Cosmic splitting -- Sources

Source texts from the books by Jozef Rulof for the article ‘cosmic splitting’.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
These sources presume the prior reading of the article ‘cosmic splitting’.

Division into myriad particles

When the hazes had reached their seventh grade of condensing, a huge tension entered their luminous aura.
Now that universe goes ...
That goes on, those hazes, always eclipses, always eclipses and light again, and lighter again, and in the seventh grade that tension comes and that wonderful, luminous radiance in that vastness. Do you see?
Now that vastness is one light and that was now God as fatherhood, God as light!
Lectures Part 2, 1951
In the temple of the soul, the masters let Jozef Rulof (André) feel and see how the All-Soul split itself:
André felt that the moment had come.
The golden light became so powerful that the universe changed into a ball of fire.
This had happened several times before, but now the utmost degree had been reached.
Life now appeared in this light and that life vibrated through the universe; he felt what would happen.
Suddenly, a tremendous current surged through him.
He saw the universe tearing apart; that was what he had been expecting to happen for a considerable time.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
The spiritual body of the All-Soul that had remained ‘one’ up until then, divided itself, as a cloud on earth now still flows apart:
This rips apart, this universe divided itself into myriad sparks.
And after this occurrence ... it gushed apart, like the spark in the space is still gushing apart and mixing itself.
When the sun, when the climate, when the timbre, when the powers of the cosmos become milder and the tension discharges, then you get the ripping apart of a cloud.
Then you get a compact independence again, in which there is no more vibration, no more ripping present, that tension has been discharged.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
Master Alcar, along with André and master Zelanus, dwell upon the splitting:
But what does this mean, André?”
“That we, what I now feel and see, must experience that as the Divine spark, and means that every spark possesses everything anyway which we were able to see by means of these revelations.”
“Also true, and means that all the life as spark of God still possesses Divine attunement, but that this came about by means of the Divine division.
And then, Master Zelanus?”
“Then this space ripped apart and God divided himself into myriad particles, at that moment every spark of God got the own independence.
I can see that wonder before me, my Master.
God divided himself, as that also happened by means of the All-Source.
We now see that the universe has to darken because of this.
So other worlds originated from this golden light, which are sparks of God, but which is the Divine spark.
With all the character traits of God, because the All-Source also gave itself.
And we got to know that Mother.”
“It would happen like that, my brothers.
We now see that stage.
This is therefore the macrocosmos, and that wonderful space divided itself because the life has to evolve.
This is God, seen as sparks.
You cannot be mistaken now either, because we will soon see those sparks again as material bodies, and the material macrocosmic and microcosmic existence begins.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 1, 1944
The splitting took place after seven eras of growing and condensing:
Now determine that the All-Mother needs seven ages in order to give birth to herself.
That has become the ‘God’ of all the life.
Then the universe ripped apart.
Darkness comes again, because billions of sparks had to accept the darkness by means of the creation.
In this universe, there was darkness again, but it originated by means of the creation.
That can be compared to the little seed which people on earth put in the ground.
It is visible and disappears, but it divides itself again, and look, there is new life born.
So that means that because of this division new life would emerge, because the All-Mother lives behind all of this.
The Earth now, as material, is the All-Source for all the life, as a mother she drives and inspires her life, but we now also see seven ages again before this little seed has materialised itself.
Those laws are experienced by the human being, the animal, flower and plant, water and breath of life, but all those grades of life got the own consciousness by means of the universe.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 1, 1944
The splitting is a universal process by means of which new life can be born.
Master Zelanus says that this applies to both the All-Soul and the human being on earth:
From the nothingness, from that darkness revolutions emerged, condensings came about.
We saw the hazes and that vastness here has filled itself and now a division came, a next stage.
We remained standing still at that, we left that moment and then we start to look on earth at what we had of that.
We have the division, the human being still divides himself.
If you do not divide yourself, no new life can be born.
All of nature, everything in nature, animal and human being still have those divisions, the dividing of itself, the giving of itself.
A new life is born.
Lectures Part 1, 1950

