Cause and effect -- Sources

Source texts from the books by Jozef Rulof for the article ‘cause and effect’.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
These sources presume the prior reading of the article ‘cause and effect’.


Christ concisely summarized the working of the ‘cause and effect’:
The poison which you emit, comes back to your own life a thousand-fold. You know that Christ said: “What you sow you will harvest”.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
The University of Christ explains that in a following life we are faced with the consequences of our actions and our thinking from past lives:
When you want to think, then you can do that for your immensity.
For your soul, spirit, your life, your personality, your fatherhood and motherhood, and of course for your love.
Hateful thoughts attune you to the darkness.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 2, 1944
You are taking part in destruction.
That still does not matter to you, but soon you will be faced with these Divine, disharmonic laws, which were not created by God now, but by yourself!
What you get in this life by experiencing is not much, but in the next life you will be faced with this devastation and you will have to show your colours for the universe and those laws.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 2, 1944
If the life as human being has stolen from us, the soul of that human being will later make sure that we get back the stolen goods:
Even if people have stolen from you, just imagine, soon the soul will reach harmony again and will bring it back to you!
Archives, 1945

The Cycle of the Soul

Already in the introduction of ‘The Cycle of the Soul’, Lantos tells that his book deals with ‘cause and effect’:
What I am now going to tell you is the sacred truth; it is the law of cause and effect.
I had to accept and make up for what I did wrong.
What I am going to tell you is the cycle of the soul, which follows its path through all ages, to the source of all life in order to reach the divine spheres.
The Cycle of the Soul, 1938
With his book Lantos wants to answer life questions.
He also asked those questions as a human being on earth, and it was only after these lives that he got an answer to them:
I want to try and give you a clear picture of the meaning of life on earth and answer your questions ‘why’ and ‘for what purpose’.
The Cycle of the Soul, 1938
In the hereafter, Emschor explains to Lantos that stolen goods are later given back again.
This is why in his last life on earth he urged Lantos not to want the estate which Lantos was heir to, so that it could go back to the rightful owners.
And he explains to Lantos what he has to do with that:
What the human being has stolen from another in one life, he will have to compensate for in another situation.’
‘Did I steal this property which I did not want from others?’
‘Not you, but I.’
‘But what do I have to do with all of this?’
‘You were my son.’
‘What did you say, was I your son, your child?’
‘My child, Lantos.
You are my son, but from centuries ago.’
The Cycle of the Soul, 1938
Emschor explains that people cannot continue to live from the possessions of other people:
‘Your parents lived all that time from stolen goods, from the estate of others, but one day it will be taken from them and everything will dissolve.’
‘So there is a curse on our estate?’
‘Yes, the curse of the past.’
‘Then this is also clear to me, I felt it.
Now that I know this, I understand my departure.
I wanted to leave, something drove me from home, and that meant that I started to free myself from the past.
How wonderful everything is, master, how amazing and natural.’
The Cycle of the Soul, 1938
Lantos asks Emschor whether other people also experience this:
‘Others come back and give their goods away to others, is that the same situation as mine?’
‘Sometimes, not always, but it is usually one and the same power, there is no other meaning.’
‘But then is that not doing good, then that is making it up.’
‘That is the case, but man is not conscious of it, he thinks he is doing good, but he is paying his debts.’
Deep, very deep, I thought.
It was not good and not bad, he only complied with a law and made up for what he had once done wrong.
The Cycle of the Soul, 1938
During his last life on earth, Lantos was urged by a dark spirit to commit suicide.
After this life, Lantos wants to know why that demon wanted him in particular.
Did the demon know him then?
But where did he know me from, the person who inspired me to this?’
‘From another life.’
‘Was he conscious of it?’
Listen carefully, I will explain this to you.
Were you conscious of your feeling for art?’
‘Yes, I was.’
‘Well, why not he?
Hatred lay within him, a hatred for some person or other.
You were that person.
He hated you, could hate you, because you hurt him, tortured him once, long ago.
Those powers and feelings only dissolve, cease to exist when everything had been made good.
You were to meet him in your earthly life and that happened.
Therefore everything, my Lantos, causes and effects.
You experienced the effect of one cause.
He knew what awaited you and for this reason, for this reason alone you were connected to him.
You once tortured him - you will soon see this - and this is why you had to make up for something.’
‘But if I had not put an end to my earthly life, then what?’
‘Then you would have experienced that the demons awaited you on this side.
You would have been attacked and they would have dragged you along, tortured and beaten you.
Yet you would also have felt the cause of this event in that case.
Then he left, something had changed in him and in you.
The past dissolved in it, also the law of cause and effect, also the human being, the soul who would experience this and who had to make up for this.
He was unconsciously drawn to you, but later everything became conscious for him and this feeling passed into consciousness.
Because did you not become an artist?
Were they not your longings?
Did this not happen?
Therefore feelings, but causes and effects, nothing, but nothing else.’
‘Will I know why and how that happened in the past?’
‘Soon, when I can connect you to the past.
You will be pleased then that this has already been completed, that you have made up for it.’
The Cycle of the Soul, 1938
