Apostles -- Sources

Source texts from the books by Jozef Rulof for the article ‘Apostles’.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
These sources presume the prior reading of the article ‘Apostles’.

Born for their task

During his lectures, master Zelanus explained that the apostles were reincarnated for their task:
I also told you, and that is already the first Divine, cosmic, spiritual touch: the apostles of Christ were born for their task.
They were people who already lived in the hereafter, or they would have betrayed and sold him on the way.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
Peter for instance lived on the border of the Land of Twilight and the first sphere of light in the hereafter, before he reincarnated for the apostleship:
Who was the later Paul, who were the other people who passed on the word after the apostles of Christ?
The Divine authority calculates everything.
No wrong foundations were laid for this task.
Peter comes from the first sphere, from the Land of Twilight.
He has not yet reached the first sphere, but he comes back as Moses came back.
The other people come from the Land of Twilight and are ready to serve.
They enjoyed, tasted how that wine from the space can move the human heart, can strengthen, can give an inspiration, a bubbly present, so that this life will awaken.
Because this life feeds itself, and inspires, prepares itself for what lives there, the human being from the material society.
Lectures Part 1, 1950


Christ explained his joyful message to his apostles:
Now He walks over the earth.
He goes further and further and further with the apostles.
He prepares them.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
In Jerusalem the apostles started to feel what He wanted:
They start to feel themselves, they start to see what He wants.
He tells these earthly people how they will go in a brotherly and sisterly way next to and past each other.
He makes it clear to them that they ... the wife, the mothers ...
“Yes, but my mother ... my children already say ...!”
Did you think that the apostles would have surrendered just like that?
Did you think that there in that living room the other life, the maternal authority had nothing to say?
“You will stay here”, one says.
“What do I have to do with that mad person?”
The man says – because he has been touched –: “I will go and follow him.”
Did you never, did mankind of this time never wonder what those mothers thought?
How they wondered, when the Divine authority speaks?
Who gave these children, these mothers, food and drink?
“Go with me”, said the Divine authority, “I will make you fishermen of and over the people.”
And then these little men, these little children, thought: ‘But my God, but good heavens, but my world, how will that get food and drink?’
We now start to see that those mothers took care of themselves.
We start to see that the becoming conscious which the men received from Him, passed onto the mothers.
And they said: “Go, my child.
Go and come back and tell me what you saw, experienced, because He is true!
He is truth!
I want to give myself.
Just go, Peter, John, go and follow Him, but come back and send me a message now and again.
As a result of your message I will experience the space and your kiss.”
We must now determine and have to accept that these mothers were also ready to serve Him.
Yes, they were born; there were no longer any destructive foundations in this, no elemental respect which takes you to the darkness.
Those mothers understood, accepted and surrendered.
Even the children of Peter and John said: “Father, go.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
The apostles sent messages to their wives:
Feel, feel, feel where it goes.
The world receives Divine love; the world receives Divine sight.
He is the Messiah.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
And pray for me, send me your feeling that I will not succumb, because we feel, we feel that wonderful things will happen.”
Lectures Part 1, 1950
Their wives consciously supported the apostleship:
The mothers ... the wives of Peter, John, and the others, they have children and surrender.
Mother and child, father is ready ... they are ready in order to follow the Messiah, the Living Light of the space.
They do not know any destruction; they do not know any doubt.
There is only accepting present, the feeling: it is this!
The world needs this.
Why does the bible tell nothing about any of all these things?
Or were these people divinely blessed?
They were not any different than you feel.
You have to prepare yourself as a mother and father for society, or you will not have anything to eat.
Now follow the Divine authority and prove what you can with regard to Christ, Peter, John, Andrew, your motherhood and fatherhood!
Tell your husband, give him as a mother the inspiring power and say: ‘Go, my dear, represent Him, but not the evil, the destruction of this world’, and you will be a part of Mary.
You do not have any worries and any fear, because you received two hands in order to take care of yourself.
Where do the great ones live from human history that stood on the street and interpreted the life light, the inner life of the space by means of a small instrument?
When the mother knew that the man would be hung, then she did his work and she represented his task.
There are no gaps in this.
There is no destruction here, no complaining, and no grumbling.
There is no leprosy here.
Mothers and fathers, the man as the represented apostle is ready and the mother to carry and to serve him, to receive him in love.
Because Christ did not build any holes in a temple.
His back, his past was ready; He could not accept any daggers in his back.
He laid stone upon stone.
He built as a result of man, woman and child on the university of his life.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
The Bible did not record any of this:
I ask you at this moment: what does the bible know about this?
What does the bible know, what does this mankind know about the feelings which Peter, John – before Jerusalem took place – had to experience, had to deal with, to represent and had to conquer with regard to their own family?
Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing!
You still do not know a thing about the inner becoming conscious which the apostles experienced and the women and the children, that whole environment, because all of this was experienced inwardly.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
