also ends.
Since the deceased human being is then attached in feeling to his body that proceeds to decay, he feels a pain that can no longer be controlled.
No ‘spiritual morphine’ exists.
The euthanasia has not put an end to all the pain, but to an effect pain control.

The books by Lantos

The University of Christ realizes that inspiring doctors is not sufficient.
When it is possible to prevent suffering, this takes preference.
For this purpose, it is necessary for the spiritual consequences of suicide and euthanasia to be made known on earth.
However, the people on earth who can receive this spiritual knowledge in a pure way are extremely rare.
Lantos asked the spiritual order whether they knew such a human being on earth.
The order advised him to prepare himself to bring his knowledge to the earth, because in the twentieth century a human being would come to earth who could receive his books.
Lantos therefore made more effort than ever before to get to know all the spiritual laws about life after death.
By helping the human being on earth and in the hereafter in love, he reached the fourth sphere of light.
Then he had the possibility of passing on all his knowledge that he had gained in nine centuries as a spiritual researcher to mankind via Jozef Rulof.
In the book ‘The Cycle of the Soul’ Lantos describes his life on earth, the consequences of his suicide in the death cell, and his spiritual study in the life after death.
In addition, he brought many other books via Jozef Rulof to earth, such as the book ‘Spiritual Gifts’.
In this he analyses the various grades of mediumship.
For instance, he lets the reader see the large distinction in purity between all kinds of people on earth who call themselves a ‘medium’.

The healing instrument

The University of Christ has developed a much greater plan in order to fight the suffering of the human being on earth and even to remove it from the world once and for all.
The suffering that is caused by ignorance, such as committing euthanasia and suicide, can still be prevented by bringing spiritual knowledge to earth, if the human being is open to this.
However, most physical suffering on earth cannot be prevented by knowledge, because it is a consequence of the hereditary weakening of the body.
As a result of that weakening, diseases can persist and plague many lives.
In order to fight this physical suffering a much more fundamental approach is necessary.
For this purpose, the University of Christ will bring a technical instrument to earth which can cure all diseases effectively.
This instrument can only be built when the technology on earth has developed much further.
After all, the instrument must be able to p urify the body of diseases at a much deeper level than current medical science is capable of.
Furthermore, it must contribute to us no longer passing on the diseases to our children, to finally be able to offer a completely strong and healthy body to the next generations.
In a later series of articles, the working of the ‘healing instrument’ will be described.
Then the knowledge that the University of Christ has passed on via Jozef Rulof about the origin of the diseases and the evolution of the human body will also be dealt with.
This series of articles will explain how the University of Christ helps mankind on earth through all the centuries and steers it into its spiritual evolution to a higher level of universal love.

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