Lantos wants to know more from the life in which he was the son of Emschor:
‘What was your earthly life like and what was my life like when I belonged to you?’
‘I will show you that.’
The earth sunk away before me and all life disappeared before my eyes.
However, I remained in the place where I had been.
The old fortress before me took on shapes, everything changed and appeared to live again.
I saw this clearly before me.
Then I saw another scene.
In one of the rooms of this beautiful fortress I saw a being and I immediately recognised that being.
Emschor, I said in thoughts, because it was him.
He wore a strange garment, but I recognised those clothes, because my father and I had also worn something similar.
‘What you are now going to see belongs to a time before I could call this estate my property.’
Then this scene faded and another scene became visible to me.
I saw Emschor on horseback, but he was a hireling.
He wore a garment like people wore at that time.
A battle was fought and he along with many others surrounded the estate of another, which they had conquered.
He was therefore victorious, but cheated his master.
Many people were killed, including his lord.
I saw all of this clearly.
This scene also faded again and I saw him in one of the rooms of this fortress again, where he was lying in bed.
In a corner of the room a being emerged and I recognised myself in that being.
I stood there large and slim.
I felt that there was something wrong and was connected to myself in feeling, so that I understood the meaning of this scene.
My father was sick and he wanted me to leave and bequeath his estate to others.
It was a demonic plan.
I understood it completely, because Emschor had shown me all of this beforehand.
However, I did not meet his request and continued to refuse.
I did not let myself be chased from my estate.
He spoke to me and urged me to comply with his request.
I continued to refuse and thought he was spiritually ill.
I understood every word clearly which was spoken at that time.
Then I had a conversation with him and still managed to persuade him.
After this scene I saw another one.
Before me I saw a few creatures, I was also there.
I had sat down at the same table where my father sat.
I saw him get up whilst looking at me and heard him pronounce these words: ‘I want he who bears the name of Lantos Dumonché to take over this estate and to take care of that person ... and that person ...
Do you agree to this?’
This question was directed at me.
An amount was established and the names were signed.
My answer was positive and then documents were drawn up and stamped.
That scene also faded again and I saw another one which made me tremble.
Before me I saw my father, he had taken his own life.
I knew why and understood all of this.
I saw another scene again.
Before me I saw other beings and I was amongst them.
Another document was drawn up and the first one torn up.
It said: ‘I want he who bears the name of Lantos Dumonché to take over the estate when he comes of age and to apply himself as ruler.’
The real document was falsified.
Then I saw myself with a few children and my spouse.
She gave me two boys and a girl.
Another scene followed this one and I saw myself on horseback.
I was ready to leave into battle and had command over hundreds who followed me.
In the distance I saw the aim of my journey.
We raced forwards as fast as the wind and conquered the estate of another, but many people were killed.
However, I knew my opponent.
It was the man from my dungeon, that demon.
Then I saw another scene which shocked me.
We were in our torture chamber and forced him to surrender his estate.
His face was like that of the devil and he cursed me.
It was now clear to me what I had done to him.
However, he was also a robber and a murderer.
His estate was also stolen property.
The scene faded again and I experienced my end, but in a natural way.
My child followed me and then one generation after another.
My parents were a part of it.
All of this was connected in an amazing way and I had to accept it.
The past is wonderful, I thought.
‘You see, Lantos, struggle, robbery and violence.
Yet the violence has been destroyed.
Those whose property I stole have it back.
Your parents were the last who lived here.
You left and ended your life by your own hands.
I could carry on like this and explain and show more circumstances and events, but that will take us too far.
I only want to make do with this and you will accept it.
You have made up for a lot of things, so have I.
You see that when the father has stolen his estate, the children will surrender all of this.
You have your own life to experience, I have mine and we have both suffered.’
‘Where is my mother, your spouse?’
‘She is on this side, but possesses a higher attunement than I do.’
‘Is she your happiness?’
‘No, not she, she belongs to another.’
‘Where are my wife and children?’
‘Some are now on earth and some already live in the spheres of light.
One generation followed the next, Lantos.
You therefore came back here and left.
That is why I went back to earth.
As a result of this alone we are connected and we will both make good.
You also feel that it is not possible for me to make good at that time, because you were my child.
You forced me to leave it, but I could not agree and took my own life.
You did not do what I asked, you falsified documents and had new ones drawn up.
Yet my deed remained, it could not be destroyed, everything rested on me.
My passing over was still not enough.
However, you continued with destruction.
But I thank God that all of this is over.
My sins have been forgiven.
I have paid for this with my life and on this side, also on earth, therefore in other lives, I made up for it.’
‘How many lives have been discarded?’ I asked.
‘Many’, I heard him say, ‘but we were together in this life.
You and I passed over in other lives, to come back to this estate, after all.
Do you now feel how deep man, the soul, life is, which feeds and guides the material?
All of this is difficult to gauge, my boy, so let this be sufficient.
You also see that love bonds cannot be broken.
For good or for evil, one day we will stand opposite each other and make good or receive.
All of us curse, all of us have shattered hearts and robbed and tortured.
Those who have reached the spheres of light know all of this.