During a contact evening, Jozef Rulof told that Peter still had to learn that he beat the message of Christ to pieces with violence:
Sir, how can you involve yourself with violence?
How can you follow a human being who wants to change the world by means of violence?
What did Christ do when Peter took a sword there?
He says: ‘Peter, Peter, what I have worked on all those years, you beat to pieces in one blow.’
Questions and Answers Part 2, 1951
When the apostles arrived in Jerusalem with Jesus, they had got to know Christ:
He comes with his disciples who follow Him through thick and thin, through night and darkness, rain and wind – because they have got to know Him – He enters Jerusalem.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
They could then have asked him many questions:
They were in nature and could speak to Him.
He says: “Lie down.
He there on the left, the other people here, he there.
Ask me what you want and prepare yourself ... prepare yourself.
The things, the laws of my Father will come over your lives.”
A time will come, He could have said, that you have to prove what you want.
A time will come soon, Peter, that you will have to devote a hundred thousand percent of your physical conscious, your soul and spirit for Me, in order to accept and represent that universe, my word, my life and that of your God.
Now you will have to show your colours.
They enter the region of Jerusalem; they sit down, there in that beautiful region.
Yes, they kneeled in Gethsemane.
It is a really beautiful garden there.
Peter feels happy and says to John: “Perhaps it will not happen anyway.
Are you not afraid, are you not afraid?
I do not know what is entering me, but I am, I feel sad.
Would something happen to Him?
Will we be strong?
John, what do you feel?”
John is the sensitive one, who says: “What do you want, Peter?
What do you want now?
If you now know that He does everything anyway as He feels that, will you then start to act the master?
When that fear, that feeling enters me that something will happen ...
Yes, I can feel that too.
I entered Him, I am starting to feel what can happen, but then something says to my being: that is for Him.
I am not yet that far.
I cannot start to act the Christ, I cannot start to act the Messiah.
But I have to follow Him, I have to carry Him, I am starting to understand how I must do that.”
And now the apostles, the children of Christ, are busy laying the foundations themselves for later.
They are starting to understand that they must stay away from what belongs to Him.
But what they possess themselves and have already mastered, they drive that into the space and they can give that to the child of the space at any moment, as a Divine gift.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
The apostles still did not know their cosmic soul:
The apostles were children; not conscious for the cosmology.
They knew nothing about soul, spirit and heavens.
Yes, Christ said something now and then, but they could not understand it.
Christ could have explained, brought, given them the cosmos, the divine being conscious.
Those children were born for that.
There were a few of those people on earth during that time who were open, who dared to think.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
Paul could already understand more than the apostles:
And those poor children, those apostles ...
Paul was somewhat conscious afterwards, sensitive, but humanly conscious.
Paul who saw, he felt, he was elevated, was a medium, a sensitive being, received nice messages, laid the spiritual grade, the foundation in them.
But Paul just looked into the heavens, yes, indeed, he had that clairvoyance, but Paul did not know very much either about sun, moon and stars and reincarnation.
John, Peter.
Who was that, when the Christ there ...
The human being lived next to Christ, the human being walked with Him over the earth.
He said wonderful things, He gave life to everything.
And Peter stands there and says: ‘I never knew that man.’
My God, my God ... The human being went into the lion’s den for Christ, do you not remember that?
How many people truly devoted their lives to the Messiah, truly, because people wanted to die for the Christ, for the highest, for the divine consciousness?
There were millions of people on earth, and they are still living there.
And Peter, who lived next to the Messiah, was weak.
But Christ also took the weak ones, and the conscious beings, because the little ones would learn from the conscious beings.
And later it appeared that the little one, the weak one, had more feeling.
Do you see, the characters of this world.
Christ took all the character traits, the seven different grades for thinking and feeling.
One had more consciousness than the other.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
In comparison to the Christians who later entered the lion’s den for their faith, the apostles were still weak:
The Messiah, the Divine Source was handed over to a bunch of weaklings, whom people will soon canonize, because they took away His life?
That is not possible!
Millions of people later went into the lion’s den, and who achieved more than Peter, John and Andrew were able to, not even together.
There were people on earth, you will soon experience that, who had the God of all life in their hands, yes indeed.
They were able to devote their blood, their soul, and their bliss without doubting that eternity.
That was there, no, they saw that.
They see it, they heard it, they experienced it and then they started to devote themselves to that.
They did not need any bible or religion, or God, or Christ for that; they had that.
There are still thousands of people on earth, who want nothing of your knowledge, your feeling, know nothing about the Christ and everything, but they are as pure as gold.
Yes indeed!
You can observe there a shining life light in that human eye.
They already radiate cosmically conscious.
But Peter and John could not say that about themselves, because they were searching.
If you had seen these mites, these children there next to that awe-inspiring figure, the Messiah, the Christ, then you would have beaten them away from His life.
When the masters from the fourth, the fifth, the sixth and the seventh sphere followed that problem ...
My God, my God, how these people groaned when they started to see that the Messiah was not only sold and betrayed from in front, from the left, from the right, but also from above and behind in Gethsemane, because they knew: these children will succumb.
Lectures Part 1, 1950