Becoming independent of basic powers

After the splitting of the luminous spiritual garment, darkness occurred again:
What happens now, now just be human and simple, what happens now when we take away millions of sparks from this light in which I stand?
What happens then?
Then we return to the darkness.
This is the All-Source, this is God as light and now this light divided itself, that rips, that flows away because it has experienced an eternity.
Because this is the final stage in order to come from motherhood to fatherhood for God – you see.
Because this is the final manifesting for God as spirit, this is the Divine spirit.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
Also if you were to divide the light of a candle a million-fold, the light would dim:
What happens if you divide the light?
What are you left with, if you divide the candle light millions of times?
The light dims!
However, sparks of light came into being.
No longer perceivable in your little universe.
This dividing of the Divine light of life also took place for the Divine Universe and darkness came.
Masks and Men, 1948
By means of the splitting, millions of sparks as condensed spiritual energy occurred:
Millions of sparks came into being at a cosmic, macrocosmic attunement.
The planetary system will be born as a result of it.
Masks and Men, 1948
The splitting ensured a becoming independent of the basic powers of the soul: on the one hand growing, giving birth or motherhood, and on the other hand condensing, creation or fatherhood:
“Space rips apart, we see that cloth becoming tight, an awe-inspiring tension comes, it becomes elastic and yet ultimately this space rips apart and darkness comes again.
Because I, because we, because God started to divide himself – that is God, that is the All-Mother – fatherhood rips apart, and now frees itself from motherhood.
This ripping, this becoming free of fatherhood and motherhood is now already the independence as God for this fatherhood which we still saw before, a moment ago, together in one world, it now rips apart and they become two different worlds, two different laws.
Two sparks at a macrocosmic attunement have now originated and is nothing else than that the creating power as God divided himself in order to give birth.
And now we see God as mother returning to the darkness, because this light dissolves.
Because every spark now possesses light, now possesses life, possesses a personality, is father and mother.
But in all of this the independence lives, God as light behind that, and here as an astral source of life, which now starts to condense itself.”
And I will soon dwell upon this, because only now we stand, we come before the human possibilities at a macrocosmic attunement and you get to understand and to know yourself.
“This space rips apart.
This ripping apart therefore means”, Master Alcar continues, “that God separates himself, frees himself as a creating power and a giving birth principle.
Motherhood evolves.
Fatherhood was one in motherhood.
Now fatherhood gets the independence in order to give birth and to create, and also motherhood.
Lectures Part 3, 1952


The two basic powers each suck up the condensed spiritual energy into their own central point:
And now we see that that aura, that plasma gathers itself and sucks itself up as it were into one source, that pulls together.
And now we get ...
And that pulling together manifests itself because that power there as mother and that space here as father manifests itself and accepts the independence as mother.
We now see, we experience – we have to accept that – that in this space, in this vastness there is nothing else than fatherhood and motherhood.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
The first basic power formed the first planet, which is called ‘moon’ in the human dictionary.
At that time, the second basic power formed one sun, the sun which would later light our solar system.
The contracting can be compared with a typhoon or tornado:
Master Zelanus explained it then: motherhood contracted and that became the moon; and fatherhood, so the luminous power of the cosmos, that contracted and became just one sun.
Later the other suns came.
But in the beginning of the creation it was one sun.
So that whole space condensed itself into a small climax, as wide and as big as the sun is.
Can you feel that?
And that same feeling and attunement in power is now in a typhoon like that.
Questions and Answers Part 2, 1951
As a result of the sucking power of the moon and as a result of the light from the sun, the moon evolves into a condensed macrocosmic globe:
It will be wonderful when we soon, if that universe has condensed ...
Of course I cannot take that leap now.
We must close off the moon this morning.
That life will begin.
Let us take the overview of the cosmos – I already touch upon that materialization for your own time – and then we get to see that the moon could really begin with the embryonic life.
But before she, this mother, could begin, she felt those spaces, she absorbed all that life in this space, according to what she herself possesses in space – space is now becoming conscious, consciousness, inspiration – this body as motherhood, elevates in this whole environment, elevates all those sparks into her.
And now we get to see an emptiness, an independence.
And the master says: “Look, the mother is preparing herself.”
Fatherhood is there, you now get to see emptiness here.
But there far yonder, there – we live in the vastness of this organism – there far in the distance there are also these bodies, which therefore got an independence as a result of the Divine division.
They are myriad sparks!
But the whole – can you feel? – I therefore divide that space between fatherhood and motherhood.
That cosmos ripped apart; the dominating power elevated those little cells into it – clear?
Therefore we see here, that is the moon.
The moon now withdraws.
The moon body as an astral body therefore represented an awe-inspiring space, but returns to independence, to an own space.
Now we see that that astral macrocosmic globe, as first cosmic grade for motherhood, absorbs itself, shrinks, condenses.
As a result of those condensings - you feel, first rarefied in that space, this is a new stage again – the moon absorbs itself, only as a result of that warmth.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
Both basic powers absorb their own substance:
What you now must accept, is that this motherhood absorbs the own substance.
And this absorbing already took millions of years, according to this time and your calculation, before the moon could begin as mother for this space.
We now see nothing else in the space than ...
Also fatherhood moves itself and builds itself to that independence; a flower comes from the ground and represents her independence, a fruit, the animal – do you feel? – it grows.
That was for this stage only the separating from the Divine fatherhood and motherhood!
Lectures Part 1, 1950
Who now knows sun and moon as first macrocosmic bodies for fatherhood and motherhood?
The picture, my Master, which I therefore see, is that this life received the life and the own independence from the primal source.”
Can you feel this?
“You now see – I am connected to that – that the sun is already becoming stronger.”
The sun is rising, fatherhood for space starts to materialize, and grows.
“By means of this motherhood reaches awakening and that is the moon.”
There was only fatherhood and motherhood at that time.
There were only two bodies in space, two feelings, two intellects busy and that was only fatherhood and motherhood; it is the moon and the sun.
But who now knows the sun and the moon as these lives?
Lectures Part 3, 1952