No one on earth knows himself.
No one has the right to curse another.
Those who live on earth will have to discard that earthly.
Also those who live in the darkness have to make good, because all of us follow one path, the path of spiritual development.
One day we will all be together.
One day we will look back on the past and will be brothers and sisters in spirit and will go further and further.
Therefore those on earth who are in possession of much material happiness, will lose it again if their ancestors have stolen it.
Everything on earth is subject to decline.
Everything must and will change, no one can stop this.
No one on earth possesses the power to oversee this.
The Cycle of the Soul, 1938
During his last life on earth, Lantos saw his twin soul Marianne again, but he could not be together with her.
They were both still attached to the consequences of their actions from past lives.
During these lives, they were attuned to lust, they did not know any higher love.
Lantos had intruded in the marriage of Marianne and Roni and destroyed their happiness.
Emschor explains that Lantos as a seducer abandoned the women who fell for him:
You left the mother of your child.’
‘And Marianne?’
‘Also her.’
if I may ask?’
‘Because you were a seducer and she was frivolous.
She did not give you a child.
She did not possess the feeling to receive that pure and wonderful.
Neither of you loved.
What you thought you possessed as love, was nothing but passion.
You also left her, but later you came back.
You continued to search until your last life on earth.
But now you know that she is yours.’
‘And then?’
‘Then you forced yourself into her life and destroyed her happiness and that of another.’
‘Whose happiness?’
My God, I thought, what miracles I have to experience.
‘How do you know all of this?’ I asked.
‘I have already followed you for many centuries.’
‘Did you live here?’
‘Yes, but I had to follow you from this side and I continued this work.’
The Cycle of the Soul, 1938
Emschor shows Lantos the earthly life in which Marianne was married to Roni:
Now I saw a beautiful building in front of me.
Rare statues decorated all of it and I saw the sphinx everywhere.
At the same moment a being entered through the gate and walked towards the entrance to this building.
I recognised that walk and that whole apparition.
Was I seeing properly?
Was I feeling clearly?
Was the woman whom I perceived and felt Marianne?
Then I heard my master say to me: ‘It is she, Marianne.’
My God, how wonderful this scene was.
To see her in another body!
Yet I now felt her whole personality entering me.
It was amazing.
I had felt her in this way in my dungeon.
Yes, it was she.
My feeling did not deceive me.
I would give my life for this.
Tears welled up in me, but I controlled myself.
My love for her was deep, because my feeling was now conscious.
To love consciously, oh, what a great treasure, what happiness.
She was a completely different personality in this life and yet something made me feel that it was she.
Her love - that feeling could not be denied - I recognised her by it.
How beautiful her figure was!
I followed her inside.
A few servants were waiting for her.
Now she entered a large room and was received by another being.
I now felt myself sinking away more deeply and I understood that feeling, because the master started to connect me even more deeply.
I immediately recognised the being who was waiting for her.
It was Roni, my friend.
What a problem!
I saw many possessions around him.
Now I felt the connection with her and him and I understood that I stood between both of them.
But how was this possible?
I fathomed it out again and felt the purity of my observation.
Now I heard them speak.
He feels and knows that he is being cheated, I thought.
Then I saw an event from the past.
It was amazing.
Then the scene faded and I heard the master say: ‘He was married to her and you were her lover.
Come, follow me.’
We went back to the banks of the Nile.
What belonged to the earth became hazy.
I descended, until I felt that I was connected to my own life.
Before me I saw two beings, two lovers and I recognised them immediately.
They were Marianne and I.
I was slim and beautiful, she was like a tigress and could not be fathomed.
We were both and false and mean.
Here I saw truth and awe-inspiring problems became clear to me.
I followed those two and I felt my own inner situation, but also of Marianne.
We possessed nothing.
We were spiritually poor, but we loved, loved deeply, but that love was passion, nothing but passion.
She was not honest, but neither was I.
‘Both of you were frivolous’, I heard the master say and I accepted it.
I felt and saw that he spoke the truth in this.
This was not loving, but crude egoism.
The Cycle of the Soul, 1938
In her last life on earth, Marianne is married again to Roni.
She experiences misery in this marriage, because Roni still lives in the feeling that she caused for him in a past life by cheating on him.
Now her soul drives her to put this right, to give Roni the love that she denied him at that time.
Lantos helps Marianne as her guardian angel.
He sometimes allows her to have an out-of-body experience at night so that he can give her strength in order to cope during this difficult marriage:
I continued to watch out and placed my love and complete strength in her when she was asleep.
Then we were one and in sleep I freed her and we went to the spheres.
There we went for long walks and we came back in the morning.
Then she could cope with her suffering again and she possessed the strength for it.
Yet I was not allowed to free her from Roni.
She had to experience this, end this life in a way which meant nothing but suffering, sorrow and misery.
Her happiness, her thoughts about what her marriage could be, lay deep, very deep inside her.
I let her live as she ‘had to’ live, but I protected her in everything.
From time to time I left, but kept coming back to her.
In her lay a longing and that longing had come to her when we had been torn apart in my dungeon.
She could and would do nothing else in this life than long.
Her longing reached for that one thing, to possess that pure love.
Yet her spiritual happiness only awaited her on this side.
Here, in my life we are one and continue in order to master eternal love.
The Cycle of the Soul, 1938