Doubt and renouncement

Peter said that he had never seen that man before:
But Christ conjured up the wonders before their eyes and there was still one off the mark and said: ‘I have never seen that man.’
Questions and Answers Part 2, 1951
‘Peter, Peter, know, tomorrow is the day.’
‘I never knew that Man.
I have nothing to do with that Human Being.’
And Christ said: ‘Before the cock crows, you will betray me three times.’
Questions and Answers Part 6, 1951
Everyone doubted when Christ left, because they had expected that Christ would say to the world: ‘Just come up.’
And then the Messiah let himself be hit, whipped, and they could just nail Him to the cross. He went to lie down.
Then all the apostles thought: There goes the master.
That, that the Messiah?
Just go away.
That is just a perfectly ordinary rabbi, who has passed himself off as God and Christ.
Now you see it, he is just a big wretch, because He is hanging there groaning.
There were also apostles, who told that, they had been beaten completely groggy, because Christ had to begin with revolvers.
What should He have done?
And then the cock crowed for all the apostles.
There were two, who locked themselves up and said: ‘My God, my God, give us an answer.’
And the answer hung on the cross.
Questions and Answers Part 2, 1951
During a contact evening, Jozef Rulof explained that the cock only crowed for the doubt in Peter:
The apostles only heard it, Peter only heard it for the doubt.
But that did not yet mean that the whole of Peter was unconscious and doubted.
He only doubted, sir and madam, because he knew that he would be thrown into the dungeon, perhaps ill-treated, just like the Christ, because Peter was afraid of that.
Questions and Answers Part 2, 1951
When the apostles were faced with the destructive society, they understood that it became deadly serious:
When He was faced with the danger along with Peter ...
The danger?
No, the gossip, the destruction, society, then the children, the apostles started to understand: now it is becoming deadly serious.
Christ had not done anything yet, He had to speak His ... and He would still speak His first word about the actual source from where He came.
Then Peter had already succumbed.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
Peter renounced the truth:
If you understand the image of Judas, who hangs himself and destroys himself there ... and the great Peter who walks here and says: “I did not know that human being.”
“But you were with Him?
You represented Him?
You walked with Him along the street?
We saw you.”
“That is not true”, this hypocrite says, and he not only renounced the Christ. Or did you really think that he could have renounced the Christ?
The Christ is sacrosanct!
When you have the truth, you will soon see that, then you will be sacrosanct.
But when lying and cheating, hatred, when distrust and disbelief reveal themselves in your life then you have nothing more.
Then you are less than this Peter, then you have nothing of the Judas who wants to strangle himself in order to make good.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
And yes, Peter.
“I never knew that Human Being.”
Then you have not only denied yourself, but you have denied the macrocosmos, the All-Source, the All-Love!
You can fall, you can succumb.
And the Christ looked at him and the cock crowed again and Peter said: “I did not know that Human Being.”
Peter rushes through Jerusalem like a terrible despair, was broken like a drunken being, drunk in soul and spirit.
He no longer knows it: “I have lost everything.”
Yes, that far, it comes that far.
The inner struggle for the human being will be like that if his personality must speak with regard to ethics.
“When you know, when you feel that I am truth, you will become truth and then you will”, the Christ said, “represent Me as truth.
For which I give My life, for which I grow, for which I live, for which I received love.”
But that can never ever again, Peter, John, be denied.
You will have to devote your own self for that purpose.
That is the giving of your personality, the free inspiring, the receiving of the Divine, spatial becoming conscious.
And then it happens of its own accord, because now the life speaks through you: the spark of God in the waters, the spark on the land, a tree, a flower, a life, a sun, a moon, a star, a planet.
That all happens of its own accord.
Because you are now truth.
You are inspiration?
No, you are busy in everything representing the pure harmony of God, the All-Mother.
You have torn those square things from your heart.
You are ready to represent the final Christ in you.
There are no longer any lies for you, any denying.
The human being in the spirit stands for nothing, because he has everything.
Even if you are broken, even if you are nailed to a cross like the Christ, even if you are sullied, deformed and gossiped about, the spiritual, true, open human being possesses everything because he has taken, brought, made that state of purity in him to becoming conscious, was able to master it.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
Peter later conquered his doubt:
Later, later after so much time, months and years, yes, then Peter could say: “Just slaughter me like your pig.”
And people also slaughtered him, upside down on a ladder, so that the blood flowed straight over the street.
With a conscious personality they walked in and out of the streets, so that the world could see that Peter was slaughtered like a pig.
And he said: “And now I am happy.
Did I make good?”
Then he had spiritualized and expanded his own renouncement.
He had accepted the beating of the Messiah.
He had said to the world: “Do what you want with me.
But you cannot destroy the bubbling vitality, the enthusiasm, this wonderful inspiration which comes from the universe and from Him to me.”
Now he could say: “You beat yourself.
You beat yourself if you want to cut me with your words.”
If you sent one harsh word into the space then you attune yourself to mud and poison, to the jungle instinct, animal-like instinct.
That will soon be clear to you.
Lectures Part 1, 1950

