Our consciousness on Mars

appeasing hunger

By the experience of hunger and the power of a very strong body, the soul on Mars reaches the pre-animal-like grade of feeling as instinctive consciousness.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.

Traces of life

In 2018, the space agency NASA announced that organic molecules were found on the planet Mars.
The age of the rocks on which the molecules were found is dated at three billion years.
During a previous study, the Mars vehicle had already found oxygen, carbon and hydrogen.
Furthermore, there are indications that there was once running water which formed lakes.
As a result of all these findings, science considers it possible that there was once life on Mars, in the time that there was also fresh water and a denser atmosphere.
The books by Jozef Rulof describe how we can imagine that life.
According to the writers of these books, the masters, we even once lived on Mars.
The masters established spiritually-scientifically that every human soul has experienced many lives on Mars in the course of its cosmic evolution.
In this Mars is not the first and not the last planet on this cosmic journey.
The article ‘cosmic grades of life’ explains that Mars is the final stage of the second cosmic grade of life.
The earth is the final stage of the third cosmic grade of life.
After many reincarnations on Mars, the human soul goes to a number of transition planets, and then to the earth, in order to continue its evolution.
Now Mars is dying, the atmosphere is dissolving.
However, long ago it was a flourishing planet with much life.
At that time the atmosphere was still intact, and the planet still did not look as dry and dead.

Our physical form

The body that we experienced on Mars was less far evolved than the human body on earth.
However, just like on earth, the soul on Mars did indeed experience a whole evolution, in order to let its organism grow from a single cell to the highest material form.
The material evolution on earth is explained in the article ‘material grades of life’.
On Mars too, this material evolution began in the water.
The articles ‘our first lives as a cell’ and ‘evolution in the water’ explain how the soul built up a physical form for itself in the water.
The article ‘evolution on the land’ describes the continuation of our material evolution on the land.
On Mars, we finally experienced a physical body which shows a bit of a likeness to large apes on earth.
However, the evolution of the animal kingdom runs completely separately to the human evolution, as is explained in the article ‘the mistake by Darwin’.
The life and climate on Mars at that time can be compared to prehistoric times on earth.
The existence there was rough and harsh.
The life forms were given a tremendous size here.
The plants were very large, the animals reached the size as in prehistoric times on earth and the human being was also a giant in comparison to our current form.
The human body was very strong and did not know any diseases.
However, it was much coarser than the current body on earth.

Our consciousness

Our consciousness on Mars was mainly determined by the experience of the material body.
We experienced the physical actions which are part of eating, drinking, sleeping, reproduction and motherhood.
When the body needed food, we received the sensations which we started to call ‘hunger’ on earth.
That hunger set the personality in motion.
Searching for food gave the first knowledge.
After thousands of reincarnations, we knew where our food could be found, and how we could acquire it.
This became an instinctive knowledge about how we could appease our hunger.
On Mars, we also got to know and use the power of our body in order to acquire food.
As a result, we gained the first grade of consciousness.
The masters call that the pre-animal-like grade of feeling, because actions were carried out which most current animals on earth do not carry out, such as eating their fellow species.
On Mars, the human personality reached pre-animal-like cannibalism, and it was only when it entered the animal-like grade of feeling on earth that it could let go of cannibalism again.
Since the human being on Mars learned to use his body for acquiring food, mutual battles occurred.
For instance, for the first time in its cosmic evolution path, here the soul started to act in a disharmonic way in relation to other souls.
How this disharmony originated and was resolved is explained in the article ‘harmony’.
The personality was still not conscious of its disharmonic actions on Mars.
It still did not know the human concepts of ‘good and evil’.
It still did not realize that by means of this behaviour it brought itself into disharmony with other souls.
The personality still could not think, it could only feel instinctively.
That feeling was aimed at being and remaining strong, in order to always ensure that enough food could be acquired.
There was still no question here of earthly human characteristics.
A language had still not developed either, it was only a sort of shouting.
There was still not a personality which formed an own character life after life, only a general instinctive feeling remained from the past lives.
The ultimate consciousness can be described as an early form of herd mentality.
First people searched for food alone, but later they formed groups, because they offered more chances of survival.
The groups with the strongest body of the highest material grade of life slaughtered the other groups with a less strong body.
The groups were led by the very strongest, because the law of the strongest dominated this consciousness.
When the soul experienced the female body, maternal feelings of care for the young life also occurred.
Breastfeeding took place in the same way as on earth.
One can call the feelings of tenderness the first grade of maternal love, the mother felt this as her happiness.
She attacked everyone who wanted to deny her this happiness.
When the child could take care of itself, this feeling disappeared again and the mother no longer knew that it was her child.
The pre-animal-like consciousness was the highest grade of feeling which the human soul experienced on Mars and with which it begins on earth.
On earth it develops higher grades of feeling, as is explained in the article ‘grades of feeling’.
When the soul ultimately reaches the universal love of the spiritual grade of feeling in the hereafter, people can look back on the consciousness of Mars at that time as the necessary first step in the own consciousness development.

Sources and deepening