The writer lives on

In his book ‘Spiritual Gifts’ Lantos gives an example of a writer of passionate novels.
After his death, the writer wishes to free himself from this past, but that will not be possible as long as people on earth read his books:
However, can you accept that what shakes us awake as a human being, continues until we have reached that peace ourselves?
Which means: woe betides he who does something evil, other people take over that same evil.
That human being is never released from those other souls, because those other people keep him alive, even if he has started to look for the good.
Those souls continually kick him back into misery.
A writer of bad books gave his works to mankind. He did not realize what he was doing.
The books were devoured.
The man had already forgotten his works long ago, wanted to forget, but he could not.
The people now stopped him in his development.
The pain and the misery that he felt in our life because of the passions described in his books, make an astral ghost of him.
He could curse the people who still read his books.
It could not help him, and he remained in his own created misery.
It was only when his books were read to pieces that he could start on the higher life, but now there must not be a writer who liked his writing, or he would be attached to his own ideas again, which tortured him in an astral way.
You see, that is creating, experiencing suffering and sorrow through the own will, but through other people.
He shook the human soul awake and that life took him into his hell.
He could not free himself from this, and the last thought kicked him back in there.
Yet, he had already wanted to start a higher life for some time.
We as human beings must know what we are doing.
If we look for the lowest and other people take it over from us, then we are shackled to our own life attunement because of those other people.
Those are astral laws that God did not create, but we ourselves!
In our life, they call us to a spiritual halt.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943

Illuminating consequences

Theft and deception are actions which come from the personality and create ‘cause and effect’.
Karma on the other hand has to do with the life itself, because as a result of murder physical lifetime is taken away from a soul:
Can you now feel the wonderful difference between that which belongs to the personality, cause and effect, and karma? A karmic law immediately penetrates the life, by means of which we people got the life.
And that is the divine law; which we break by means of murder.
Questions and Answers Part 2, 1951
The end of the cycle of our lives on earth is determined in the first instance by our karma.
First we dissolve all the karma which we caused during past lives:
This determines the end of the cycle: if you have experienced the karmic law in the first place.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
Then we deal with all the ‘cause and effect’ until the last gram of misery which we brought upon another soul is converted into joy and happiness:
And then you stand before your cause and effect, hatred, lies and deception.
Can you feel this, to the last second, the last gram.
Each human being ...
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
In this way every soul reaches harmony again with the life that it is part of.
Then we can further evolve in light and consciousness in the hereafter:
But that cycle, and the cause and effect for the human being, and the wrong which we do here, that must finally one day – I talked about that – be made amends for, so that the human being brings himself in harmony again for the astral spiritual world.
And then you continue, and then you are part of that light, of that harmony.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950