Spiritual gifts

After the crucifixion, the apostles were faced with themselves:
But now put yourself in the situation of Peter, John and the other people.
There they are ... they are sitting here ... they walked there ...
They received for months, no, for years on end they received the wisdom from their Master, their Rabbi.
He was a Human being ...
In His eyes they could have seen the Divine light and yet there is still a doubt.
When he walked and went hand in hand over the earth, that was not art.
That is very simple, when father and mother carry the child, but when we come to the independence for which we live, when we become man, mother, father, sister and brother, when the Divine, spatial authority speaks to us ... yes, then we will have to show our colours for the space, for the All-Source, the All-Soul, the All-Mother.
Then we must prove what we can do!
Lectures Part 1, 1950
Christ also helped his followers then:
That poor, good Peter, later, when he saw and knew that inspiration ... Because he had his visions; because Christ walked just like that next to him.
When He returned, Christ, and was with him, he says: ‘Look ...’
He came through the wall like that; they sat there waiting.
He returned.
Questions and Answers Part 2, 1951
He and the masters helped the apostles with spiritual gifts.
However, they could not develop them to the fourth grade of the mediumship, as is explained in the article ‘the mediumship of Jozef Rulof’.
I once told you that no one exceeds the fourth grade of the inner life without the help of a cosmically conscious.
You can accept that this is extraordinary, even the apostles could not achieve that height.
Christ did not take His disciples into the spiritual gifts, but into His own life.
Christ knew that He could not give them what must be achieved through the cosmic self. None of the apostles possessed that sensitivity, even if they were sensitive instruments.
Paul and John were direct mediums and later, after their Master passed away, in the hands of the angels, astral masters, who brought their wisdom from our life, which could be given by means of the psychic trance of Paul and the clairvoyant seeing of the other people.
(I mention Paul with the apostles, the twelve disciples, even if he experienced a very different time.)
While they were together with their Master, they did not need to act the medium.
It was only after Christ had passed away that the spiritual gifts revealed themselves to the apostles.
The masters on this side elevated all of them into the spiritual consciousness. They could not even deal with the cosmic consciousness.
Yet, they received messages from the seventh sphere, because the masters were also capable of entering into contact with higher regions.
Peter and the other apostles first had to awaken for the mediumistic gifts; they could not even be reached.
Paul and John could not have forgotten themselves, the cock did not crow for them. They were spiritually conscious.
The fire of their Master lived in them, and they could not fall.
Christ lived in them!
Peter still had to master this feeling and consciousness.
Christ knew him and could say: “Before the cock crows you will betray Me three times.”
This could not happen to the others.
Peter would first experience misery before he could begin the task, which Christ had appointed him.
That task was placed on his shoulders and would be in harmony with his own consciousness.
However, all of them devoted their own lives to Christ.
One saw, the other apostle was clairaudient, yet others possessed the psychic trance and disembodied for a short time.
However, the apostles did not know that the human being, who had died on earth and now lived in the Spheres of Light as an angel, spoke to them.
They still thought that Christ was with them.
It only got through to them much later that God’s messengers had come to them in order to continue the great work of their Master.
A few apostles were great mediums and lived in the fourth grade of the inner life and could experience the spiritual gifts, the others were not ready for this.
However, Christ told them that they would not be alone.
When they were together and had to make decisions, they heard voices.
There was speaking outside of their lives and the direct voice manifested itself to them.
The angels from the heavens had condensed their voices and reached direct contact with the Apostles so that they did not need to doubt.
The great work that would be carried out by them brought them into this state, but they were not alone in this.
The spiritual word, which was spoken and that they could clearly understand, was the sacred inspiring word for them, to which they could devote their lives.
Now they went to their death for their Master.
The voices from the Other Side were half-materially condensed.
When we will later follow the physical gifts, I will explain all these laws and possibilities.
The apostles therefore also experienced the psychic and the physical laws, which are still applied by our side and as a result of which thousands of people on earth are convinced of an eternal life after death.
However, they did not exceed their own inner lives either and had to accept what was given to them from this side.
They also, as Disciples of Christ, were faced with great problems, which were conquered by the masters.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
The apostles still did not know their cosmic soul as we were able to get to know that through the University of Christ.
But for that time they did not know what you get and what we got.
That was for that age.
We are blessed people, that we now got to, were able to get to know all those things, those books, those laws, and that we can already absorb that wisdom into us, because it takes us straight, every minute, every day, to Jerusalem.
Questions and Answers Part 2, 1951

Back in the hereafter

When the apostles arrived back in the hereafter, Christ spoke to them:
The word which Christ spoke to His apostles when they entered the other side.
Jeus of Mother Crisje Part 3, 1952
Christ came back to them, and only then could the apostles kneel at the feet of their Master.
Peter could say:
‘Master, can You forgive me for everything now?
Now I would like to spread Your teachings, I want to devote my life again to Your holiness.’
John and the others came forward, but could not utter a word, then Peter said:
‘Master, You are the Messiah.
Could You give me a new body in order to be able to represent Your life on earth?’
To which Christ replied:
‘Peter, do you need a new body in order to bring the treasures of Your and My Father to earth?
Do you want to be tortured again there?
Do you want to be destroyed again there by the demons of hell?’
Peter was silent for a moment and a bit later asked:
‘Is it possible, Master, that we receive a new body, that we can be born there as a person?’ ”
Jeus of Mother Crisje Part 3, 1952
Peter still did not know anything about reincarnation, still nothing of what Jozef Rulof (Jeus) would experience in the Age of Christ:
What did the apostles know about reincarnation?
Nothing! What did they know about what Jeus has experienced?
Jeus of Mother Crisje Part 3, 1952
The apostles felt love but still did not have any cosmic consciousness:
“You hear it, the apostles, however wonderful their lives were, were still unconscious, for their own life and for God.
They do not yet know the laws and still have to learn them.
Of course, they have light, feel love, or they would not have been able to finish their task.
They served, like Moses and many others were able to, but they are not spiritually conscious.
And they also have to master those laws.
Jeus of Mother Crisje Part 3, 1952
Christ could tell the apostles then what He would have been able to give mankind if it had not nailed him to the cross:
Christ said to the apostles: ‘I had wanted to connect the people with the laws for life and death, and wanted to tell them that there is no death.
I did not receive that grace, but I now lay it in your hands.
I had wanted to tell the child of Mother Earth about the Mother of God, but did they give Me the chance there?
I had wanted to convince humanity through the laws of the space in which we live.
I had wanted to tell people on earth, that more spaces have emerged and that we will represent the Divine ALL as Man, but did humanity give Me that chance?
Did they accept me there?
I could have connected humanity with the Divine stage, Peter, John, but they nailed Me to a cross, and now look what they make of My life!’
Jeus of Mother Crisje Part 3, 1952
Then the apostles could ask all their questions:
Archives, 1945
Only then did they understand that they had not got to know Christ, that they had not understood the Messiah on earth, and did not know anything about His consciousness.
However, they went back to the earth, and were connected there to their own pasts, and those laws were explained to them.
They experienced fatherhood and motherhood, era after era, and only then did Peter say to John:
‘You see, John, when I lived on earth, I looked into the eyes of God, but did not understand Him.
Sun and Moon represent these laws.
Come on, we must carry on and master the laws of God.’
Jeus of Mother Crisje Part 3, 1952